Negative Space | Oscar Nominated Stop-Motion Animation | Short of the Week

Negative Space | Oscar Nominated Stop-Motion Animation | Short of the Week

My dad taught me how to pack: lay out everything. Put back half. Roll things that roll. Wrinkle-prone things on top of cotton things. Then pants, waist-to-hem. Nooks and crannies for socks. Belts around the sides like snakes. Plastic over that. Then, add shoes. Wear heavy stuff. We started when I was little. I’d roll up socks. Then he’d put me in the suitcase. Some guys bond with their dads shooting hoops or talking about Chevrolets. We did it over luggage. By the time I was twelve, if my Dad was busy, I’d pack for him. Mom tried but didn’t have the knack. He’d get somewhere for work, open his suitcase and text me —”Perfect.” That one word from him meant a lot. The funeral was terrible —my Dad laid out in that big carton and me thinking, Look at all that wasted space.

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  1. How perfectly our parents or families, friends and teachers told us to stuff pack our lives… In the end we all will leave this world without them… Nothing can go with us…No stuff! No luggage! Just us and a lot of space. So even if the protagonist could please his father by perfecting the art of packing things … Or per say … Stuffing our lives with all we could need… When we reach our end, we couldn't take all that stuff with us!

  2. after watching the video i just read the comments to understand the story every one interpreted it by its way how they think about things…. but in my way it just look like that son was deprived to adebt the emotions and son and father has only packing bonding since childhood father doesn't try to made deep emotional bond so in the time of death son only thaught about that waste space which they did not made

  3. Okay the end line for me didn't go that deep, I just thought of literal space in the coffin. Like ah, the son must want to pack things for his dad/with his dad to help send him off one final time. But yeah, also figuratively. Perhaps the sentence goes both ways. Just my thoughts. Anyways, this bitter sweet narrative was very lovable for me.

  4. "Perfect. That one word from him… meant a lot."
    This line is when I started getting emotional. I had a very strained relationship with my father. When he passed away last November unexpectantly, I blamed myself. For not seeing the signs, for not knowing he was sick. For adding to his sadness that ultimately ended his life. I replayed things he said to me over and over. The times he told me he was proud of me, they get me through. They help ease the guilt that I feel, although I still feel responsible for his death in some ways.

    "Look at all that wasted space." for me personally represents all of the moments of hatred and disagreement we had over petty things. All that wasted time that we could have had a relationship. All that wasted space.

  5. With that last line, I thought this was going to get dark. Like that the son might try to fill in the empty space— perhaps with his own body.

  6. Great content and powerful message💐👍. For me, I saw something else at the end of the video🌹📼📀🎬
     Man comes out of this world. As it came out empty-handed👐 leaving everything you possess in your life🕧.💵👑🏠🚘🛫 But there is a hereafter bag🎒. What have I prepared in it? To meet your Lord or is it an empty space

  7. Look at all that wasted space
    May be he means that man pass and didn't take any of his packing with..the only true thing he can take is love.

  8. Loved it. — For a man who packed small and efficiently, that was so much wasted space. I also pack half of what I lay out. It takes me planning, but I take all I actually need– I get upset if I don't use something (because that's extra weight).

    So many things are out of my control when I travel: TSA argument, delays, traffic, protests, storms, annoying passengers… but, I always feel good knowing that I have control over what I carry with me, a well planned luggage.

  9. To those who dislike this then they don’t understand how much effort went into this video. I have done animation before and it took a lot of patience.

  10. Negative space in its deep sense is the "wrongly spaced (disance) from your own people". People need space in their lives but such a space is negative/condemned where you ignore your loved ones throughout your life and at the very end of your life, the space/distance (in the form of death) you get from your loved ones means nothing. WASTED

  11. Actually from my point of view moral of the short film is.. We try to earn everything in this world.. But when we died.. We take nothing!!!

  12. Loved this film! I hope you don't mind, but I reposted and commented on it on my blog . . . you can read it here:,%20A%20short%20Film

  13. Yall's trippin, he's referring to all the empty spaces in the coffin. He's father thought him how to make use of all the space in a suitcase.

  14. This is the best way to make people think about all the meanings of the story trough an amazing entertaining ART… BUT ITS SO SIMPLE… AN AMAZING JOKE!!! Cheers to the creators!!

  15. "Look at all that wasted space.." it got me..

    my interpretation of this line is simple. Thats what his dad taught him when he was younger. His dad always travelling and didnt have any time to bond with him. So, even at his wake, the only memory he got to keep, is how important the space is. Instead of whats inside the coffin.. this is sad truth.. 😔

  16. Comentario TOC que fue educado o formado por otro TOC. Penoso, triste, en la realidad hay personas que no sienten igual a la mayoría…

  17. When he said “look at all this empty space” I thought it was a homage that his father wouldn’t have liked to be put in a cold box that way. In no way did I interpret this as an estranged father and son relationship lol

  18. Wow these little shorts have more emotional power than like 99.99% of feature live action movies these days
    Absolutely astounding work here

  19. "Lay everything out. Put half back" is a tickle of truth from the get go right there. But then we all know the truth can be a pinball at times, or it blows hither and yonder with each and every flapping tongue just pushing the wind around without helping better a tiny drop. Some tongues we all pay big money for to run things. Some flapping tongues with only "negative space", and no ears to hear with either. Wasted Room.

  20. Stupid video i give it a 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😡😡stupedest videi bad animation as well👎👎👎booooooooooo

  21. I think of that every time I visit a grave yard…ppl should be buried vertically and in cardboard boxes 📦! We take up way 2 much space…cremating even better!

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