Nail Polish Art 💅 Ink Box Challenge: DJ Tambe & Katie McGowan | Ink Master

Nail Polish Art 💅 Ink Box Challenge: DJ Tambe & Katie McGowan | Ink Master

It could be like a snake
in there, I don’t know what the fuck’s
in there. This is crazy. I will tear that snake apart. Bash it together,
and make a piece of art with it. EW, that’s mean. That’s cruel. I’m DJ Tambe. I’m Katie McGowan. And we’re here
for the inkbox challenge. inkbox challenge. We have
no idea what’s in this box. Right now, we are about
to do this crazy challenge. I mean- I’m very curious.
I’m kind of scared, honestly. One thing I love doing
is making art out of whatever’s in this thing. So, you ready to see
what’s in this thing? Let’s check it out, DJ. EW. Oh.
Oh my God, wait a sec. This is literally the color
I’m wearing right now. Do you want a mani? I just got mine done,
I’m like a pro, it’s crazy. I need a pedi more than a mani.
I’m down. Welcome to the inkbox challenge. Inside the box,
each of you have a piece of wood and a variety
of nail polish colors. You have 10 minutes to paint your favorite flower
on the wood. Ink master fans
will determine the winner. That’s not good to-
Good luck. That’s not good either. I’m about it. Let’s go. Nail polish, a piece of wood
and an envelope. Take- Right now, I’m thinking
of my favorite flower that I don’t have. Literally said five minutes ago that my favorite flower
is a peony. So I think I’m going to go
for that then. Is this for my head? Do I just cut it off
and mount it? Okay, we have 10 minutes, yeah? Yeah. Our time starts now. All right, let’s go. I would advise shaking it.
Just a head’s up. Where are you? Way past that.
I already opened it. Sort of like a- Shake them like a salt shaker. I’m going to go with
something that I like. Tattooing is not like
my favorite flower. What would that be? A poppy. Nice, yeah. Definitely got
some fumes going on. Whew. Damn, don’t they
give them ladies masks when they do this stuff? I’m doing a sucking …
A overhead- My nail tech definitely wears
a mask the whole time. What do you call it? Yeah.
You’ve used nail polish before. You’ve never painted
your daughter’s nails? I bet you have. Painted my own a few times
when I was younger. Oh really? Everybody went through
an Emo phase at some point. How much time
do we have left? I’m going to need
at least five more. Do you remember
the last time- Yes. … that America voted on- Yes.
… a competition- Yes. … between you and me
specifically? I said said when
you started painting. How’d it go? It ended well. It went well. I won a hundred grand,
you know what I mean? It ended well for you. It ended well for you
after I won. But yeah, you know,
I was worried after that. You do really
clean stuff, and- Oh, I appreciate it. Tattooing live at
the Ink Master finale was one of the wildest
experiences of my life, I must say. Until I came to coach,
and that’s just about to top it. I don’t know what we’re dealing
with yet, but to get that many people … That’s the problem,
similar problem, we had with coaching teams, is like everybody’s
so different, you know? Right.
And different styles, and different ways
they talk to you, and different- Right?
Like you’re going, “Okay, I don’t even
want to deal with you.” Right. And I know everyone’s got
a different learning style, and I’ll want to make sure as
a coach that I am really in tune with how the people on my team
are receiving advice, since everyone needs to be
taught a little bit differently. Not everyone’s going to have
the same learning style. Yeah. I’m like 30 seconds away.
30 seconds away. Painting like some straight-up
dentist’s office flowers [crosstalk 00:04:18] Yes. … waiting room. Maybe Dave would like this,
after the dentist. If he was still on the …
If he was still on his- Oh my gosh, time’s up. Oh. I’m just signing my name.
Is that- Wow. Well, let’s take a look. This is what I got. I love it. Do you like it? It’s cool. This is what I got,
it’s more like- Do you feel like you’re waiting- … traditional folk arty- … to go into
the examination room? I feel like I’m in a motel room,
but like a mid-grade motel. It’s not too shitty,
but it’s still cool. Come on. Mine is about to drip,
it’s so wet. I feel like it’s like a … We’re at the craft fair and some
Edna made that for like- Say like … Would your grandma
not love this? For your cookies. Come on. Come on. No, it’s great. I love … Doesn’t matter
if I like it or not, it matters to them
out there, so- I think we both killed it,
as high as we are. But, you guys have to decide. Which one of these things
do you think is better than the other thing
that’s not as good? You guys.
Look at that. Look at that. Or, folk arty transitional.
It’s still wet. Hopefully, I can keep
all the nail polish. Come on. Leave your comments below. You have a family member
that you kind of like, but they piss you off
sometimes? Which one would you give to them
for the holidays?

100 thoughts on “Nail Polish Art 💅 Ink Box Challenge: DJ Tambe & Katie McGowan | Ink Master

  1. It’s obvious who won, DJ. His was much more detailed, and hers was so simple. I can do what she did with my toes.

  2. DJ did a way better flower. Hers is clean lined, but I love the water color tone to DJ’s a lot more. I feel like Kate played it way too safe.

  3. Katie has changed so much she seems less sketchy and rude and lazy and more happy and energetic and more of a team player and her weights has dropped so much so happy for her

  4. She’s acts pretty stupid in this video. Like they would give her a live snake. I did call her a moron in another comment. She literally made me cringe.

  5. Really proud of Katie and her weight loss. She looks really good and healthy, I’d say her voice has even in changed and sounds a lot clearer

  6. Not gonna lie, I thought that this was a buzzfeed video where a professional comes in and teaches one of the hosts. DJ would be the professional

  7. 10/10 DJ his is something I'd pay for and hang in my room. It has a rough look but that, in turn, makes it more interesting than the flat peony to me.

  8. DJ got some serious skill he deserved to be ink master.💀
    Edit: I’d honestly buy his flower nail polish painting if he put it up for sale. It’s beautiful.

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