Need for Speed Payback Official Gameplay Trailer

Need for Speed Payback Official Gameplay Trailer

Koenigsegg Regera. Zero-to-sixty
in two point seven seconds. We intercept,
then grab the cargo. It will be part of the convoy. What do you think? Quick hit-and-run. Get me close to the truck
and I’ll take care of the rest. Get me close to that truck
before it hits the tunnel. The House won’t let us
anywhere near the truck. We got to take out those cars! Get rid of these guys! That’s what I’m talking about! Let’s get that truck! Look out! Damn it! What the hell? This guy is out of his mind! There’s something much
bigger going on here. What’s the plan? Forget in the tunnel. We get him before
he reaches the city. Guys, more House cars
headed your way! These guys are tougher! Freaking tanks
is what they are! They’re going down
either way. Take them out, Ty! Guys,
city’s coming up fast! Jess, I’ve got
a really bad idea. Mac? Ladder on the side. You can get up from his right. It’s now or never, Jess! Do it! Keep it steady! Jump! Jess? Jess,
you got this? Jess?! I got this! Woooh!
That’s what I’m talking about! Good job, team! Let’s take
this baby home! Let’s see
what she can do. OK, boys! Let’s even the odds.

100 thoughts on “Need for Speed Payback Official Gameplay Trailer

  1. In the new update if the cars are too expensive because you do not get enough money in the events and there are not enough cars you can add the Bugatti Divo to the game and at least 100 cars more and a much bigger card

  2. I would enjoy the NFS games much more if there was no story at all, like in the good old ones from the late 90s/early 2000s.
    Who needs these lame stories anyway?
    Let's focus on driving (and tuning too!), not these useless lame stories for edgy teens!

  3. This trailer made the game look so good! It was supposed to be like a good Fast and Furious game.
    But then it came out…

  4. And the Mazda rx8 and the Mitsubishi Eclipse and Mitsubishi evolution 7 and the 1995 Toyota supra please

  5. Honestly if this game was longer, had more cars and a better story( this one was meh) I would have loved it. It was a step in the right direction. For NFS 2019 just make the main character more relatable, let us start from the bottom like a nobody, but some guy gives us a chance and we impress him. Give us a map like this one but bigger, we need a hero car aswell or maybe a car that we can get by the end of the game, sometging like the M3 GTR, MUSTANG FROM THE MOVIE(THAT CAR NEEDS TO BE IN THE GAME). I pretty sure that u didnt have enough time with this game to make it, it feels a bit rushed, but it was better then 2015(underground 3) imo.

  6. you guys remember NFS Underground 2 had much cooler custom features like:

    – customizable gauges
    – color headlights
    – nitrous purges
    – hydraulics
    – trunk audio
    – wheel spinners
    – suicide doors
    – split hoods
    – neon lights
    – carbon car parts

    That’s what all the NFS games are actually missing, none of the NFS games would’ve been more better if it weren’t having what (U2) Underground 2 has.

    Btw this was not an opinion…

    THIS IS A FACT! ✊🏻✊🏽✊🏿✊🏼✊🏾

  7. Is it me or was the graphics for Jess in the E3 release much better than the actual game? I really don’t think the actual Jess looks that good to be honest. This version of Jess seems way better looking. And the graphics of the cars are not so different but the E3 release sure is the better one

  8. Both payback and 2015 have bad driving physics, the input lag is so bad and it isn't fun at all I feel like I'm not controlling the car. The car never goes side ways it is so frustrating. I play sim games and old nfs games really good but couldn't enjoy driving in 2015 and payback I hit every wall and traffic keep I'm mind I spent 100+ hours in both of them. I got both day1 but now if the physics are the same I will skip it

  9. If I were the one responsible for Need for Speed series, I would've tried Activision's approach. Same titles, every 3 years (for example: Underground, Most Wanted, Hot Pursuit) . Maybe something different every now and then, in between.

    It's true, Need for Speed might not have the same multiplayer success, but with a good enough story maybe it could compensate.

    I would also try to connect the stories somehow. Everyone loves this kind of stuff. It makes them curious.

  10. Man, it's interesting coming back to this two years later and seeing how much I've changed as a person. Hell, I thought this looked appealing. Now it just looks like a big ol pile of pure fat. Sure, it might be okay with something else (i.e. chopping up and adding some potatoes in it to cook some chip-y things), but by itself… Nevermind. This analogy is crap. Let's just say I used to find thoughtless and uninvolving aCtiON entertaining, but now it's just a bit arse. I hope that one day, some day, Need for Speed becomes good again.

  11. Is this a sequel to Need for speed 2015? (which I've never played) i need to know so i can play things in order.

  12. Please EA, PLEASE remaster Need For Speed most wanted, the original of ps2. Please, if you do, everyone gonna be happy and we going to buy a lot

  13. I don't know why people hate this game
    Nfs playback have one of greatest if not the greatest story in racing games
    I know they tried something new but it is not bad

  14. damn alot of people hate this game i can understand kinda why but i don't know i liked it mostly the story was nice , the driving was nice and customizations were nice, i mean nothing beats Underground 2 , Most Wanted and Hot Pursuit but yea

  15. far too many obstacles on the tracks! every second a crash. far too many cars that are really disturbing especially in the curves when drifting or racing. play is no fun only annoyance and anger.

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