New tool review? I think it’s the prettiest ever but does it work?

New tool review? I think it’s the prettiest ever but does it work?

hi everyone welcome it’s a hedgehog
hollow so I’m really excited my friend Lin Lili has released her own glue gun
and it’s the cutest glue gun you have ever seen it’s pink and teal I’m gonna
open it up and show you a couple of different ideas I have to use your glue
gun clean your crafting so rather than using it just for a decent we can use it
for some super cute things so I’m just tearing open this packaging and it’s
great because you can actually open it without all of those openers now the
other great thing about her blue gun is that it’s cordless so if you want
something to go on the move you do need to return it to its base
regularly just to you know make sure it keeps eating but it’s completely
cordless when you’re actually working so I’m just gonna untangle or undo rather
the little tie on here and so it’s a Shahbandar glue gun it’s in Lynn’s
signature colors and I’m gonna add some links in the description of places that
you can buy it and it’s really easy you take this figure-of-eight cable and
we’re gonna plug it in the back so that’s it
and it’s ready to go so we’re gonna start heating that up and while that’s
heating I want to tell you about some of the other sticks you can get so she’s
doing clay sticks you can also get glitter sticks oh look at these we have
red green blue I mean every color of glue that you could possibly imagine and
that’s what’s gonna be fun about today’s project is we’re gonna use some of these
really cool colored ones we have pink sticks needing those
we have gold and silver and then we have teal there’s white which are actually
fabric sticks you can use this stick down fabric specifically and then
there’s just like a mixed bag of color wise so we can create some really fun
things and you’ll notice what I have here is a baking mat and you’ve seen me
use this before with Nuvo drops so we’ve shown you how you can use it with your
glue gun as well so I’m gonna pick out some blue glitter stick and I’m just
gonna pop that in the end here now her glue gun also has a fine tip on
it so you can do some really fun detail work like this using this glue gun which
is awesome because sometimes glue guns can be a bit you know thick and Rypien
thing but with this fine tip you can do all of these cool things you can also
use it in your silicone molds and I’ve done videos on this before but we’ll add
one to a silicone mold and I’ll show you that as well and how you can do those
things you can also use all of those silicone baking molds you see in like
Joanne’s and Michael’s nurse big-box stores or on Amazon you can use those
and you can you know press everything out that you need to so now we’re heated
up you can just lift this off the base will stay that you’ve got two minutes
approximately to work with and you do have a little bit here so that you know
if it drips and things you haven’t got any issues but just really simple so one
thing I like about this is how everything is on here and it’s silicone
so it’s going to come off really really easily whoops my hands are a bit wobbly
I’m gonna do is I’m gonna thicken this you see how nice and fine this is and
then I’m gonna pull again on this side I’m a little bit ambidextrous so that
helps but you could of course turn your mat if you weren’t doing a video like I
am and I’m just pulling along you could use icing templates you can take a piece
of paper and just put some acetate over the top that works really well too and
I’m just making sure I don’t have too many runs well like the you know the
little strands that we get you want to make sure everything touches because
otherwise it won’t stay together another glue sticking because as I say
the first time you do it you’re gonna put a lot of glue into the barrel but
then of course after that you’re not going to need to do that again I’m gonna
do this yeah it’s really easy to clear out a color to just pump until it’s
empty I’ve done that in other glue guns so you can see this is really simple to
do and you can make everything it’s thicker it’s thin but I love how fine
the line on this is and you can always just draw on your match that’s how easy
it is making sure the second lipstick so I’m gonna leave that to dry for a second
and I want to show you you mean you can really do anything so we could go with
these swirls here you can see I’m really just drawing actually on the silicone
out when my trigger gets the end I pause and then I release the trigger and go
all the way back again but these I mean these are pretty ornate and they’re
really not hard to do you just pretend like you’re drawing with your glue gun don’t go too fast think of it if you do
icing you know you don’t go too fast a lot of those Instagram videos and things
I really sped up you don’t want to go fast at all and get rid of a string
there and then what I didn’t do so well but you can see if I’m much closer to
the mat for me at least I’m far more accurate but you can work out what
technique works for you and I’m going to show you how to peel them off afterwards so this is a final one then you let that
dry for a second I want you to also show you this idea with the silicone mold
because and this is great for making embellishments for your cards you can
make key rings you can make brooches you can make all sorts of different things
but this is a prima set of come on and say you can use what like the Ice Cube
holds and all those things and you could do multi colors too I’m just going to do
one color in here and mines getting a little bit
caller so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to pop it back on the base for a second
and this doesn’t matter because it’ll all remelt anyway so I’m just going to
leave that little bit in there that I had I’m just putting my strings away
well that’s heating up for a second I’m gonna start just seeing if this one is
ready to peel because they’re gonna dry super faster this is not like a Nouveau
drop that we have to leave for hours look how that looks isn’t that just the
coolest snowflake think of all of the embellishments you can now make for your
cards for your scrapbook projects for your home decor projects and you can
just make them with colored glue and they’re done just like that super super
simple and so that’s one of those and let’s see how this one’s doing it feels
nice and cool you’re pretty only need like a minute to
dry and they’re not as delicate as doing it with Nuvo drops or something like
that so you can do this you can see that now I have I kind of scroll it looks a
bit like a treble clef and like a music thing so that’s on there too and you can
also take these put them down onto your project and then they’ll act like a
resist as well so you could then watercolor over them or use any
water-based medium and they’ll act as a resist too so that’s something else fun
that you can do is create these put them down and then use them like a resist and
peel them up afterwards you might not want to use your nice funky colors
though so this is nice and hot again I’m gonna go back into my silicone mold like
this and I’m going to fill it up nicely you don’t want to overfill it either so
just kind of do it are you’d like to use my nozzle to even it out as best as I
can on the back you can also use something like your medium matte scraper
if you have that to her I’m not sure yet into my drawer here so you can see what
I can do is just take that over the top and move some my glue around and that
also shows me if I need to just add any in certain places so I’m going to leave that to set for a
second and we could also do one of these hearts down here again same thing just
keep pumping that glue in pump it all over and you can do multi colors I’ve
seen people do some really fun things with these glue sticks already like pink
and white and they did melons and you can go check out sweet red poppy if you
want to see her tutorial really really fun things that she did as well and she
created much larger elements and the ones that I’m creating these ones you’re
actually gonna have to leave for a few minutes you’re not going to be able to
just pop them straight out I think even this one here it’s not going to be quite
done yet but it’s gonna give you the idea it’s still a little bit hot on the
top and you can see this but it hasn’t dried yet but what you can then do is
these have a really nice jelly texture and you know those jelly like hearings
of stuff are just so so expensive well not anymore you just need a glue stick
and the Lily glue gun with that fine tip detail so you can get in and do all of
those fun things and then you just take a piece of a keyring here and you could
screw that in the top and create a keyring you could do different letters
if you had those molds you could do pineapples and melons like sweet red
poppy that Kimberly did you could also create earrings I mean this is the
perfect size if I put it up here for me to have a really fun Christmas earrings
you can make your own holiday earrings too so all sorts of different fun ideas
go check out the new Lynn Lilly glue gun over at Shahbandar I think
you’re going to absolutely love it I love that it’s also cordless and then
it’s super easy you just pop it on here to pop it back into its tan and you also
if it drips or you have anything you want to test it you have that little mat
over there and the fine tip really is amazing to work with I think that’s the
best part of it I have never had a glue gun that’s how to fine tip but this one
is awesome so thanks Lynn and thanks for sending me one go check that out don’t
forget to hit subscribe ring the bell of course all of those fun things and I’m
gonna see you again tomorrow for more tips tricks and tutorials I’ll see you
then bye

28 thoughts on “New tool review? I think it’s the prettiest ever but does it work?

  1. I joined the perks about 4 months ago & wondered where I would go for the behind the scenes videos – are they on you tube or in the Facebook group? Thanks!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Was kind of wondering if you had used some brighter colors on the baking mat if we could have seen it clearer, though. Really liked your mat, though.

  3. The mat is from IKEA and can be purchased online. It is double-sided with drawings for children on the other side. Enjoy!

  4. That looks like a great hot glue gun. Loving the stand, no cord and fine tip. Not to mention all the fun things you can do with it!

  5. We used to do things like this but with glitter glue and stick back plastic over patterns and if you had made them on smooth enough surface they would cling to glass.

  6. This is really kind of cool! I have made clear snowflakes with my regular glue gun, but they are kind of thick. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Alexandra! ~ Katz

  7. For card or journalling projects you need the silicone mats used for cake lace – those are shallow enough to not be too bulky.

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