My BOYFRIEND REACTS to Fashion Nova SWIMSUIT Haul **BREAK UP PRANK** 👙💔| Piper Rockelle

Im not im done you think its so funny that you can haha dress up like this you know wha im done chill stop chill out im done, im not- gavin gavin, what is he doing? (repetive) Shallom Guys I hope your days been good ???????? todays gonna be another fashionova react video if you havent already make sure you gocheack out my other fashionova right over here I have done so many beacause i love fashionova sooooo much bu today im doin a highly requested video and it has sum’ to do with fashionova so once again we are doing my bf reacts to my outfits *silly voice* excuse me… what either A: I have deja vu or B: ur just flat out running out ideas for your youtube videos and so your just like hey lemme just do this one again no Frank this is actually somthing different that you guys have been asking for for a really long time …..My fashionova bathing suits i mean its summer its getting hot and i need some bathing suits ohhhhh you guys wanna see her i a bafing suit uhm frank its summer its swim suit season i need my bikini or my speedo i think that will look good no no Instagram @codixxd Youtube: Codi Malott Is It.

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