100 thoughts on “[MV] 엘(인피니트) “군주 – 가면의 주인 OST Part.14 (Ruler: Master Of The Mask OST Part14)” – 내가 아니어도 좋아

  1. I hate him

    I mean, with his acting he can make the viewers feel hate him so bad. Yeah, I mean he is really good actor ^^

  2. Hi every one. Let's keep voting for Kim Myung Soo in the Asia Artist Awards 2018😉. The vote is in the app "Starple". Please, let's continue support him! 👍❤❤❤😊

  3. Morí…después de llorar… Hermoso. No sólo el drama, no sólo la canción y esa voz que lo lleva a uno al cielo. Visualmente, L es como un ángel. Y su actuació de verdad que me conmovió. Hermoso. Hermoso.

  4. It's so wonderful how my adorable Myungsoo transmits the feelings of the lyrics of his songs with his beautiful voice. 💕💕😘

  5. Myungsoo you did a great job in this drama
    Your voice had deliver the devoted and helpless love that makes me sad everytime I visit here! Well done my boy !

  6. Only really talented singers can make people feel the emotions of their songs perfectly just by hearing the melody of their voices, even without knowing the lyrics; as Myungsoo does with his beautiful voice.😘

  7. The anecdotal thing in Myungsoo's musical career is that the first ones to give him the opportunity to have solo songs have been the companies where he has made dramas instead of his own company; first his song "Love U Like U", then "One More Time" and now this song. It's strange why his own company doesn't support more the musical talent of this artist and only after 8 years, since his debut, do they give him the opportunity to have his first solo, "Reminisce", on the INFINITE's album. 🙄

  8. Our Myungsoo will be the main character in a new drama called "One and Only Love" to be released in May of next year.🎉🎆🎇💞💞 😁😁😙😙😙💕💕

  9. Happy 28th Birthday !!!
    May happiness and healthy be with you all the time! Most common greetings but sincerely wishing you all the best!😃

  10. Still in love with this song so heart touching😭😭😭 don know what to call the love ring in. This film it’s not neither a love triangle or rectangle lol 😂 but seriously so many ppl unrequited love Nd they end up all dying. It’s so sad that all the second leads died at the end

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    내가 아니라면 안되.내가 아니라면 안되

    엘오빠는 노래도 잘불러요♡♡♡
    이번 ost도 좋당

  12. Feel so sad with all his sacrifice..the lyrics of the song is so sad..Kim Myung Soo..you sing the song really well..

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