New origami tshirts! Which ones would you wear? Christmas gift ideas for origami lovers. :-)

New origami tshirts! Which ones would you wear? Christmas gift ideas for origami lovers. :-)

Hello! In some videos I wear tshirts with my origami models like this baby owl. So far I only made tshirts for myself, but a lot of people seem to like them, so I was thinking it could be cool to make origami tshirts that anyone can order on the web. I created a few tshirt designs with my origami models, and I would be very interested to get your feedback on them. Meow! For each design, I can select up to 5 tshirt colors. I already put the baby owl design on Amazon so that you can see what the resulting tshirt looks like. Could you tell me which tshirt you would wear, and in which color ? I made a new version of the baby owl so that it can be printed on tshirts of different colors. Nobody can resist the cute origami kitten with heart shaped eyes. Some simple but beautiful origami butterflies. I didn’t put any text on this one. I like how the jumping cat looks on a tshirt, it gives it a very sporty look. Wearing an origami tshirt is also a very good way to start the conversation and make new friends. This is the dead easy origami skull from the Origami for Halloween book. And the last design is the saber toothed tiger mask. So what do you think of those designs? If you have ideas to make the text more funny, please tell me. Thank you very much for your feedback! I will let you know as soon as the tshirts become available. Thank you!

13 thoughts on “New origami tshirts! Which ones would you wear? Christmas gift ideas for origami lovers. :-)

  1. Hello friends! What do you think of those origami tshirts? Please leave a comment to tell me which ones you like! To see what the final tshirts look like, the origami baby owl tshirts is already available on Amazon: Thank you! 🙂

  2. Doing a strawpoll might help you keep track of the responses. ( )
    * I'm not affiliated with strawpoll 🙂

  3. Coucou :p C'est pas mal, peut être avoir la couleur blanche et noire pour chaque modèle serai cool, mettre un petit contour noir quand il y a du blanc sur l'origami pour les T-shirt blanc 🙂 Après les textes je sais pas trop, je suis plus dans la simplicité d'un simple logo 😀 En tout cas tu grimpes, continues comme ça 🙂

  4. Thanks for all the feedback everyone! 🙂 The most requested design was the origami butterflies, so here they are, available in 5 colors: Currently it can only be shipped to the US, but I'm working on a solution.

  5. Hello! Tous les modèles sont très jolis! Pour les papillons je miserais sur des couleurs girly. Peut-être en prévoir en blanc aussi pour tous. Les textes sont top!

  6. Great T-shirts! I like very much  the contrast which enhance the colors. The blue gives a good boost to yellow and orange.  and I like the idea with lines, the line, with the play of words: Owl you need is Love, is GREAT! Maybe you could play a bit with fonts, or size of the text to make the reading easier.  
    Anyway, congratulations for all your creativity! and cool ideas! 

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