74 thoughts on “My Favorite Crafty Things 2019: STENCILS

  1. One thing I love about you Jennifer, is that you show me the things I need to add to my supply collection. I don’t have many stencils, or the different textures to create various effects, and clearly I need more! Thank you again for sharing these great must-haves 🙂

  2. my favorite stencils are from the german Alexandra Renke brand… elegant design and lovely quality..

  3. There is NO WAY that I could choose just one…Always amazing ideas, techniques and creative inspiration!! What a BLESSING you are!!

  4. I thought I had a good grasp on all the popular stencils this year but alas….I was wrong!! Great video Jennifer! I love me some stencils!! 😘

  5. Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas on how to use stencils. I think they are all great stencils, but I think I especially like the sun spot stencil and the diamond builder stencil.

  6. Love all your ideas, Jennifer ! Would be happy with any one of them- but I did like the circle with the middle, and pattern round the edge. Thankyou for sharing.

  7. Jennifer, Thank you for putting these videos together, it really is helpful and exciting. So many of us look forward to seeing them. 💜🙏🏼🎄🥳

  8. Am I the only one who breathed a sigh of relief upon realizing that I'd already ordered my Pixie spray before Jennifer came out with this vid? That stuff is going to vanish off the shelves, now.

  9. Great video! My favorite stencil is the Fireworks layering stencil and I really like the Fern stencil too. Thanks for taking the time to make these for all of us crafters!

  10. Jennifer – so excited every time your beautiful strip “Favorites” image comes up. This was great — I think some of the best stuff this year came out for stenciling — Pixie Spray, Glitz Gels, Brutus Monroe Simple Blends and the Stencil Pal have been particularly great things in my craft room this year. I also love how you did just a quick shift with the Gina K dot stencil (I have it an haven’t used yet)…. What a subtle way to get a great look. Prayers for your mother in law.

  11. So many choices! Of course I couldn't pick one, but the Country Quilt and Modern Holly are my favorites of your favorites. Thank you for this series!!

  12. Love your videos, especially your Favorites! Every year I can hardly wait till you post them!!!! You are one of the very best crafters out there!!

  13. Great review. Can’t wait to see what stencil projects you bring us in the future. Thanks Jennifer, I always appreciate the time you take to help me become a better card creator.

  14. Hey! Thanks so much for your videos and being there for us all, especially when we’re a bit cut off from the crafty world geographically! ❤️

  15. Great video full of inspirational ideas and some new products that I haven't heard of, so thank you! I just ordered the Taylored Expressions masked stencils a week ago so am looking forward to getting those! My favourites today are the layering stencils, because of the interesting unique designs you can create and the great price point!

  16. Thank you for sharing and your hard work. All great. Thanks for sharing. The wreath builders I will need to look more into.

  17. I just love all the stencils! They are a really fast way to make a card and to transform a blank space into a work of art. TFS!

  18. Great video. I love using stencils. I’ve ordered my first set of layering stencils and eagerly awaiting their arrival. My favorite today was the Paper Smooches flower Layering stencil and the one from trinity stamps.

  19. What's not to love about stencils, stenciling tools, and ink! My favorites- Autumn Leaves, Tumbling Leaves, Ferns, and the versatile Modern Holly. The Holly makes me think of the tree with berries in our driveway that blooms in the spring. TY again!!

  20. Very pretty JenniferMcGuireInk, stencils are the most under appreciated tool in the craft room 😄 , it’s impossible for me to choose a favorite !

  21. THANKS ALOT for giving the link for Gina K wreath builder, the Big one. I have it and have been WONDERING what to do with the circles. And I've googled many thimes, but never found the answer. So I'm ever so grateful. THANKS for the hard work you do for all of us around the World.

  22. I bought the Mega Wreath Builder stencils and the Taylored Expressions Masking stencils recently. Can't wait for ideas about how to use the Mega stencils without a Memory MISTI.

  23. Looking forward to the future memory misti video. I have the mega wreath builder but not the misti. Thank you for these great videos! My favorite stencil so far is is the layered cloud/wave stencil.

  24. Thank you so much for doing these videos. They are truly helpful. My favourite stencils at the moment are the layering ones like the Taylored Expressions one you featured in your video.

  25. Love your videos. I was wondering if you will every review Catherine Pooler products? Or I have missed it. You have so many wonderful videos.

  26. I luv the SSS Tumbling leaves stencil the best. Your ink pads look like they’re very juicy…is that correct? Do you prefer them like that? I’m thinking mine aren’t inky enough but am afraid to over-ink them.

  27. My favorite, hands down, is the Tumbling Leaves stencil. The cards I’ve made using it have gotten rave reviews, and I know any card I make using it will make me happy.

  28. Just love how your mind ticks and the way you offer so many different ideas using just one product! My favourite(s) are the TE Modern Holly Stencil and of course anything with leaves. THANKS for sharing these videos, I am grateful for your ingenuity and a huge fan 😊👍. Cheers, 😊💕

  29. I admit it … I am stencilaholic. I did not know Burch press had stencils(I have several dies) I will be looking there tonight. I love that one from altenew-have a couple from them that are similar- thank you for sharing so many new stencils. gabriele

  30. I have some of these stencils and hadn't yet figured out how to use them. I think my favorite of this group would be the Birch Press stencils. I like the layers. I'll have to get that set. Thanks for this video.

  31. I couldn't begin to choose a favorite! They're all so wonderful!

    I want to share something with you & your viewers! I experimented with white cardstock & Iridescent Medium quite awhile back. The effect of putting a smooth layer of the Medium on the paper gives a shine & pearlescence that is so beautiful when die cutting with it. I've used solid die cuts as well as some very intricate ones, & the paper works really well!

    I've also used black cardstock with a nice layer of the medium either brushed, rolled with a brayer, or sponged over, & the grayish shimmer looks so great in some projects. I've die cut some two-piece butterflies using both the white or black for the top layers, with colorful gel printed cutouts underneath, & they look very pretty.

    The dark layers of letters & number die cuts underneath the white top layers, offset a bit, give a unique shadowing look that is different than just plain black.

    I've been making personal bookmarks for friends & family members for Christmas presents using elaborate corner die cuts as toppers, & they look very glamorous over the gel printed papers. I've also glued on some of the pretty butterflies & love the looks of them! In order to make the bookmarks sturdier than single layering allows, I've cut strips of the exact sizes out of the glimmery Iridescent Medium- coated cardstock, & adhered them to the backs for a finished look & more durability.

    Hope you decide to try the Iridescent Medium on cardstock! I love the looks of it, & hope you will too. ❤️

  32. Thank you Jennifer. Your demonstrations and tips are always so helpful. I ordered the Taylored Expressions holly and square masking stencils. I agree the holly one could be used year round. I also like the like the idea of masking off an area for a smaller stenciled space. I think your example looked very elegant. ❤️

  33. I’ve really enjoyed stencils this year because it’s one way to use all of those ink colors I had to have and rarely use

  34. Hi Jennifer! Awesome presentation! 👍
    My favorite is the Layered Fireworks.
    I wrote down all but 4 that I already have.
    God Bless You and your family.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Cheers to 2Q2Q

  35. Jennifer, thank you so much for showing this video. I like stencils, however I haven't used them very often. I will be getting some of the pixi spray and use stencils more often in the future.

  36. Lots of Great information regarding the different types of stencils that are now available. You are such a wealth of information for all of us. Thank you for sharing all your favorites with us.

  37. Can't believe I missed the tayloured expressions stencils, so amazing.
    Thanks for today's video I love sent coils.

  38. There were lots of stencils I had not seen before. I love how you used the Taylored Expressions stencils to help with centering.

    I can’t wait to see your video on how to use the mega wreath builder with out the memory misti. I have heard some people say they have used it with other stamping platforms but not yet tried it myself. I have not yet been able to afford to buy the memory misti.

  39. Instead of wiping off your stencil after applying ink, spritz with water and lay it ink side down on paper to create a nice background.

  40. Jennifer, your organization skills are amazing. I am grateful my mother shared your videos with me. I am so OCD about clutter and your tips have helped me to be able to become so much more engrossed in crafting.
    I enjoy most everything you have shared, I have been watching past videos since I am so new to the craft/card scene. My craft room now runneth over! 😁
    Merry Christmas

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