My Art Teacher

My Art Teacher

Hey guys Just letting you know that this video is sponsored by Crunchyroll [the] best and most authentic way to watch your favorite anime shows If you’d like to try to free one month trial for a crunchyroll premium you can do so by [going] to You should watch Erased. It’s really good [Intro plays] Back in high school. I had this art teacher [we’ll] call her Miss Holly [and] she was not a fan of anime let alone the anime art style. She wasn’t a grouch or anything I guess she was just loyal to the traditional art styles. I on the other hand loved anime still do today It was literally the reason I got into drawing and art and without it. I might not be where I am today, [so] [Freshman] year new school New Year new me blah blah blah and I chose art as an elective course I was excited to prove myself and show everyone [my] talent because I practiced so [much] and Didn’t want to keep it all to myself One of our tasks was to draw in our sketchbook every day Didn’t matter what it was as long [as] we put some sort of effort into it I Showed her my drawing. It was a sketch [of] an anime character With her annoyingly nasally voice she said oh Anime, huh, it’s good, but I’m not really a fan of the style. I mean, how did they even get their hair like that? What? She doesn’t like my art Okay, first of all being an art teacher Isn’t it your responsibility? To kind of encourage your students regardless of how they choose to visually express their work the whole Basis of why I chose the elective was so I could step away from the objectiveness of the other courses and have the freedom to practice my talents granted I know certain art projects require certain discretions when it comes to styles but we’re talking about a personal Sketchbook here and Okay, I admit. I was a naive kid and my mistake was that I felt I needed the validation of an adult simply because I believed she had more experience and Was therefore assumed that her skill [level] was our goal to emulate Whatever [anyway] throughout, the whole year she would continue her anime criticisms and continue to try to convert me like okay palpatine But near the end [of] the school year [I] got this opportunity you see my school was actually brand new at the time and we were the first generation of students to inhabit it and at the End of every [year]. What book is made to represent the memories of the past year? the Yearbook Actually, it was miss holly who brought it up to me she said the Yearbook committee required a cover design and she came to me To design it this was my chance This was my opportunity [I] don’t even think I did my homework that night it. It wasn’t important. My pride was at stake I spent the whole night on it But as I made it as I was sketching out the roughs and drawing concepts I felt like my style was changing as I drew it out. I kept hearing that nagging voice in my head That’s too anime What’s happening to me? The next day I gave her my design Looking back at it [hind] side [wise] but I think it looks horrible Because you can see my internal struggle with trying to maintain my passion, but also my conflict with trying to please Miss Holly She approved it I had designed my high school’s first Yearbook cover Half of me was so proud to [have] been part of the history in the making But the other part of me felt like I just betrayed the leaf village due to the seductions of Miss Hollychimaru But the deed was done There was no turning back the following year I took art again except miss holly wasn’t the art teacher that time she was on Maternity leave The new teacher will call her miss banff became one of my favorite teachers She was this young hip woman who you could tell has been through some things, but those experiences nevertheless I molded her into an amazing person I respected her and she Respected my drawing style From that point on I [never] let anyone discourage me from drawing what I wanted to draw I mean, I have to take constructive Criticism here, and there of course that’s necessary in the art world But I loved anime as a kid and I still do today it’s the reason I learned to draw and the reason why I continued [to] draw I Kept with my passions and followed my dreams and look where I ended up So eat it, [Miss] Holly I know it’s only been like three minutes, but have you watched erased yet? Oh, so good because if not, you can totally watch it on crunchyroll the leading destination for all your anime Manga and even live action drama [needs] for six ninety-five a month all of this becomes accessible to you on multiple platforms crunchyroll chooses to give a portion of the revenue to support the anime industry So they can continue to make more content for you to enjoy [if] you’re still not sure it’s worth it. No problem You can have a 30 day free trial on the house Just go to slash Domics and begin your binge watching today right now I’m just watching Haikyuu [and] Erased but there are many many more available You can even watch older animes that you’ve missed out on it’s never too late Again, that’s use that url so [they] know I sent you all right? Enjoy You better do it… Im waiting πŸ™‚

100 thoughts on “My Art Teacher

  1. I designed my yearbook, too. And I hate it, I didn't color the sky in enough, and just.. AUGH!! IT LOOKS DISGUSTING!

  2. Did you have the same teacher as james (theodd1sout)?? Cuz hes teacher was the same!! kind of!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

  3. I drew a lot of hentai pictures and my teacher would always come up to and see what I drew, when she saw it she just laughs, and wouldn't tell other teachers, I had all the pictures taped up in my locker, but someone telled on me and the teacher took down the pictures, he didn't destroy them but he didn't want me to have them in my locker so I so I took them home as paintings on my wall

  4. she literally did nothing wrong… she said your art was GOOD but she didnt PERSONALLY like the STYLE of anime, she didnt discourage you. you were just sensitive

  5. I have band so I had to wait to drop P.E. to get an elective, so all the classes that I wanted were gone so I had to settle for coding. Well coding turned out to be pretty fun anyway, but I still would have liked to take art.

  6. i can only draw because i watched pokΓ©mon and drew all of the weird things in the episode
    and now i can draw
    gReAt jOb mE

  7. The year I was born you were in freshman year

    And now I am watching this video freshman year….

    Think about that..!

  8. Why do you think a high school art teacher didn't submit one Asian international student's self-portrait done on campus for an art award competition while submitting other students' works? Why do you think her husband art teacher suddenly remembered the student's self-portrait and submitted to Scholastic Arts 2 years later( and saw it won the state and national award)?

  9. Back in 5th grade, we had substitue art teacher. We where doing a oil pastel project, oil pastels are chalky and like oil. And I was around 8 years old, so still developing my art skills, I got oil pastel colour on my face, and the art teacher said, go to the principle's office. I was like art is messy, you can't be clean while doing art it's almost not possible. Then she got fired, wait no I lied she did not get fired, I got detention.

  10. My 7/8 art teacher was really awesome. She had how to draw manga, art books and stuff like that. If you drew realistic, anime or furries, she always supported you.

  11. ERASED ?
    honestly I cried while watching that,
    Until now I do not want to watch it again, I'm afraid that anime hurt my heart again

    In my country this is called "alay"

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