My Top10 Quilting Rulers

Welcome to SewVeryEasy, my name is Laura. And I’m often asked what are my favorite rulers that I use for quilting and sewing, so I’d like to show you my ten favorite rulers. So let me start with my square rulers. I like to have a really big square ruler. 16½” is my favorite size. I can go from small all the way to large. This is also great for when you’re wanting to square up the corners of quilts. Most of my quilting blocks are under 12½” so a 12½” ruler is great. I can square them up to 8″ and anything larger so I will only need one ruler to square up the entire block. A 6½” ruler is another one that I use a lot because sometimes the blocks are just a little bit smaller, and I don’t need to use the very big ruler to square up the smaller blocks. I make a lot of half-square triangles and I really like this ruler called Block Lock to help me square up the rulers. It has a little groove in the back that sits right in the seam, so I could square up my blocks perfectly. Next are my long rulers. I often use two rulers together and that will help me square up fabrics so I don’t have to flip it. And I do really like an 8½” and a 6″ ruler. I like the 6″ ruler that has very minimal markings on it. I love the color—it goes really great with a lot of black fabric. Then one that’s just a little bit smaller. It’s 3″ by 18″ and I often will cut a 2½” strip or 3″ strips so this is a nice size just to cut very quickly. And the pink marks are great on it because I can see it again with dark fabric. Now I have some little rulers. This one is 12½” by 1¼”. I know it’s an odd measurement, but I use this ruler all the time. I love it for marking and I use it a lot even when I design. I find it’s a good size for a lot of those 1″ strips. I also use a ruler called Add a Quarter, and it actually has a little quarter lip on it, and it is great so I don’t really have to measure the quarter inch. The quarter inch is already there for me. Now when I’m squaring up a lot of little blocks I like to use a ruler again from Block Lock, and it is a no-slip surface. The back sort of has a non-slip surface so when I put this on the fabric it does not move. And it doesn’t matter how small the pieces are, that fabric underneath is not going to move as I cut it. Now there are ten rulers that I love to use all the time and I do have one more but I don’t really think you can call it a ruler. It is the seam guide. It’s a tiny little piece of plastic and all the way around the outside on both sides are measurements. It’s a great guide just if I want to mark my seams or see exactly what my machine is stitching. Do I have other rulers? Yes I do and I have lots of rulers that are designed for only one particular thing. I know it seems like sometimes why do I need to buy them, but I find sometimes those rulers are going to speed the process up and make the accuracy so much better. And then I’m forced to make that pattern more than one time. So here are my ten favorite rulers plus one. Thank you for joining me today on SewVeryEasy. Feel free to subscribe and, as always, come on back. Let’s see what we’re sewing next time
in the sewing room. Bye for now!

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