New Batteries and welcome in Shelter Bay Marina – EP 109 Sailing Seatramp

Let me guess, we’ve arrived at the marina and we’re going first to the marina store before we check in Absolutely. First we look if the batteries are here or where they arrive and then check in. The batteries shall be delivered here. My question is whether you’re working with Marine WareHouse. Yeah, we work with them. So I guess the batteries will get here. Portobello, up there is Linton Bay. And here on the left is Shelter Bay. Let’s check in. It’s funny when you can’t remember where you were last in the harbour. I think it was on Cayman, but I don’t remember the port name. Or does that even count as a port? Otherwise it was Cuba. When did you pay? At the end. At the end of September? Sorry, you mean the batteries! I thought here. Monday Monday, 30.09.2019 That means our batteries aren’t here, they’re in storage in Panama City. A lot of paperwork. They’re serious. Put away our mouldy passports for now… That’s for you. Thanks for having us here. After two days of waiting for the batteries, we’ve just jumped into the pool and pulled our lanes nicely and they’re being delivered. Well, it’s way too hot to work now. and we have to disconnect the solar regulator first, we can’t do that until tonight but our new batteries are here! Which means you’ve disconnected the solar regulator. He’s out, that’s right. I already took his fuses out of here the panels are disconnected. Now everything is dead. Now I have removed Minus and now the batteries are unscrewed one by one. And then we’ll do it again – with the new batteries. Can you explain to me blonde again why we have to do this in the dark? Without looking into my camera, you’re blinding me. We don’t have to do this in the dark now, but with the charger i.e. charger for the solar modules, a) must be removed in a certain order first the – exactly that is the dot – in which order you have to connect them around so that the solar regulator doesn’t burn through. He’ll burn out if he can still get power from the solar panels but that can’t be dissipated from the batteries so you would first have to remove the panels and then remove the batteries and then it’s good. But even the instruction manual says best when you have a no power on the photovoltaic system, which only works when it’s dark outside. So I was thinking, come on, don’t take any risk, wait till it gets dark and this is it now, and this is what we’re gonna do. It’s a bit more pleasant now than at noon today with the temperature. Yeah, that’s added to that. With the thick pliers I always have to be a little careful not to make a short-circuit and not to make any other contact. Otherwise there are such beautiful sparks. We have already suffered our first injury Nice and large. something like this can happen Do you want the bandages right now or later? Later. When I look at it, I can’t even imagine how they fit in, but they do. How do I get this out of here now… I kind of slid them in there like that. You mean like that? Just pull a little harder. Nice, or? Thank God they’re not heavy at all… We always notice that outside of Germany we never get really good bread, now we have a well known sailor also annoyed with it and Karsten said why don’t you bake your own bread Our bread baking machine is broken and also the mixes were not so good anymore in the last times. oh, you guys were doing it yourself No problem I’ll show you that – now he’s here teaching us how to bake bread. Why I boilt it? Now you can turn it off. Because they absorb the water. If you put it plain into the pot, it would absorb the water all the time. The bread will be more dry. It’s better to boil everything you want to have in. If you have müsli, you don’t need it. I’m still busy with the batteries, down there you can see the old ones, the new ones are already built in According to the manufacturer, they should be up to 100% dischargeable without suffering any real damage. If this really works out, time will tell. I was terribly disappointed with my batteries at first moment Now I have the overnight times – so no I had loaded them yesterady and removed them and they’ve definitely held the voltage. Now I wanted to see how it works out if I now really discharge at a constant rate over a long period of time to measure the capacity in a controlled way, I have now attached a small fan that pulls about 1 amp We are still a few days here, 1 amp the hour speaks 140 amp hours they do, that is, for at least 70 hours, this small fan must work now. And I can say one, at 34 degrees inside, it’s gonna run all the time, too. Then we’ll see if we can use the batteries for something else, but as I said as a service batteries I didn’t want to have them anymore, I don’t trust him enough but maybe we could use them again more as a backup or maybe just as a replace for the Bowtruster batteries. We didn’t use it that much anyway. Actually never. Apart from the fact that he’s now also complaining and no longer going because apparently the panel – what I had repaired back in Cyprus but I’m not taking care of it today. Now its starting to progess. Das ist deins Nina! My special ingredient. So it was 2 tablespoons and how much water? Half a deciliter. But it depens of how much you made of this one. Because there’s a lot of water in this. And then you have to absorb with the flour. You can put more water in here, but than you get more bread. I’m afraid to make too much. We will see how much we have in the end. We have now put on hot water with a little yeast and this must now work for ten minutes to activate the yeast. and can work and in time the oat flakes can cool down a bit and then it goes on. So it was Oats, Oil, Salt, Sugar- no sugar. Steer it and than you put it in. When it’s cold. 45 degress. We can us it now. We put all of it in. And this will be the basis we put into the fridge till tomorrow? No, we have to almost finish it, with the flour. Now that we have added some more flour to the mass it’s in a plastic bag in the fridge for 12 hours and tomorrow we’ll go on. It stick in the plastic bag. Yeah – that’s true. The adventure of baking bread! Yes, it took longer than we thought. It was now over an hour 20 minutes in the oven because our oven is just special and we both already had panic that we could throw it away right away because it didn’t go through and burned but I first had a bite to eat before I got the camera – no, it’s really delicious. It just got a little wider than high because we didn’t use enough yeast, so next time put a little more yeast in it, a little more salt in it. But it works out fine, tastes really great, more of it!

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