Napkin Rose for valentine’s day – origami

Napkin Rose for valentine’s day – origami

Hello dear Friends of the folded sheet it’s me Tavin from TavinsOrigami today we’ll fold a siple Rose from a thin napkin it’s really easy to do let’s get right at it you can use any thin,cheap napkin for example I use some from this tissue-box Also what you’ll find at a restaurant will work just fine fold in about 1/8, two thumbs two fingers basically wide use your middlefinger and pointer as tweazers hold it together and wrap it around so you get a cylindrical shape nice and tight pick the middle of the napking and twearl it around the point is about where the edge of the napkin was and you continue to twist in the stem of the rose so the blossom is about as wide as the stem take the bottom corner of the napkin this corner and seperate ist a little and make it into a leaf and then you cna twirl the rest down too if you started twirling away from yourself you have to continue in the same direction I, in my case, twirled towards myself and thus continue to do so it’s a perfect gift just spontantiously for a nice person or on valentine’s day for your date really easy to do and makes a great first impression that could be it you could use it now, but we give it a little twist here twirl it and push it in in the middle and now for the final finish take the edge of the outside layer and bend it around I’m trying to do it onehanded, so you can see better but it will be a lot easier if you let go of the stem and just use both hands but you can see where I’m going with this it gives this nice petal shape which makes it much more lifelike, I think but you don’t need to do it, after all it’s your rose that’s it we’re done arainging the lieaves the petals ready to be given away and to amaze or woo someone I hope you enjoyed this and there is more to fold for example the napkin lotus or the winged heart by francis ow both models ar suitable for beginners and if you whant to get notified wheneve rI upload a new video you can subcribe here for free visit my website of follow me on google plus see you next time – bye,bye!

30 thoughts on “Napkin Rose for valentine’s day – origami

  1. tavin, ich liebe deine videos und modelle, aber wann uploadest du ein neues? dieses wurde vor mehr als einem monat gepostet??? wollte nur fragen 🙂

  2. Tavin, is that your real name? and how do you record your videos, what do u use? and do you have a tripod or something to hold it on? Thanks, please reply,

  3. This is great!!!!!  I have been struggling with the Kawaski Rose for a week and this is just as nice and I made it in two tries  Thanks
    Gonna make a dozen and put them in an origami vase.

  4. I'm searching napkin origami videos so I can be that one cool kid at lunch making origami with napkins and everybody being impressed.. What am I doing with my life?

  5. Wow, now that is one impressive piece of simple, yet sweet origami. Great video. I actually learned how to make these awhile back, but haven't done it in awhile, so thanks.

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