Neglected Bonsai Cork Bark Arakawa Maple Spring Pruning and branch  reduction by mikbonsai part 3

Neglected Bonsai Cork Bark Arakawa Maple Spring Pruning and branch reduction by mikbonsai part 3

Hello every one, this is Iqbal Khan for mikbonsai and today I am going to be working on my Arakawa Maple it was last repotted and pruned and it now needs another prune as the branches are getting thin and leggy and the gaps between the nodes bigger. This is my Arakawa Maple and today I will be working on this tree. Its a quick prune, reduction of the branches and reducing the distance between the nodes and pruning it back and pulling the the tree back in and that’s what we are going to be doing today. Going to be pruning the tree pulling it back in and its like these branches, some dead branches here which I am removing, just coming off quiet easily. Moving higher up on the tree we’ll reduce it to there and that, there are about three nodes on this growth and reduce it to that node there. And same thing with this lower one. remove the dead branch and also remove this strong branch and then cut back this one to the node further back and we’ll reduce that to there, remove this big branch here too many smaller branches which take over and here too many branches coming out from the same point and aso reduce the length and that also prune back in. I am going to remove, there are too many branches coming out from this point, I will remove this one which was growing downwards. That’s fine and the dead branch comes off. These are OK, and reduce this one, the two branches there, working my way round, reduce that to there reduce that prune that back, and up here here pull it right back reduce that to down there, and this branch is growing inwards so take that out completely and here there are three, so take the middle one out, and here we’ll take the stronger branch out leaving these and then also reduce this back, and same thing with that and that, and that, and down here I am going to remove this branch leaving that one and again reduce these. Working my way round the tree and still continuing to pull the branches in, I am going to reduce that. There is quiet a lot to do so I am going to continue working on the tree and we’ll catch up shortly. I have worked off camera and fair amount of work has been done on the tree. As you can see it is It is much thinner and much lighter and the sun will be able to get through to the lower branches. So continue to work round the tree and keep reducing these branches and keep cutting them back to an earlier, to the first node and here again reduce this branch right to there, cut that back, cut that back, remove these dead branches
, I have worked off camera, done quiet a lot of work and you can see that the tree is much thinner and much lighter and the sunlight will be able to get through to the lower branches, which otherwise would die back due to lack of sun light. I will give the tree a quick turn, a 360 and you can see it from all angles and that is my front. That’s all for now on this Arakawa Maple. This is Iqbal Khan for mikbonsai in West London, And now for the after thought. Why don’t blind people Skydive ? because it scares the crap out of their dogs. You dig !

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