New Holiday Craft Stamps & Pixie Dust BONUS!  INKTOBERFEST – Day 22

New Holiday Craft Stamps & Pixie Dust BONUS! INKTOBERFEST – Day 22

Hi & welcome back to inktober
first so today I’m gonna be showing you a couple of different things I’ve got
Pixy dust which is here from yesterday and because we didn’t use our project I
still want to show you how to use it but I also want to show you this is a
finished card that Michelle Pinker Maine sent me isn’t that gorgeous I always
love getting cards we put them on our Instagram and we had them at the back of
the office and she also sent me some of her release this month so I thought I
would share that with you as well we’ll be using it in other tutorials but I
love this holly-jolly it’s called but it’s got tons of sentiments in it I’m a
sentiment junkie I don’t know about you but I just love the font as well that
can a handwritten font in there we’ve got holiday wreaths you can build up
different wreaths and options in there too and some coordinating eyes as a
Merry Christmas dye that matches in with this one here happy holiday season’s
greetings and then look at these father Lamas I just think they’re super cute
with their stockings and everything in there as well this one is a bald
greetings this is the Happy Hanukkah dies and we’ve got Happy Hanukkah stamp
set as well with extra sentiments on here and then we also have vertical
sentiments I’m a big fan of vertical sentiments so knows you don’t have room
going that way on your car but you do have room going that way so really love
these but I wanted to use Michelle’s little so stinking kind of you card that
she sent me which I love to show you this liquid pixie dust and
then just grab this here and so I’m gonna pop it onto my glass mat just look
at how much dance and shimmer is in this bottle I mean it’s just amazing make
sure you shake it thoroughly first but you can take any finish projects like
this the only thing I’m going to say is if it’s water base if use watercolors or
a dye based ink just be a little bit careful because it can run but so for
instance she sent me this cute little skunk on here
but pixie dust is clear it just adds on a shimmer and the fact I really like
about it is that I can paint it on like this
any way I want he was gonna paint all over her face and she’s gonna look like
she’s my teenage daughter with body glitter all over her because apparently
that’s back in fashion as with scrunchies and all those things that we
thought would never come back but you don’t need much you can see here I’m
really doing a thin thin coat just a great opportunity to show you I’m
guessing this was colored with alcohol markers now pink and me do have their
own range of ink I just didn’t have any so I’m just showing you what I do have
that isn’t this super cute look at that now all of a sudden she just has a
little bit of extra shimmer so you don’t have to wait for things like glossy
accents are great or clear Nouveau drops you know and they look awesome but we
have to wait for them to dry whereas this just add all of that pop and
shimmer and a little bit extra to your card you could add it just over your
sentiment areas as well you can see I’m using a tiny amount but it’s just kind
of add that little bit of pop perfect for your holiday cards on there so all
of a sudden they now have shimmering sentiment so you go make reassuring card
stars those pumpkins we started yesterday that’s just a good shake again
then a dropper dropper again just touching in my paint brush and I’m going
to take you and pro showed you that little bit of shape and so I’m just adding it over the
Halfmoon shape that I showed you yesterday and I’m just kind of
accentuating it so I’m adding a little bit in here turn around again you can add as much or as little
as you want I’m trying to accentuate that bulbous nurse of my pumpkin and of
course if you haven’t seen this video go check it out subscribe to the channel
now you see just that little bit of extra shimmer in those areas just gives
me some bulbous augustness to my pumpkin I might kind of blend it
out a bit but you can do took one you can also add a little bit of water if
you want it to move more but I’m just trying to accentuate the ball business
the roundness of my pumpkin so you can see on there the way it’s catching a
light you can see exactly where it is so really really cool love and liquid pixie
dust I forgot to show it to you so I went to do a little bonus today so that
you can see it and tomorrow we’re gonna be using those pink and main stamps and
we’re giving you tips on how to use your distress inks on dark cardstock
something that you asked me about a lot so join me again for inktober Fest
remember the day after and but will be packed very very soon we’re definitely
back tomorrow with another video so check that out and you can also check
out that technique soon as well we’ll see you then bye

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  1. I love Pixie Dust. I never thought about using is just on the shadow areas or sentiments, I love this!! Thanks for another great tip 🙂

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