My Houzz: Clay Matthews’ Surprise Renovation

My Houzz: Clay Matthews’ Surprise Renovation

(upbeat music) – Home to me is a place for
my entire family to gather. It’s your security. It’s a place where you
can get away from it all and be together and share those moments that represent 99 percent of life. I’m Clay Matthews and this is My Houzz. Growing up with my brother
Brian, we were always close. He was just a little over
a year older than me, so we always played sports together. For the most part, we
were on the same teams. People always confused us for, you know, me being Brian or him being Clay. My father played 16 years
for the Cleveland Browns. We spent several months
of the year in Cleveland and several months in California. So we were always traveling,
doing things together. The five of us sibling stuck together. We were close to one another. It just kinda shaped us into
the people we are today. Brian was the first of
all of us to venture outside of California. Moved back to Cleveland,
Ohio with his wife, Megan. Something that’s been
difficult is Brian and Megan have been struggling for
years trying to have kids. The countless doctor visits that just had a negative outlook. Finally, he let us know that
Megan was pregnant with twins. I was more than excited for them. Brian and Megan purchased their
house roughly two years ago. And for them, this wasn’t just some house that they had bought. This is the house that they
foresee their future in for many, many years to come. It’s an older home. It was in desperate need of repair. They’re constantly upgrading it. But with two kids on the
way who are soon to be crawling and walking, they
need a safe environment. They need some professionals to come in and really whip this house into shape. The spaces that I would
like to have renovated are the kitchen. It’s entirely too small, and
there’s just not enough room to work. The appliances are old. And then that transitions
into the family room. In which case, it’s a little dark. It feels like a man cave. And the dining room is just secluded. I think they’ve had one
Thanksgiving meal there. With me spending most
of my time in Wisconsin and then being so far away, I immediately went to Houzz. Initially, I looked up designers
within the Cleveland area. I looked over a bunch
of different profiles. And when I came across Hurst
Design Build and Remodel, I knew they were the one. And they also have a five star rating. So I reached out, and
Bridget, the designer, and I were able to set up an ideabook in which we were able to
put all our inspiration, pictures, in one place. Then we were able to meet in person. (upbeat music) It’s so nice to finally meet you guys. – [Bridget] Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you, Clay. We need to get to know a little
bit about Brian and Megan. – My older brother, Brian,
and his wife, Megan, they’re having twins. In fact, she’s due any day now, which is gonna change the way in which they live their life. So for us to be able to do this for them, it’ll take so much pressure off the house and focus all their energy on their kids. – Can you tell me a little
bit about their style? – Sure. So this is where I’m gonna
put all my trust in you because we have two differing styles. Megan, she loves contemporary
and modern flair so to speak. And my brother is more
of a warm, rustic feel. So if we can find
somewhere in the middle to kind of appease them
both, then I think we can present something to them
that they’ll truly enjoy. – Bridget and I have been
there to see the space. And as you walk in the front door, there’s two closets there, but
there’s an opportunity there to remove all that, and
then also remove the wall that’s between the kitchen
and the dining room. We want to more than
triple the counter space and more than triple the
cabinetry space and storage space. So we believe by opening up that wall that we can accomplish all that. – You’re able to do that? You’re able to remove all of those walls and make it happen? Make the house still stand? – I added this photo to the idea book. I feel like the sink and the island, it faces the dining area, and it makes it a cohesive space together. – If we can add an
island in their kitchen, that would be great. – I feel like lighting is
gonna be really important in the space. – [Pat] We can put pendant lighting in it. – Those pendant lights are beautiful, but I don’t know if I can ever get Brian to go with those. – [Bridget] What do you
think of these ones here? – I think those are it right there. I think it has a touch of modern to it. At the same time, it has this rustic feel. I think if we’re able
to incorporate those, that would just be fantastic. – One great thing about
Houzz is they have this tool called Visual Match. If you click on this tag right here, you can see the products that look similar or are the same as that product. – Actually, that’s
pretty cool right there. Is that the color in blue or green? – It’s green. – [Clay] Okay. – But it has more of an aqua tint to it. It’s beautiful. I love that. – [Clay] Buy them. – [Bridget] Okay, let’s add to cart. (laughs) – That was easy enough. I added this fixture simply
because I don’t think this is something that Brian would pick if you sent him out and he went shopping, but I think he’s really gonna enjoy this. I think Megan would be onboard with this simply because there might be… Well I don’t know why. I actually love it, so… – [Bridget] I think that’s gorgeous. – [Clay] Yeah, it looks great. – [Bridget] I think we should get it. – [Clay] Yeah. – All right. Since we are opening up the space, and when you walk into the door, you’re going to see that wall, what do you think of this hood right here? – It’s something that
could work, but, you know, the white that matches the cabinetry, I think we can do a little
bit better with this one. – [Bridget] I like that one. – [Clay] Let’s do it. – [Bridget] Yeah. – So the reason I added
this photo is I think this faux wood backsplash, I think it’s something different. – That actually looks pretty realistic. It looks like wood. – Yeah, I think they’ll both love it. – The family room’s really not that large. So I think creating
rafter beams will really draw your eye up to it and
make it feel a lot larger than what it actually is. – We can incorporate something like that. I think the family room
would be utilized a lot more. So obviously, I don’t live in Cleveland, so it’s gonna be very difficult for me to be onsite each and every day. So I’m actually gonna be incorporating a good family friend, Kristen,
to kinda be my eyes and ears on scene, to help you guys out. Really, I’m putting all
my confidence in you three to make this whole thing come together. – We definitely will. We’ll get it right. – Awesome. Well, it was very nice
meeting you, Bridget, Pat. Looking forward to working with you guys. (upbeat music) I asked Kristen to meet Bridget and Pat at Brian’s place to go over the plans. Kristen’s a family friend, and I feel like she
knows better than anyone what to incorporate in this renovation. – Like a day ago, they just
had these two baby boys. And they’re gonna be doing
all of this remodeling with twins. – [Pat] That’s a big deal. – Yeah. When they told me, I
was like are you sure? So they’re going for it,
and it’s gonna be great. – we’ll have a nice
space for their family. – They’ve done a lot of
work in here in terms of getting wallpaper down
and new window fixtures. This is the first piece that
they bought for this house, and it’s very special to them,
and they wanna keep this. – I love the color. It’s great. – [Kristen] Yeah, me too. – What we’re talking about
is opening up the space. So we’re gonna remove this wall right here as well as this non-load bearing wall and all these closets. Put a steel beam in where
that load bearing wall is. – They will love that. The fact that they’re gonna
knock down the walls between the dining room and the
kitchen is really exciting. The kitchen is pretty small. Just having a small range
and no counter space, it’s challenging. – So what we’re gonna do is kind of reconfigure the whole space. We’re gonna move the
refrigerator over to here. The range will now be
located between your windows. And then, where do we put our sink? We put it on the island. – Oh I love that. – Your island is going to
be facing your dining room. – When the kids get
older, I definitely see the whole family gathering
around the island. The living room. It’s kinda dark. – Looks like they’ve done some work. Like there’s paneling here,
but it’s been painted. I think all the paneling should go. So we’ll remove all that. Also
add some ceiling lighting. – This sounds really big. How long is this whole project gonna take? – Typically this is a fairly long project, but we’re gonna accelerate
it a little bit for them because of the twins. We wanna move this a little bit quicker and get them in here
as quickly as possible. – That would be good. – Tomorrow morning, I’m
expecting you to have safety glasses, gloves. – Do I get a sledgehammer? – Yes, you get a sledgehammer. – I can’t wait. (upbeat music) – I can’t believe two
days after giving birth, we’re gonna start this renovation. Raising newborn boys is
already difficult enough, but to do it while they had to move out and find ways to manage is
gonna be incredibly difficult. But I think if they can get through this, if the twins can get through this, they can have something
that they’re proud of and something that makes sense
for raising their family. – Good morning. – How are you? – Good, how are you guys? – Well, we got things cleared out. – This is very real now. – So are you ready for a sledgehammer? – I’ve been preparing. – Okay. – All right. I am so ready. (bangs) (rock music) – [Clay] This is week four. I’m going to be talking with Kristen today to see how the project is going. – Wow. This looks amazing. So is this whole area
gonna be the kitchen? It looks huge. So different. I am so excited to show the house to Clay. I think he is going to be so impressed. I think he’s going to love it. Hey, Clay. How are you? – I’m doing well, Kristen. How are you doing? – Doing good. – Looks like there’s a lot
of construction behind you. – Yeah. – That’s what I like to see. We’re gonna get it done on time? – Yeah, it’s a big task. There’s a lot going on, but
we’ll get it done on time. – Thank you. I really appreciate it. How are my nephews doing, Kristen? – Oh, they’re so sweet. I just got to cuddle them. They’re mostly sleeping and eating. – That’s amazing. – So we’re in the kitchen now. Can you see it? There used to be a wall behind me. – Yeah, it looks unrecognizable now. It’s so much bigger. So much light is being let in with those windows right there. – Yeah, that window got
a lot larger right there. – [Bridget] And they’re the same size. – Yeah, I see you left some room for that vented hood right
there that I picked out. I think that’s gonna look great. – And then we have the
din– well this used to be the dining room. Right above us, you’re gonna
see where those pendants are going to hang. And then right underneath
will be the island. – I think they’re gonna love that. – I hope you’re okay with this that they would get to keep
their dining room table. Because they have
expressed before that it’s the very first piece of
furniture that they bought for this house, and I think it’s a bit sentimental to them. So I convinced Bridget to
use it in the new space. – I think that’s a great
detail that you left in there. So great job. – Now if you look up here at the ceiling, that’s the family room. Basically a faux beam,
but it’s gonna create some of that warmth to the space. There’s also gonna be
recessed directional lighting. So it’s gonna be nice and bright. – I think that’s gonna look great. – I’m so excited, Clay. Everything looks so fantastic. It’s really coming along. – I think so as well. I think it looks unbelievable. Where you guys are at right now. I think this is gonna be a huge addition. One that’s gonna make
a tremendous difference in their lifestyle. So I can’t thank you enough. I can’t wait to see you
guys in a few weeks. And with that, I’ll se you then. – All right, bye, Clay. He loved it. (rock music) – I’m back in Cleveland. And I’m on my way to
Brian and Megan’s house to put the final touches on everything. I’m super excited to show
them this renovation. And I finally get to meet my
nephews for the first time. – [Bridget] These are huge. – [Kristen] I love the couch, Bridget. – I got this on Houzz. – [Kristen] Did you? Love the colors. It’s so fresh. – [Bridget] Put this in the corner. – Don’t break. Oh hi. – This is unbelievable. – [Bridget] Yeah, look around. – I absolutely feel like
we nailed this renovation. And I wouldn’t have been
able to do this without the technology of Houzz. I couldn’t even have dreamed this up. It’s just so bright and open. This is fantastic. This is the hood we picked out, right? – Yes it is. Really stunning. – It even matches the veining
in this countertop right here. Wonderful detail. – All right. We have a lot of art for you to hang. – Okay, put the muscle to work, all right. Sounds good. That is heavy. First try. – Let’s move these chairs into place. The armchair goes at the end. – An homage to Los Angeles. That’s what we like to hear. – [Kristen] I love the pops of color. – [Bridget] Yes. – [Kristen] Looks so good. – I still can’t believe
Clay reached out to us and offered this gift. I’m blown away. – Just to be thought of. Let alone to have something like this actually happen to you. It’s like life changing. – I’m kinda scared that he may have put his touch on it. – I know. I’m so nervous now. – Same. – Ooh, pretty. – All right, I think that’s it. Brian and Megan are
gonna be here any minute. So we’ll see you soon. I can’t thank you enough. – [Bridget] Yeah, okay. – [Kristen] They’re gonna love it. – It feels great to have
this renovation done immediately following
having their two kids. – You ready? – Yeah. – So I’m hoping that
Brian and Megan’s reaction is one of disbelief. Hey, guys. – What’s up, man? – Hi. – How you doing? – [Brian] How’s it going? – Good to see you. How are you? – How’s it going? – It’s going real well. I think you’re gonna love the renovation. We put a lot of time and effort into this. Why don’t we have you
guys close your eyes? – [Brian] Let’s do it. – [Megan] Okay. – [Clay] Watch out for your step, Megan. – [Megan] Okay. – And the door. Eyes closed, watch your step here. Megan’s right here. All right, so on the count of three, I want you guys to open your eyes. Three, two, one. Check it out. – [Megan] Oh my God. – [Brian] Goodness. It looks amazing. – This is awesome. – Wow. When I opened up my
eyes, I was blown away. I never imagined that our
kitchen let alone our home could look like this. I love, love the light piece. I mean, it really pops, and you could tell we would never be able to pick this out. – No, never in a million years. No, it looks awesome. – There’s a color
coordination and scheme here. And they kept the actual table. – Brings the old and the new together. – I would have never imagined
it could be this awesome. This open. The table that we had when
we first bought the house. If you didn’t know it
was the original table, I think you would walk in
and think that you bought the piece for the new kitchen. Couldn’t have even fit
the table this way before because I think there was a wall here. – [Clay] Yeah, we opened it up completely. – [Brian] This makes all
the difference in the world. – [Clay] Check out your new kitchen. – [Megan] Oh my gosh. – [Clay] So you see we
got the big enough sink. – [Megan] There’s so much space. – Added some windows to
bring in some natural light. I think that’ll help out tremendously. – [Brian] It used to be this tiny window. – [Megan] It’s so light. And just all the counter space. – [Clay] What do you think
about the hood above the range? – Wow. – That looks amazing. – I picked this out myself on Houzz. It was actually unfinished. We painted it to kinda match everything. I think it came out great. – [Brian] Look at this backsplash. – [Megan] Crazy. – Yeah, it’s tile. Made it look like wood. It just provides a little
kinda warm feeling. – [Brian] It looks fantastic. – So what do you guys think
about these light fixtures right here above the island? – [Megan] I love them. They’re so cool. – [Brian] They make a statement, and they kinda tie in the other
room into the kitchen here. – You know, I actually
found these on Houzz. So I’m glad that you
guys really like them. – You picked these out? – Yeah, I picked these out. I picked everything out. – Of course, the professional. It looks great. – I was able to purchase
them, install them in here. Me, being the professional. (overlapping talk) Yeah, so follow me down into here. – [Brian] Wow. – [Clay] It’s almost like a
man cave, but for the family. So a family cave I guess we can call it. – The wood beams kinda gives
it that cabin type feel. – Two kids of my own, and
now adding your two new ones, you’re gonna be building
up an army of toys. You can see over here, we
provided some storage for you. I think this is great. Now we just need to start
filling it up with toys. – That’s up to you. – Oh, Uncle Clay. – It’s so cozy. I can just see the kids playing and I can definitely see us spending most of our time in this room. – Absolutely. – It’s amazing. You did a great job, man. – [Clay] Thank you. – When we first found
out we were pregnant, and I get a call from
Clay saying, “Hey, man. “Check your door. “Are there any packages there?” I go out, and sure
enough, there are cribs. Now, Clay’s gone and outdone himself and given us this space. It just shows the type of person he is. – You know I’ve taken a
lot of credit for a lot that has been done in this house, but I might be over
exaggerating a little bit. It’s actually taken a team to
put this whole thing together. So I wanna introduce you to the team. So follow me and… So this is Pat. He made the whole construction possible. Putting everything together. And this is– – [Brian] Thank you for everything. – [Clay] Bridget, the designer who helped. – You did a great job. – Thank you. – [Clay] Kristen helped as well. – Love it. Thank you. Just having the twins. It’s been hectic as far
as what we have available, how much room we’ve got. You ready to meet your Uncle Clay? – [Clay] Yeah, this little Dalton? – This is Dalton right here. This just kinda gives us that extra boost in the right direction. Makes us feel grateful from where we’ve been ’til now, where our family’s heading. – And I see we got Cooper over here. – And here’s Cooper. – Oh, okay, all right. – There you go. – Okay, all right. Is this what it’s like having twins? – [Megan] Welcome to it. – The trajectory is the sky’s the limit. You’re the baby whisperer. – Okay little ones. (dog barks) – You good? You’ve got ’em? Cool. – We invited a few more people over. – [Brian] Oh, it’s okay, buddy. Hey, what’s going on? Come on in. – [Guest] Thank you. (shushes) – [Brian] Come on in. Check it out. – [Clay] Sleep. Sleep. Oh. – Oh my gosh. – [Guest] This is beautiful, Brian. – [Brian] Counter space here. – [Woman] This is insane. – Come check it out down here. So it’s the man cave with
like just a more family… With a family touch. Thank you, man. – [Brian] Oh, he’s giving you kisses. – [Clay] Good thing you got
some carpet in here now. – So overwhelming that Clay has gifted something like this to us. It’s really gonna change
the way we live our life from this point forward, and I just… I’m just so grateful to him for
everything he’s done for us. – Well I wanna thank everyone
for coming here today. I especially wanna thank
Pat, Bridget, and Kristen for making this entire
thing come to fruition. This is an amazing renovation. One that I think Brian and Megan are truly gonna enjoy. So I’d just like to raise a glass and give them a toast to a bright future with a beautiful family
and beautiful renovation. So cheers. – [Group] Cheers. (glasses clink) – [Megan] Thank you guys. – It was incredibly difficult
to watch Brian and Megan struggle to have kids for multiple years. It was disheartening. I’m surprised we didn’t introduce
him as part of the team. – Bring me out. Throw some safety gear on me. I’m ready. – Here we are a few years later, and he’s got two healthy twin babies. And beautiful new renovation. So everything comes full circle. I’m super happy for him. – [Clay] Coop, close your mouth. You dreaming? – [Megan] He’s just living the dream.

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