NECKLACE CRAFT for Bible Lessons

NECKLACE CRAFT for Bible Lessons

welcome to Wright Ideas with Susan where I put up simple ideas to help people like you teach kids about the Bible, Jesus and Christian values today I have a really simple craft that you can do with your kids a necklace craft I have done this craft specifically for the Bible verse Romans 5:11 and we did it in sign language recently but I also have a templates that is totally plain you can use for any bible verse just check out my website you’ll find the poster and the template to go with this craft just download and photocopy the template that you want and then cut them apart for very young children you can have them fully cut up for them to make it easier then have something for them to colour them with and with the yarn – 70 centimeter lengths work great and then I tie them up and the pendant fits straight over them very easily have some scissors, glue sticks and a stapler could work as well and top it all off with a some sort of special sticker or gem stone If you like this little necklace craft idea please sure to give it a thumbs up and it you would like more bible memory verse ideas I have got a whole playlist there with lots of really creative ideas for you and if you havent subscribed yet make sure you press the subscribe button, tap the bell and you will be notified whenever I put up a new clip thanks so much for watching and we’ll catch ya next time, bye!

2 thoughts on “NECKLACE CRAFT for Bible Lessons

  1. Great idea! Thanks so much fortaking the time. I've used your ideas more than once. I'm a better teacher because of them, and the children are happier and learn better.

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