NEW Neck Design | Latest Neck Designs for Kurti (Angrakha Style)

NEW Neck Design | Latest Neck Designs for Kurti (Angrakha Style)

If you have not SUBSCRIBED our channel till now, press the red button below to SUBSCRIBE And press the BELL icon to receive latest notifications about our videos. Welcome to “Best Stitching Tutorials” And today we’re going to show – Angrakha Style Neck Design for Kurti. First we will cut the Neck Design on fusion paper ( or paper buckram) For that we have taken this piece of fusion paper. It’s length is 9.5 inch. And width is 8 inch. First, we will it fold it along length. This is open side. And this is closed side. From the closed side, we will make a mark of 3 inch. We will mark it here. And to the bottom side, We will make a mark at 5.5 inch. As we have taken 3 inch here. In the same way, we will take 3 inch at the bottom side. From here, we will make a straight line. Now, we will unfold the fusion paper (paper buckram) Now, we will take this end, And fold it on this side. Now, we will press on the visible marking. So that it gets traced on the other side. Now, we will darken this marking. On the right side, we will keep a straight line. From the left side, we will make a curve and join it here. We will make another mark by giving a gap of 1 inch. Mark it on the other side also. Similarly, we will make this curved line.

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  2. Aap online coaching dete ho kya? If yes. Please give details. Or suggest some one who can give online tailor training. I will give my contact details if you can help. Thanks.

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  4. Thanks, can you please upload videos on Different Types of Ghararra and teach cutting and stitching them one by one?

  5. Where are the subtitles !??!? In the beginning was in the video but then disappear … please please subtitles in all the video.. thank you.

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