Nailart Polyslicer Combo Tool For Slicing Polymer Canes

Nailart Polyslicer Combo Tool For Slicing Polymer Canes

Hi guys, its Cindy Lietz, your Polymer Clay
Tutor, and today’s PcT Product Demo, I’m gonna show you a product called the PolySlicer Combo. Which is a little machine that’s used for
slicing Polymer Clay canes and Fimo Nail Art Canes. Now this tool is…was invented by a woman
named Helen who is a nail technician, and she sells them at Hytech 3D on Etsy, she also
sells them on eBay as well, and she invented this tool because she had difficulty slicing
the Fimo Nail Art canes. Now if you don’t know what Fimo Nail Art Canes
are, they are…now I’ve got a few examples of some crude ones I made years ago, so I’m…this
is something I’m gonna start doing again soon, now that I have a good slicer, but Fimo Nail
Art canes are tiny, little canes that have a pattern in them…maybe this one would be
a better one to show you…’cause you’ll see it better, this has a little tiny skull
on it. These are pre-baked canes made of either Fimo
or you know, any of the Polymer Clays, and then what you do is you slice them super,
super thin, and then you put them on fingernails in nail art situations. So, here are some…crude again, examples
of some nail art that I tried to do myself years ago, and I couldn’t slice them very
thin, and I had trouble, and I’m not really a nail artist, if you can tell by my nails. But this is the same problem that Helen had,
she was trying to slice them with blades that she got, razor blades and stuff, but she couldn’t
get them thin enough to do a really nice job, so her husband is…also creates prototypes,
so she designed this tool and then he built it for her, and she made this one specifically
for me and she calls it Punky Purple, and I thought that was really fun that she made
a Purple one for me. Now, the way it works is you can…this is
the combo tool, she has a few variations; you know a junior and a PolySlicer One and
a PolySlicer Two, but this is probably the most versatile set that she has…the combo,
and there’s a blade here, obviously, and it’s very, very sharp, and then it has this base
at the bottom that slides off and you can replace it for the other one. Now, it can do square canes and round canes
of a whole bunch of different sizes, now it can do unbaked canes or baked canes. Now I’ve got a square cane, and what you would
do is you would just sit it in the slicer here, you would look at how thick you wanted
to slice it…I’m kind of in a funny angle here, so I’ll just do it from here, and then
just line it up and then slice down and you can get really thin slices. Now the very first one is always crooked,
because you’re probably not square anyways, so what I should have done probably was cut
a thicker one to start with, and…I mean it’s just so cool how you can…how nice
and straight you can cut these slices, it’s real easy…just trying to get my hand out
of the way, and it just does these perfect thin slices. Now if you’re trying to do the baked cane,
and you’re trying to do just like wafer thin, what I’ll show you to do there is you slide
out and get the smaller one, and I’ve got these little prebaked ones, here’s a little
flower one that’s pretty, you can put it in here and then just slice it, just super, super
thin, super thin, it takes a little bit of practice, but you can just start slicing them
one at a time, just paper, paper thin, and you can do it, you know, really fast. It comes with a little tiny brush, like this,
just in case the little pieces slide down inside, you can always, if they slide inside,
you can always dump them out, I think all of mine fell forward, but it’s very cool. So it’ll do square…square ones, here…a
square side here in a bunch of sizes, here’s a tiny one here, a medium size here, and it
does the round ones so you can do like…this one’s too big for that one, here or here,
you put your slices, tiny, tiny ones like here. The big one can handle kind of a range, depending…
‘cause this is just a coming down square, you can put it down this size or you know,
this size will work too. And then the large one will fit this one or
this one here, and the cool thing is that you’re not gonna have any distortion because
of the shape that it’s sitting in, you’ve got a lot of control and it’s quite safe to
use and really sharp, now, I was taking a look at it and I can see that these are like
the blades that are in those retractable blades, and you can pop this one out and just replace
it, it kinda has a tension thing and you can pull that out and put a new one in, like that. So I think this is a very clever tool, they’ve
got a patent pending on it, so it’s a very clever design, she’s got a few other styles
if they’re interesting for you. And now that I have a good slicer, I’m gonna
experiment more on some Fimo Nail Art Canes, or in our case it’ll be Premo! Nail Art canes, I’ve also got a new UV Gel
that I’ve…nail gel that I can use my UV Lamp for, so I’m gonna experiment with it
and see if I can start coming out with some decent nails, and maybe who knows, my nails
might get a little bit fancier. So I hope that was helpful for you, if it
was, do let us know. And if you have a product or an idea or a
concept or something that you don’t know about, and you’d like me to teach you about it, leave
those in the comment section below. And don’t forget, we have a great resource
over at where you can use the search box and find answers to all
of your Polymer Clay questions. We’ll see you next time and bye for now.

45 thoughts on “Nailart Polyslicer Combo Tool For Slicing Polymer Canes

  1. Wow what a great tool!!!! I'm a novice with polymer clay and I learning soooooooo much. This tool features so many possibilities.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Cindy, that slicer is genius!  I love polymer clay and I love nail art!  Great tool to do my own designs!   Thanks for sharing this with us!!!!!      Deb

  3. Do you like this tool better than the polymer cane extruder tool for slicing? Or do you think this one has more usage options? I was thinking of buying one of these two but I would want an expert opinion. Like yours…😉

  4. Please make a video about how we make fimo canes.. ( designs) I'm from Greece, and here we don't have stores or books to learn how…

  5. Cindy I contacted Helen and she re listed the combo on ebay and she now ships overseas and to Australia too. I just bought one… thank you Helen!

  6. Great idea! Ooooh, what make is your UV light? I have just got some UV resin but when I tried to find a reasonably priced light they all had such bad reviews! Can you recommend any good brands? 

  7. Patented? Awww, so I can't download it from Thingiverse and go to my public library to print it from one of their 3D printers? I guess I gotta review what I learned from college to make my own. Shout out from Edmonton, btw. 

  8. This was great – I looked at this on ebay, but wasn't sure how it would work. I do dollhouse miniatures and I bake the canes before slicing just like you would do for nail art canes, it is hard to get the slices as thin and straight as I want them. This looks like it will do what I want. 

  9. Awesome!!!!!  Video =]    I bought your learning lessons as well.  Very good videos in your site.  
    Your a wonderful instructor.. You take your time and you nail it! I am looking forward to join your subscription as well. I am also spreading the word out because your site is…. AWESOME! 

  10. Hello Cindy! like i said in the PCT 643 you're a life savior!!! 
    thanks for the info i think i'm going to by this little Combo tool.

  11. Hi, I bought this slicer a few weeks ago.
    But when I have used it, I was really disappointed. It doesn't cut the whole canes, and the canes aren't straight. The bottom of the cane is torn. I wathched your video many times, and I do exactly what you do, but it doesn't work. Could you help me?
    Sorry for my english, I'm french.

  12. Sorry for the late comment but are there any marks on the base to measure the thickness of the slice? I am thinking of buying this since I make small/medium canes and have trouble slicing them evenly.

  13. Hi I love your channel and videos ! I was wondering how long should I bake polymer clay canes for and do I slice them before or after I bake them? Thank you

  14. Hi P. Edgecomb, No, I don't think that would work very well. It would be too hard to line things up without damaging either machines. You'd be better off either freezing the cane before slicing or using a scrap clay base (I have a video on that in my channel). Good thinking though… it is always good to try and think of different and new ways to do things! 🙂

  15. I purchased this tool. Can you tell me why it does not cut straight. It seems to catch as I go down right at the corner if the cutter.

  16. Cindy, Do you know where I can locate a Nailart Polyslicer Combo Tool For Slicing Polymer Canes, because they are no Respectfully, Elizabeth Phllips

  17. Kinda bummed, want one but she doesn't have any on ebay at the moment – msg her, hope she can get or make me one. Love this video. I have such a hard time getting uniform slices and can't afford the Lucy. Thanks

  18. Hello i looked this up and i could not find on etsy or ebay i know this video was from a while ago are they still in business?

  19. Got mine today but I can't get a thin slice using larger attachment. There's no groove at the bottom like the smaller cane attachment so they don't cut completely at the bottom. There are no returns.

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