New Painted and Certified Items – Explained and Examples – Rocket League

New Painted and Certified Items – Explained and Examples – Rocket League

Hey Youtube, I’m Walker. I’m making this video
to explain the new painted and certified items. Painted items are wheels or toppers with new
pigment. I have two new painted items, I have the Painted Sunburst Wheels, Grey. I just
unlocked Purple painted devil horns. Certified items track a certain statistic while playing
online. All certified items come with a special prefix to indicate the statistic that it tracks,
This prefix will increase in prestige as you complete more of the tracked statistic. Rocket
League used the example of a “Sniper Wizard hat” that tracks long shot goals. After fifty
long shot goals with the hat equipped it upgrades to “Skillful Sniper Wizard Hat” after that
it increases to “Incredible Sniper Wizard Hat” and so on. The number of the tasks required
to go to the next level is different based on the difficulty of the tracked statistic.
Certified items are only tracked in casual and competitive game modes. Be sure to check
out the video of my first backwards goal with the Certified Paper Boat Hat. I’ll put a link
in the description. Right now it is “Show-off” but as I get more backwards goals it will
increase to a better title. Thanks for watching guys, check out my other videos, and Like,
comment, and subscribe for more Rocket League updates.

44 thoughts on “New Painted and Certified Items – Explained and Examples – Rocket League

  1. So the use of certified items is just counting a certain stat and gaining titles? Is there any other reason why I should wear certified items?
    Thanks for your vid, man.

  2. hey walker I'm a starting rocket you tuber as well plz msg me on YouTube so we can maybe talk about a collab


  4. Does make any difference if my certified item is at maximum prestige, like, it changes look or give any bonuses?

  5. The painted items seem pretty cool. but the certified items are just plain useless and lazy for psyonix to put in specially since we can already see our stats… yeah so we can see i did 125 epic goals with a certain hat? so stupid idc how many saves i made with a hat or how many goals i made with a hat specially since hats already counted goals before the update lol.. at least what they should of done is get so many goals or saves or epic saves and that hat changes colors according to how many goals or saves you have.. so lets say the Top hat has a save one.. every 25 saves we get it might change colors to like first 25 saves is red then at 50 saves its like blue and then 75 its pink. now that would be cool but as of now the certified items was a waste of space and time on the developers and could of used that time to add something else to game.

  6. I HATE THIS STUPID ITEM RARITY SYSTEM. I am a trophy hunter. I have every RL trophy except those two Certified item trophies. HOW do they expect ANYONE to get these trophies if you basically have to be fortunate to get these items, ESPECIALLY with the retarded "10 Hour limit a week" system in place (especially since I unlock an uncommon between every 10-15 FULL games; yes I have counted how long it takes me to unlock uncommons). I have not gotten a single certified item AT ALL and if I ever do it will probably track Turtle goals of something. Ugh. Certified Items are EVIL.

  7. Those grey sunburst wheels looks savage! I wish I could have got something like that, if I would got get white rat rod, then I would be so happy

  8. Ok I just got an uncommon rim. It's sunburst painted Crimson (Red).. Just wondering if this is rare or if anyone else had it because I can't even find them on Google

  9. All useless as you will end up with a load of so called rare items you can no longer trade and multiple items of said items you can no longer trade. You will get a load of the same shit.

  10. Certified items are useless because they look exactly the same as other items. Maybe if the changed aspect everytime you reach a new rank for that specific item, it would be a lot better.

  11. Hey Walker so when do we get these items, like after a game? Cause if so I wonder if the cheat still works with the exhibition match where you play a quick game and get an item after

  12. Wait so how do I actually get painted items? Do I just use them a lot and they will eventually give me different colour items?

  13. I have the Paper Boat certified but I got it certified without even using it. It showed it after I got done playing a match

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