Napkin Decoupage for kids

Napkin Decoupage for kids

Hi every Decoupage and Craft Lovers. I’m Bell from BeBelleShop and Nong Noj Today we will gonna help each other making a Decoupage Box Sawasdee kha my name is Nong Noj. Today I will show you “How to make a Decoupage Box” You need to have Napkin, Wood Box, Brush and Premium Gel Glue. Apply Premium Gel all over the cover box dry it until it is completely dry take the liner of napkin Tear it with your finger Premium Gel No.1 is quite a bit sticky Put the napkins on and if you wanted to change the position. You still can move it. Press a bit harder (on napkins) Do not apply water while press it on Apply color by using Natural Sponge Press softly all over the whole area Apply Premium Gel No.2 on the cover area only Dry it until it’s completely dry Apply Acrylic Varnish all over the whole area (making twice) Dry it until it’s completely dry Here it’s my Decoupage Box. Very easy even me still can do this

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