MUST TRY Layered Rain Art steps with Simon Hurley Dye Ink Pads – Inktoberfest Day 26

MUST TRY Layered Rain Art steps with Simon Hurley Dye Ink Pads – Inktoberfest Day 26

hi everyone welcome back to day 26 of
inktoberfest and today we’re with simon Hurley at
Ranger I’m super excited he has a really cool range of inks I just love the color
names we’ve got things like triple berry traffic cone rosy cheeks bee sting
slippery when wet later Gator and if you look at the girl and the woof there’s
some really cool stories on his Instagram about how those inks got their
name and I also did a collaboration a while back with Simon
I made card bases and then he made them into finish cards if you want to check
that out go check the blog post will be sure to link it up for you but today I
want you to show you a really cool technique and something I think we don’t
really do often enough with our inks and things so I have a Simon Hardy stencil
this is his raindrops stencil here it’s a really nice fix done so as well I
really like it for that and what I want to do is I want to take some clear skies
I think and the first thing I do is I’m gonna create a background and I love
blending on my glass mats my personal preference and if you watch some
attempts you trails he’ll tell you about you get this drag and you really do get
a nicer effect so I’m just gonna create a very rough kind of background just
like this so you can see I’m just building off a little bit of blue now
the Simon holy inks are water reactive in so they’re going to behave when you
put water on them you’re going to get nice kind of indentations and patina in
them and all of those kinds of fun things so I’m just to say you can see
I’m just blending a very simple background and there was a couple of
things I wanted to show you so once you have your nice base and I want to go a
reasonable way up like this but you can see that so we got a nice blue base you
can make it you know over so you can build up the ink and make it really nice
and smooth but we’re gonna be layering on this you’re not really gonna see much
of this base by the time you’ve finished it’s making sure I’ve got a resolve and
Inc on us you can see the techniques that I’m doing so that was clear skies
I’m gonna switch to a clean foam and I’m probably gonna grab myself me some worth
because I think a little layer nicely and there’s a couple of different things
as I say that you can do you can either and I’m gonna use another tag here and the first gonna do is I’m just gonna
spray so I’m spritzing through my stencil and I was hoping that I had
already picked up kitchen towel but apparently not so instead I’m gonna use
my apron because well why not and it’s water-based ink so it’s going
to come off and if I lift this up do you see now I’m getting that patina of the
stencil that it’s lifted up the ink and I could down and I could repeat that
process and lift up as much as I wanted so if I bring this up so you can really
see there you go you can see there it really looks like I’ve got raindrops in
the background isn’t that a super cool technique just to be able to take your
stencils take your water and liftback layers make you can do the same with
distress inks you can do it with the makeup blender balls lots of the Ranger
inks work but the Sun honey colors just really pop nicely when you do that and
you get a really nice patina this stencil in particular is great for
creating those backgrounds as I said the other option you have is to layer up a
colors so I want to show you two options for creating nice kind of stormy
backgrounds so I’m just gonna do half on this one because we did the other half
with the water and I’m not so bothered about my stunts or moving on this one
because raindrop backgrounds of course I supposed to be a little bit different
and you could blend multiple colors together they lay out really nicely so
if you did this and I’m gonna just lift up a corner so you can see the yokas
here my nice dark drippy background but if I wanted to
again I could do the water and just kind of add some Bettina in or I can go
quite strong I’m gonna add in some remember me use the same thing and I’m
gonna firm up some of that blue and again I’m just gonna do another layer
down the bottom here just so you can see the difference between all the layers so
you’ve got layout one here this is just water and then we’ve got just gray and
then you’ve got gray with an extra color over the top so you see how there are
just lots and lots of different things we can do with our eggs we don’t just
have to learn the background or just go through a stencil we can add multiple
layers so think about layering your inks think about taking back those layers if
I now added water on to this area I’m gonna get a different patina just
because because there’s multiple layers on there because some of that blue will
carve differently to the gray and it just kind of all ends up being these
really cool colors and as you add the water they also blend together more so
you get a more seamless effect so just lots and lots of different things like
you’ve seen in the background here and getting all these lovely water marks so
it really looks like a rainy surface my favorite is to do a background and then
lift with water to create the texture particularly if I’m putting something
else on top I find it less distracting but you could do this you could do the
fade-out you see how my water droplets fade out as though they’re really
falling out the sky so lots and lots of fun things you can do there as I
mentioned we have a giveaway of a Simon Hurley Ranger goodie bag so be sure to
go on over check out the blog post check out our social as to where you could win
that of course at the Hedgehog holo everywhere I’ll be back tomorrow I’ve
got some really cool coloring a tips for you so be sure you’ve hit that subscribe
button ring the bell of course and all of those
fun things and I’ll see you again tomorrow
happy crafting bye

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  1. Dear Alexandra
    Thank you and i really love when u are cool and use the apron to wipe which shows you are a cool lady..

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