New “Ember” Journals and First Tries with Lino Printing

New “Ember” Journals and First Tries with Lino Printing

hello everyone I’m Stopan and it’s been
some time but I’m ready with another video I have a few new updates to show
you what I’ve been doing the past few weeks basically first things first I
finished a set of two journals which are again with the red goatskin that the
previous two journals were made I have some making of footage with which I
include in the video and my foot tries at lino printing which was absolutely
fun these are my first prints which came out with a few uncalculated mistakes but
nevertheless it’s something that’s going to be incorporated in my future work and
I can’t wait to be honest two new pens from my dad and another new announcement
that we opened for commissions for the holidays and later basically you can
find on my website that there is a simple form a custom model form that
covers many of the aspects that go into making of a book in addition to the form
there is a helpful article that covers every element what it means if you don’t
know how each of the parts of the book are named and so on so forth so I hope
it’s going to be a help for anyone that wants to choose something for them or for a loved one
but not sure what exactly and it’s going to be absolutely a big help for me
because this is a great way to start a conversation about custom orders when
everything you want is actually laid in like a list form and so we can go on
from there but without further ado let me show you these ones which I really like
this time I chose to sew on cords again rather than tapes but they are a kind of
sewn in and covered by the lining layers so there is a smooth spine again and I
like minimal tooling but not as much as something more complex so I didn’t
really go for the absolutely minimal one that was in the previous books but
something else I’ve tried is this saddle stitched leather endband which actually
was it’s a bit modified version as it’s it’s usually done with the covering
letter but I’ve trimmed the piece of brown goatskin and glued it down to the
spine where there is already sewn in cord core
so basically this leather goes over this core and is saddle stitched with the
linen thread from the front and back and later it’s covered by the Crimson
goatskin that is actually the covering leather and something else for this decoration
which is somewhat close to what I usually do but the designing phase was
not how I usually go about it because I’ve had this habit a bit of bad habit
to sketch in to draw decorations on scrap pieces of paper which I usually
throw away at some point so this led me unconsciously at some point to not be
very thrilled about it because it’s it’s something that I’m going to throw away
basically it’s like I’m doing something that has absolutely no value so as I was
more or less quite unmethodical in my decoration and designing impulsive which
led to some mistakes and some surprises that were not always pleasant although
sometimes there is one or two pleasant surprises but now I’ve made myself an
absolutely ugly sketchbook but I like it very much it’s with thick drawing paper
and I’ve decided to use the right side for the chaotic sketching phase but use
my handmade paper to make patterns with with my tools which are later color so
basically I do this right side chaotic sketching phase and I try later to
extract some symmetrical elements which I can actually convert into a proper
decoration with with my tools so this is something
new and I look forward to it because I’ve thrown away each of my past
stetches and models but this maybe in a year will be an absolutely
interesting book to to go through because I can follow some some kind of
progression and hopefully I’ll get to practice my drawing work as you can see
it’s not quite good I’m good at assembling things assembling different
elements but I’m not really good at producing a drawing my connection with
mind and hand is it’s not so good something is lost along the way
anyway the decoration was was done first with the blind tooling I’ve done all the lines and all the
small elements which go as well as my letters for my name on the back and most
of the lines go through the cover on the front and to the back and when the blind tooling was finished I
actually set glaire only on the parts where gold was going to be tooled usually
I had the whole surface but as this decoration was not so complex and not
requiring that much space of the surface I’m very very glad with how this
tooling turned out I didn’t repeat absolutely anything it was something
that time I’ve kind of improved because I kept the moisture of the leather
higher quantity than usual so it was moistened first and glaire was applied
shortly afterwards and this led for that leather to be very malleable and plastic
which made it good really and good sticking from the gold so it’s something
I’m going to do from now on more frequently because it brought more than
marvelous results they’re both available for sale on my
website and my shop and as well as the two new pens which my dad made we call
them the Sopot collection because this summer he was in a workshop in Sopot, a
city in Bulgaria where master engravers are gathering and he was at a workshop where
he studied metal inlaying in wood as well as fine engraving and these were
the first ones that he produced with this new set of skills he he acquired
they’re something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time even though I
told you that I can draw very well I wanted to do some kind of printing so I
took lino printing because it sounded like the simpler the simplest
type there is with without big investment I already have a press which
which are used for these impressions I felt like a child honestly it’s it’s so
fun to do have nice inks which can be washed
with soap and water but are actually oil-based so best of both worlds I guess
and I have these nice Pfeil set of engraving tools but of course I made this mistake that I
wrote my letters regularly and they came out backwards in the print but whatever
this was the test print and I’ll just keep it in mind in the future but I
have big plans for this because I want when I come up with a few designs I want
the end papers for each of my journals from then on to
have a kind of a personal design in each of them and maybe the leftover prints
that are not used for journals I’ll just I’ll just make available for sale on the
shop, a kind of small additional income which is always welcome and this is this
is what I’ve been up to these past weeks check out my shop see what’s available
I’ll be more than happy to assist you with anything hope you like this video
and have a wonderful week I’ll see you next time

11 thoughts on “New “Ember” Journals and First Tries with Lino Printing

  1. If you are thinking about a commission… I can assure you, Stopan will work with you to get every last detail worked out. I couldn’t believe his attention to my needs, and his suggestions in relation to my wants… A true master who loves his craft… a real pleasure to work with! A+++ 👍🏻

  2. The sketch book is beatiful come on my friend you are artist of unexceptional art never say that .Your work is revered.

  3. I get a weird bit of regional pride seeing people to lino printing since I've lived for most of my life in the former world centre for linoleum production.

    Side note – I've always wondered with you and other artists projects with gold or silver leaf: what do you do with the excess? Is there some way to recycle it?

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