82 thoughts on “Negative Space Logos: SECRETS – THEORIES – TECHNIQUES

  1. I feel like I should be paying for these kinds of tutorials. This is actually helpful for my business. Thank you!

  2. Awesome tips👌👌👌
    Please make a negative space logo tutorial as I am new to illustrator I don't know much about how to draw such logos..

  3. Wow I had no idea the Wendy's logo spelled mom that is genius, I've been wanting to try creating some logos so these tips will definitely help me out, thank u^^

  4. best video tips of the year I would vote for. simple steps to guide and easy to understand❤❤❤❤❤❤👌👌

  5. Thank you for the tips!!!

    I will now continue creating the new logo, for a friend, I created last Friday. When I saw an image, of a meme, that has negative space I immediately opened Illustrator and applied the idea that I have. I hope my friend will like it when the logo is done.. haha

  6. So beautiful 🙏🙏👍👍i lové négative space gives an object to breath I’m wondering the people of no design background want many times and request pages full in text and usages as an example?

  7. I would like soon my dear Friend Satori show as design with curved and straight lines combined together and create geometrical patterns + an easiest way or ways to duplicate and repeat an object oncircle or semicircle please 🙏🙏🙏

  8. This is awesome. I actually once created a logo with negative space without even thinking about it, and it turned out well. But haven't attempted to make another.. lol. But the part about researching really does help.

  9. Thanks so much Tom, I'm trying to like and share your material as much as possible – you really have been instrumental in my learning of illustrator. Great video and many clever logos. I have never used compound path before, and found the hard way about getting too deep in a design that had destructive effects (multiple pathfinder layers) going back to what I had liked before was near impossible. This will help my future designs. Cheers bro!

  10. Very informative. I have always admired logos with negative space. You helped me look at the process of development of the logo and how to start with a large sheet that represents the actual negative space. I will put this to use. Thanks again.

  11. Guys, need help with Adobe Illustrator!!! I need to make bleed over 6" for my project. Illustrator gives opportunity to make bleeds 1'' maximum, in Indesign i can make 6", but i need more than 6". Does anyone know how to deal with it? cant find good solution

  12. Thanks for sharing this great information Sir Tom. I know it's been a while since I've been able to watch your videos and comment. As always have a great day.

  13. You have been using motion design in your videos I see. Great step forward but you need to look into the timing and keyframing.

  14. Hello sir!
    Your videos are evergreen cuz Negative space will never get old. Thanks.
    Also, may I ask I'm which app do you make your presentation? It's quite liquid and lucid, lovely!

  15. Very good tuto, full of ideas. I'd like to stress that your videos look awesome. You must be an excellent designer.

  16. Nose ingles jeje pero trato de ayudarme con el traductor automático, eres un maestro!! saludos desde Perú, sigues creciendo bro

  17. You are an awesome guy! Love your videos a lot

  18. yes please make one with step by step and hopefully in subscribe base website we will get chance to learn alot so we can work like pro

  19. Brother you are the kitties titties. I haven’t found a video of yours that I didn’t find useful. You do a great job expounding on so many topics. Well done man!

  20. I wanted to make my own branding and keywords "Logo Design 2019" brought me here.
    Aesthetically clean video like making your own Logos (especially the terms you use to inspire "Creative Juice")
    Thumbs! You got yourself a new subscriber and I rang the bell as well.

  21. For anyone looking to engage a graphic designer; don’t waste your time on those websites that claim to offer lots of designers to work on your project for a set fee. I paid $750 AUD and got ripped-off. Some are so pathetic as to offer your logo for as little as $5.

    I’m so done with this globalism illusion. I ended up engaging local talent for ten times the amount because that’s the true (realistic) value of my project. Seek a local professional – a real person. Forget the internet farms – they’re sleazy garbage!

  22. beard is a deed sunnah of prophets peace be upon them and prophet muhammad peace be upon him is the last and final messenger of allah

  23. Good job. One suggestion: be careful using the term "simplistic" versus "simple." You wouldn't want to describe someone's logo at "simplistic" unless you mean to say it is poorly designed or the concept was low-hanging fruit. Via Thoughtco.com: "The adjective simple means plain, easy, ordinary, or uncomplicated. … The adjective simplistic is a pejorative word meaning overly simplified—that is, characterized by extreme and often misleading simplicity. A simplistic solution to a problem is usually a bad solution."

  24. Slam Brother,
    Can you design a logo for me. I need a logo for my branding "ChenZee"(multipurpose(education, fashion, technology, law, and much more. If you design a logo for main hub(chenzee) and sub logos for sub branches(chenzee education, chenzee fashion, etc) really thankful to you, if you take action)). Can you help me?
    To contact me, drop a message here.i will reply you soon.

    Anyone? Hit the reply button and give me your ideas. I need logo/s for my branding
    And mention me. Waiting for your reply.

  25. Your bar graphic on the bottom is absolutely genius!!! We need more YouTubers do that…. Also, I love logos and learned a lot about negative space 👍🏼

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