New Puppets – March 2019 (Adobe Character Animator)

New Puppets – March 2019 (Adobe Character Animator)

Hey this is Dave from the Adobe
Character Animator team and this month’s free puppet is Cornelius the monkey. And
he was created by the brothers at Digital Puppets in the UK. We’ve featured
them many times before on this channel and they just have a knack for creating
really fun expressive colorful characters. So this monkey’s got the
automatic head turns. You can also look up and down as well.
And then you’ve got a lot of nice expressiveness here you can make it more
angry or you know worried or all sorts of stuff they do this nice job with
psycho layers making things seem very fluid as they come in and out both with
the eyes and some of the lip sync with the mouth they’ve also got quite a few
replays so you can click on these to do little gestures like point to the side
if you want a monkey playing video games you can do that and they’ve got a little
motion there that you can have him moving and pretending like he’s playing
a game and have him at the bottom of your twitch stream or whatever there are
also you know if you don’t want your monkey to be naked you can add his
shorts and a shirt to him he’s also got some utensils here you can have them
facing either direction so when he’s eating bananas like a more civilized
monkey he can use a fork and a spoon and a knife and all that stuff but they
didn’t stop there they also created this really cool 3d robot character actually
built it in a 3d program brought the assets into Photoshop named and
organized them and then brought them into a character a manner and rigged
them appropriately so you’ve got an interactive 3d robot as well I asked the
digital puppets guys to put together a little video explaining what they do and
taking a closer look at some of these characters and here’s what they put
together hello I’m Scott Evans and along with my brother and design partner
Anthony Evans who’s in the other room at the moment building a robot we run an
interactive animation studio here in England which specializes in creating
digital puppets for customers and businesses all around the world we were
really honored to be a for Adobe took a whole lot of characters and some other
surprises for character animator you may have seen some of our puppies already
such as our alien or the unicorn which you can find on the home page well I’m
glad aside that Adobe are bringing out another one of our characters for you to
download free and here he is Cornelius dong
okay as with the unicorn Cornelius features a full range of head turns
what’s up for you twitch mixer and YouTube gamers out there of given
Cornelius gaming arms you’ll also notice that monkey here is holding some kitchen
cutlery now that might seem a bit random but
when you meet our other characters you’ll see that each of them has their
own crops now the region of doneness is that I’ve wanted to make these
characters editable you can take the eyes you can take the mouths you can
type the hands you can take the pups and you can use them on your own creation
you’ll find it when you go into Photoshop I’ve made all the liner’s
editable so you can recolor a make them suit the puppet that you are working on
anyway keep a lookout for more editable puppets coming soon and like I said some
other surprises however we are doubly proud to be featured on a Derby
character animators puppet page as well and if you go there you can download
another puppet from us editable robot which as I said
Antony’s been tinkering with in the other room fine ant come on tell us
about this robot then hello yes check out our robot puppet that we have
available for free download it’s got some facial expressions just sad smile
shucks and it’s got some different hand gestures for pointing and dragging that
type of thing and we’ve also got a chest plate where we can add in custom text or
an image also this character has been created using the combination of two
techniques so we’ve used the 3d style body and we’ve also used the 2d setup
for the face with the lip sync and the eyes and that sort of thing using 3d
software we creates a 3d model of the character design we then can render out
each section of this character such as the head on its own
the arms on their own and the body on that planet oh and we bring these into
photoshop so we can put them together and create the puppets
also within this character we’ve added the option for editable text changing
this text see whatever you would like that to be
and that meant update in the puppet you also have the option to add more texture
required and I have these self as a trigger also it doesn’t have to be just
text we could also add in say a logo and that’s it that’s a simple little robot
character alright thank you so much Scott and Anthony for putting that
together so you can download these puppets the links are in the video
description below and if you create anything with them please share it on
social media with hashtag character animator that’s how we find it on
Twitter Instagram Facebook and elsewhere and if you run into any trouble with
these characters or your own characters the best place to get help is the
official character animator forums that’s it for this month thank you very
much for watching and have fun

34 thoughts on “New Puppets – March 2019 (Adobe Character Animator)

  1. Wow..Nice video! 😍❤
    Guys, I have started Youtube channel recently..Looking for your support guys..Much love❤😍

  2. Do you have this issue when you zoom out, a thin line appears between the layers, where thry're supposed to be binded together? Does it makes it to the export? Thanks

  3. I just realized I never thanked you for the EPIC tutorial video. THANK YOU. I hope I get around to thanking you for these new puppets sooner haha. YT just finally today started linking our new video to animation channels instead of story reading channels, so I'm hoping we can now do more Character Animator cartoony shows. You guys are literally changing my life and the lives of so many others. You rule! You are appreciated very much.

  4. Wow…the team members, companies like Digital Puppets, and especially Dave, should be an role models/examples how software and team cooperation should function. Continual many thanks and kudos! The program and the folks associated with CA are to be commended!.. CHEERS from MN!

  5. Hey Dave I have an idea for your channel…like Adobe YouTube channel why don't you start daily challenges for animators this will increases the people's interest in character animator more and learn character animator more quickly while they are working with characters…..It also help your channel's growth…so if you start daily challenges on okay samurai we love it.😍

  6. how to create own vesme for other languages like HINDI LANGUAGE?
    please help me to create lip sync and sprites for them.

    PS. Thanks to both team, i have downloaded and tried the cornelius. its a fabulus puppet <3

  7. Hey Dave i want to make my own character like oddonesout,domics,draw with jazza have but when draw i don't able to draw the character what i want…i am very confused i really want to make my own cartoons but i am not able to finalize the character…when i draw that character do not satisfy me…i really want to develop my own style of drawing but i am reaching anywhere…that's so frustrating… please Dave can you help me how can i start character animating and want to develop my own style…

  8. Hey,
    This is just a general doubt. I want to use a .puppet file to edit in Photoshop. How can i do this?
    And am i allowed to use characters from adobe's official; web page, edit it and then use it for a film competition ?

  9. Thanks for the new video! Another question though. I made a scene where I am trying to build a meadow with blowing grass for one of my puppets. I created a separate puppet for the grass and put a dangle on every piece. A few hundred. So, as you can probably guess, I am having trouble getting it to save in a functioning manner so that I can open in Adobe Media Encoder so that when finished all I get is the audio and all my puppets are still. Also, does not want to come into AE either as a Dynamic Export or just opening project in AE. Just get a blank screen. Is it possible to have too many dangles or other behaviors? Also, I thought I remembered seeing in one of your videos where you can share the same art work within a scene so that you don't have to have repeated copies of it? Not sure if would help but can't remember where saw this. Update, I redid my background and made it stagnate, thinking that would old the problem, but still doesn't work, I am only getting a small glitch of movement at first start of video after exporting to media encoder, and then just audio, but no movement. I don't understand what is going on since I am exporting on same settings always used before. Help!

  10. Hello Dave! Thanks for all your tips. Could you share some information about voice changers? Any recommendation for software ? Thanks!

  11. I have a major request for CA in the next version. They must allow users to be able to modify the animations in the timeline rather than just "winging" it. Once you record an animation it's tough to get the timing down as the puppet will go to its original pose once the animation is paused.

  12. @Okay Samurai – is there any possibility for you to make a tutorial of how to make a walking cycle of a character wearing robes/long dress etc. (for example a wizard)? Or maybe do you know any video showing step by step how to do that?

    I wanted to make an animated Gandalf but have no idea how to make the proper walk cycle of him as he is wearing a long robe and only his boots are visible.

  13. Guys please help me with this one. Do u know in which of the videos Dave explains how to set up the arms so it can be either behind of in front of the body layer? I know for sure that I saw that in one of his tips&tricks and now I'm desperately watching all of those vids but I can't find that one. Thanx a lot

  14. hey dave i am working on my first project but some problem come..first thing I created mouth shapes in photoshop and rest of the body of my character made in illustrator…so dave can you help me how i can import psd file to illustrator with loosing my mouth there any way?

  15. Thanks for the inspiration. The boys choir Bislett guttekor from Oslo, Norway have made another puppet video based on your work. This time its about announcing the annual cabin trip. Take a look:

  16. I think I heard you address this question before but I can't find it online, are the free puppets in character animator copyright free? Like could I use one commercially?

  17. I'm loving the New features on Character Animator 2019, but it keeps bugging and processing slowly unlike its Beta version. I created an animation with few features recently:
    And worked fine on Beta version, however, some features like the eye movement following mouse or keypad just bug up and both eyes no longer coordinate in the same direction. I had to import the puppet into the Beta version and it works mostly fine and faster as well. I'd love to switch, but I just don't have the time and patience to figure out the bugs with the 2019 version as I'm trying to do a lot of videos at the moment. So I'll have to suck it up and try the newer features sometime later in time.

    Thanks for the Tutorial man!

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