N•24 Unboxing / Review HQS Krilin VS Saibaimen by Tsume Art

N•24 Unboxing / Review HQS Krilin VS Saibaimen by Tsume Art

Hi everyone ! I’m back for another
unboxing ! I’m super excited because today is gonna be another statue, it’s Tsule
statue that it’s not out yet. It’s a prototype
from a French group Fan 2 Tsume. So if you guys want to see I’ll leave all the
the information down below if you want to join that group. But let’s
stop talking I want to show you the unboxing and go straight to it. Let’s do
it ! So first we have the brown box. I’m not
gonna take too much time to show you that, we don’t really care about that
brown box so I’m gonna skip that. So guys keep in mind that is a
prototype. So maybe what you receive will be different. I’m kidding the box is
empty, we already open it. So it’s on the side so I don’t have to lift the box. But
I’m gonna show you the box. The box look amazing ! Honestly guys it looks super
cool for what I can see already the Dragon Ball logo, the dragon on the back.
Krilin so sick the name of the statue : HQS by Tsume, the brand, the logo.
We got the Saibaiman and on this side we got the dragon as well. On the side we
got the dragon. And on the back as usual we got all the info writing in English
and writing in French. That’s pretty cool we do have the statue on the back
but we have like a drawing on the side, it looks like a cartoon, kind of thing. So
it’s pretty cool. I like really the design of that box. Like I say again some
people don’t care about the box. I do, I think it’s pretty cool it’s part of the
pleasure when you open a statue to see the cool box. We all know when we
received like an unofficial we open it we don’t have like art box, we just go
straight to the statue and I think that’s one of the big pleasure to do
like an official. So that’s always cool to have that. But let’s do it right now
let’s go straight to the statue. And guys hope you’re ready ! So we got the base. I
don’t know if you guys can see with Krilin vs the Saibaimen on the bottom.
It’s actually pretty big I don’t know if you guys can see it from my size but
it’s actually really big for a 1:6 scale. And that’s really a statue that I’ve
been waiting for. So I can’t wait to actually receive mine. So that for you
guys to know when we receive prototype we have to
send it back after a week or two. We just have to do an unboxing and send it back.
We don’t keep the unboxing so that’s not my statue.
I actually wait for mine it will be here maybe about 1 to 2 months. I know Tsume
is really working really hard to actually produce those. So keep in mind
they’re coming for sure. So another thing we have one of the Saibaimen. We have
actually three of them so that’s the first one. Super cool. I’ll get some
close-up later, so you can see the details. But Wow !
Honestly people talk bad about Tsume but the quality is there for sure. We got
another one. That is blowing away. We got another one, the one that is fully. Try to
go away, to run away. So that’s the only one to have the full body. That’s pretty
cool. I really like that one and the aura really really nice get some close-up on
the aura, see no bubbles, nothing. I think that will go right here. And we have
another one, but bad news ! Yeah right broken. So I have to show you guys see
that up and sometimes in yours I hope it will not happen. But it’s not a big deal
I can still show you with the broken part how look like. So that one will go
here and I can put the face right there. See, we don’t really see it. We have
another aura like that. Kind of like Vegeta maybe a little clearer. We got the
two Dragon Ball logo. That you all know. The same one that Goku and Nappa have.
Boom ! We have the little hair effect. I’ll show you right after I put down the side.
And we got the best part guys, you ready ? Wow ! I don’t know if you guys can see good but
the details on Krilin, the face, the vein… I mean, I’ll show you on the close-up but
the paint job is perfect. Different shade on the back, on the pants,
and everything is crazy. And we get the little air effect. I’ll go straight here !
Boom ! So that’s it guys look at it ! It’s so sick ! I have a lot of Dragon
Balls statue, I already have one Krillin. That is really nice actually
it’s an unofficial but it’s really really nice ! But this one it’s above it
for sure, that one is the best clone out there by far. We got like one two three
four five, five characters combined together by one statue. It’s a 1:6 scale,
I think it’s 600 euros so it’s a little expensive for Krilin but still it’s
awesome. I love it. But I’m gonna stop talking I’m gonna do
a 360 and close-up view. So you guys can see it better and actually you realize how
good it is. And show you the light-up function, but yeah let’s do it and I’ll
come back and talk after see and tell you about the statue ! Okay let’s do some close-up look of that
amazing statue. So we’ll start about the base. As usual
I’m not gonna show you the base is the same on every Tsume a same on the logo
look really good shiny. The Dragon Ball is awesome. And we’re gonna go to the base.
It kind of looked like on the goku nappa base, but it seems that the paint is a
little bit better for some reason maybe because the statue and the rocks are
different. But it would really look better. But we’ll go to every Saibaimen
that actually are super safe ! Look at the details on the skin if i get closer. The
eyes, the cloth they’re shiny, the legs super super sick ! We go to the other one
that is blowing away by Krilin. Every little details. Look at the bones !
Let us split up. We also have the brain. We can see on the inside that is really
really cool. We have this one also it’s totally
apart. That is really really nice ! Looks like
he’s in pain. And we got the best one, my favorite one, that is like lunching like
a rocket with the air effect look really nice ! He’s like wow ! And we got the
blood a little bit, the arms going away. And then the best :
Krillin with the air effect. And look at the skin, the vein, scratch on the arm,
texture on the pants. It looked like that one i have less texture and then Goku
for some reason . So it’s pretty cool I like that i like it better this way.
And Krilin’s face is perfect. Paint job is like nice, really really good. We
have some vein also on the face. I’ll turn around.
We got the logo also super super sick ! On the old prototype we used to see the
line here, a little more, now we don’t see it like at all ! So that’s pretty cool
that they did fix that. Really like it, it look really really cool ! I’m gonna go
straight to the light-up function, so you guys can see. I’m gonna press the button
on the back if I can do it, boom ! Look at that guys ! I’m gonna turn off the light.
So you guys can see better and really enjoy the light-up effect. Look at it ! So
sick ! Every light up will light up a Saibaimen and Krilin’s face so that’s
really cool ! And I really like that Tsume include
like a cable that you can plug. So you can use like a smart plug or something
to use it with the remote. But leave me a comment down below, let me know what you
think about that statue ! What do you like ? if you do like the light up ? what do you
think about Krilin ? Did you buy the statue ? Do you think like 600 euros it’s
a lot for Krilin ? I know in video the statue look or seem maybe a little small,
but actually in real life is super big ! It’s not small at all Look at it ! Really
really cool ! The rocks ! I’ll turn it. Also look at that ! We got like the rocks
with the smoke. Super sick ! Really really cool ! Guys I’m back ! I
hope you realize how good that statue is with the 4k footage and the 60 frames
per second ! Because I know it’s always hard to like realize how good the statue
is until you’ve seen in person. So I hope I did all the good close up and you
realize how good that statue is ! I mean I’m really loving doing unboxing for you
guys and see the statue of befor is gonna be release. So I’m super happy and
honestly that statue is amazing ! Krilin’s face, the skin, the vein, the light-up
function ,the size of it, all the character is so sick ! I’m super happy. I
can’t wait to get my statue at my house and displayed by all my
statue. But again thanks you for watching. I can’t wait to show you more statue and
do unboxing ! Remember : like, subscribe that really do help the channel ! Also
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So i will show you guys two different statue. And you guys pick and i’ll do the
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those quizz and stuff with you guys. I’ll see you in the next video remember
leave a like ! That really do help ! Peace out !

12 thoughts on “N•24 Unboxing / Review HQS Krilin VS Saibaimen by Tsume Art

  1. Elle est juste ouf merci pour cette unboxing très quali surtout que pour moi krilin fait parti de mes perso préféré. (Oui j'assume totalement Mdr )

  2. 🤯 Not a big fan of Krilin but as you said, the quality of the Tsume statues are there and this one is a big piece of this character. Really, really nice unboxing and review bro, I can see your hard work. I'm going to share it with my collector group, they will love it. Keep it up 🔥

  3. magnifique vidéo de cet HQS krilin qui et juste une turie et aussi magnifique boite de cet figurine tsume de tout beauté juste magnifique rien a dire les pose sont trop top une turie ce krilin

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