My Bonsai peepal trees Overview and pruning (With English Subtitle)

My Bonsai peepal trees Overview and pruning (With English Subtitle)

Hello! you can see here I have kept my all bonsai peepal trees on the right side of my house gate and on the left side, I have kept all my bonsai banyan trees. today I will show you an overview of these bonsai peepal trees at first, I am showing you my handmade temple on the hill statue made of cement where I have planted these banyan and peepal tree and giving them a bonsai look. the bonsai video of these 2 plants and the making video of this statue is there on my channel, you can watch it if you want. now I will show you how I made this peepal tree into a beautiful bonsai from its little stage. you can understand seeing its roots that it was earlier planted on a small size pot. after that, I have repotted this on this pot and in the future, I can shift it to a bigger pot than this if it’s necessary. I have collected this peepal plant from the top of a palm tree. I have pruned its roots and upper portion of the main trunk and plant it in a normal pot and after that, I made this structure slowly. now the peepal tree you are seeing it’s used to be very tall but I have cut its upper portion and keep it in this way. some days later I tried to bind this portion of this plant and at that time it got broken from the middle of this portion then it was rainy season. after some days I have seen that many roots came out from that broken portion. I have kept that broken part covered with coconut husk so that the roots are grown downward. you can see some roots down here. I didn’t uploaded the bonsai video of this plant yet. I will give its video after it will grow to some extent. then you will know the detail about it. this plant looks like a peepal tree but its little different than that. our local Bengali name of this plant is “nakur gach”. I have also kept this plant as a beautiful bonsai plant like other plants. this is also a peepal tree I am trying to keep this plant small-sized by pruning it and keeping it in this small pot. I have designed this plant like a double heart shape. now it needs to be shifted in a big pot this one is that part of my previous peepal tree which I have brought from the top of a palm tree first I have planted it in soil and grow roots there and then slowly I am trying to give this plant a bonsai look the bonsai making video of these plant I have on my channel. you can watch it if you want. now I will show you wiring and pruning process of my plants. there is some reason behind this pruning here in this plant, you can see it has very small amount of soil on the roots area so the water absorbing power is also very limited that’s why we have to keep very few leaves here but I also want to keep this plant small in size so I am pruning the upper portion of every branch of this plant.

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  1. apner kaj gulo khb valo . khb valo laglo dekhe tobe kaku eai gulo bonsai noi . aper kaj gulo Plant Art. tobe jai hok kaj guoo satti khb valo . r eki sathe uniek

  2. Nice collection, but please give English subtitles. It will be useful for non Bangla language people. Thank you

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    Ami apnr subscribebr khub valo Lage video gulo Ami o akt chnl khule chi to plz Amar pase thakben support korben 😊

  5. Thank u dada. u r doing an excellent work. ur videos are a great inspiration to those who love bonsai but are little apprehensive in starting one. Is there any step by step videos on BONSAI for beginners?

  6. Dada Bangladesh theke bolchi Amio gach posondo kori apnar Vidio Dekhi mon vore jai .valo thakben allah apnake sushtho rakhun.s.chowdhury

  7. Mehogini gach k bonsai kora jabe?Kora gele video deben pls.amr kache mehogini r akta chara ache.maite laganor jaiga nei.pot e rakhte korte hobe?

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