My Iron Collection 🎄 Holiday Sewing Plans + TikTok Addiction | SEWING REPORT

My Iron Collection 🎄 Holiday Sewing Plans + TikTok Addiction | SEWING REPORT

let’s dive into my iron collection
holiday sewing and crafting plans a bit of a life update and my new addiction to
tick tock welcome to the Sewing Report I’m Jen this
channel is all about sewing crafts in DIY projects and this video is gonna be
a little bit all over the place but hey that’s kind of who I am
so let’s do this I wanted to talk about my irons
I was recently filming some footage of cleaning my iron so I thought I would go
into my whole collection I technically have four irons and I use them for
different purposes I know I did a video a really long time ago about do you need
an expensive iron I still go with no and now that I have even more experience
with irons let’s talk about why so the first iron and this is my oldest one
this is a sunbeam steam master I got this a very long time ago probably at
like a Walmart or Target this was probably under $20 and I feel like it
did the job it had a pretty nice soleplate although now it’s a little bit
dirty because this is my oldest iron and frankly the one I care the least about
at this point I use it for projects where I feel it’s going to get some
residue on it like doing interfacing or fusible stabilizer something that might
have glue on it because again I can clean this iron but because it’s not one
that I I’m really too concerned about I am not too fussy with it
so that’s mainly what I use this iron for the next iron and this is my I think
second to oldest this is a cordless iron this is the Panasonic like 360 freestyle
something like that I paid about $80 for this and I do actually like the cordless
function and I’ll kind of show it to you and also I’ve got some footage of me
using it in various sewing and quilting projects I’m going to throw some of that
in this cover comes off here’s the retractable cord that you plug in and
then this base is the thing that kind of like keeps the iron part heated up so
this is indeed kind of free styling and of course all of these irons are steam
irons actually I probably need to replace the water in this because it’s
probably super old and one thing I do like is that it’s got a tip on both ends
so it’s kind of shaped like a football so that is nice in certain scenarios
I used this iron a lot when I’m pressing out whole yardage of fabric because the
cord won’t get in your way that’s something I noticed when I’m using a
corded iron is when I’m trying to press out like a big piece of fabric is that
the cord will like get caught on all the excess fabric that’s you know kind of
going off my table or whatever so this iron is really good for doing large
pieces of material fabric the cordless iron is also great for projects where
you’re kind of like turning around a lot or where you’ve got like something on
one table and then something on another table really good for quilt piecing or
for things like paper piecing but there’s another iron that I’ll get to in
a few minutes that’s also great for paper piecing as well but I do like this
I think it was really overpriced though and as far as performance goes I don’t
find this iron performs any better than any of the other much cheaper irons now
don’t get me wrong I really like this cordless iron but I don’t feel it’s
worth five times the price so again if this is not in your budget
don’t sweat it use the twelve to twenty dollar iron that you get at Walmart or
whatever okay in terms of performance this iron is actually my favorite and
it’s the least expensive can you believe it this I got from all DS and I think it
was on sale for $12.99 I have seen these irons there in recent trips and the
typical price is $14.99 but sometimes they’ll mark them down so I feel like I
got a really good deal out of all of the irons I have I think this has the best
and highest quality soleplate it’s very shiny it’s got a lot of steam holes the
steam on this is also I think the top performer out of all of them I really
enjoy using this iron though is that it doesn’t have a retractable cord
which would be really nice but again for $12.99 I’m not complaining and I
recently had to clean this iron because I got something on it I don’t know if it
was starch or whatever so I’m also gonna throw in some clips of how I clean the
iron to clean all my irons I use something called faultless hot iron
cleaner I get this from wall walk sewing the prices there are incredible I think
this is only a couple dollars and I usually buy it more than one to keep on
hand it’s really easy to use all you have to do is get an old like white
towel I use some old kitchen towels spread it out like a little line of
toothpaste and then put your steam on full-blast really rub it into the
cleaner and I also do like the edges of the iron too just to make sure those are
clean and then you know have the steam on full blast and then once you feel
you’ve really worked in the product go to a clean spot of the towel and
continue that same motion there and you will have a very clean iron when you’re
finished out of all of the irons this is probably my favorite and again it’s the
least expensive so I really don’t feel like you need to drop a lot of cash on a
steam iron for sewing and quilting I just don’t think you have to this last
iron is kind of specialty iron and I use it for applications where I really need
to get into small spaces this would be great for quilt piecing or paper piecing
I also use this when I was building my dollhouse to apply lament on the raw
wood edges this is the clover mini to iron I think it’s super cute and I
really like that the iron part kind of looks like that Monopoly game piece if
you know what I’m saying here it’s got a few different settings it’s got low mid
and high so you can kind of regulate the temperature and it does come with a
holder so when you’re not using it you know you won’t like burn your table or
anything like that so I am a fan I don’t use this all the time but I’m really
glad I own it and I think it’s a good thing to have in your pressing Arsenal
and down in the comments I would love to know if you have a favorite brand or
model of iron that you use for sewing and quilting why do you like it and how
long have you had it and in other news I do plan to hopefully make a lot of my
Christmas and holiday gifts again this year just like I’ve done the past few
years this is probably my most daunting holiday make this is M7730 it is a
women’s jacket pattern with some really fun flounces on the bodice and on the
sleeves and ice tried to draft my own facing pieces for the lining that was
one of the recommendations I was seeing when I saw reviews of this pattern so I
gave that a go and I think I did it right I have this tool called the fit
and fashion styling curve I got this at a workshop a few years ago from Atika
Beamer she is a well known seamstress in our community and
do really like this it’s translucent so it makes it really easy to see wherever
you’re tracing or marking it’s got two built-in spots where you can make
markings one is 3/8 of an inch and the other is 5/8 of an inch which are
typical seam allowances in dress making in garment making so I use this to draft
some pieces I’m gonna show you some footage right here it was a little bit
tricky but I think I managed to figure it out I have cut out all the lining
pieces I have not cut any of the actual fabric yet so I’m gonna have an update
on this and probably a dedicated video on drafting my own facing pieces for the
lining I’m pretty sure I got the math and all my facing pieces right but I
can’t say for sure yet because I haven’t actually put them together and I in fact
I haven’t even started cutting out my main fabric for it but if I can find a
link for this online I will definitely put it in the description box because I
think this is a really neat tool for drafting and sewing clothes so yes when
I finally finish this pattern you can definitely look forward to a whole
series on making this jacket much in the style of the men’s dress shirt I made a
while back it’ll probably take me forever because if you’ve been following
me for a while you know I’m a really slow sewist and whenever I’m doing a new
pattern it just takes me like ten times as long does that happen to you too and
I feel like I really need to tell you about my newfound addiction to the
social media app tic toc I know you’re probably like Jen isn’t that for like
teenagers and stuff I know I know what you’re thinking but I’m seeing a lot of
people in their 30s 40s 50s on it so I am at a sewing room so if you’re on tic
toc you’re welcome to follow me there I’m actually gonna post content that’s
largely different than the stuff that’s on this YouTube channel and even on
Instagram I am freakin loving tic toc it’s so much fun I think there’s a lot
of humor on there a lot of dancing so I think I’ll fit in just fine here and I’m
loving all the memes and stuff so if you have not gotten a tick-tock account I
would highly encourage you to at least get one and just kind of explore you
don’t have to post anything just kind of see what other people are doing I think
it’s a really interesting platform very short videos like under 15 seconds but I
am absolutely loving tic toc I know it’s
gonna be a big thing because I literally cannot stop looking at tick-tock I know
that sounds crazy but once you get on it you’re gonna be like what is happening
six hours just went by and I’ve just been looking at people’s tic TOCs I’m
gonna drop a link to my tic-tac account in the description box so if you want to
join in on the fun let’s go there oh yeah and I almost forgot the other day I
went to Michael’s craft store I’m in this like quarterly VIP program where
they send me gift cards and there’s really no stipulations they just say if
you post anything hashtag make it with Michaels so I’ve been participating in
it I like the program I think it’s cool but that is a disclaimer for you so I
just wanted to let you know but I picked up some stuff for holiday decorating and
some things that for the dollhouse I think I’m actually gonna start I know
I made the dollhouse like what a year ago I’m actually gonna try to start
furnishing it and decorating it for the holidays so I think that will be a
future video here on the sewing report but I am excited for like Christmas and
New Year’s and everything that’s coming up in 2020 so let me know also in the
comments what are you gonna be sewing for the holidays this year I still have
to figure things out but definitely a lot of embroidery projects because I
think they’re really easy to personalize items and they don’t take a long time so
the brother p800 gonna see a lot of action this season and if you’re looking
for something to watch next last year I had a lot of fun decorating the Trader
Joe’s gingerbread house and I noticed they have the same one in stores this
year so you can still get them if you have a Trader Joe’s nearby I really
enjoyed it and it was it was kind of a yummy project as well I’m Jen I’ll see
you guys next time here on the Sewing report

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  1. What kind of iron do you use and how long have you had it? Plus, let me know what you're planning to make for the holidays!

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