Multicolor Stamping with Paper Smooches STAMPtember exclusive stamps!

Multicolor Stamping with Paper Smooches STAMPtember exclusive stamps!

– [Kristina] Hi everyone,
Kristina Werner here. Welcome to another video
for Today, I’m using the
new Deco Fall stamp set from Paper Smooches. This is a stamp temper 2019 stamp set. So this is one that if you like it, you wanna grab it as soon as you can, because it’s limited time only, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Starting out with some Neenah Desert Storm Environmental Card Stock, this is cut to five by seven. It’s going to cover the
entire front of my card. And I’ve taken that
Welcome Autumn stamp set, and I positioned it over my card with a grid transparency sheet inside my Misti Stamp Positioning Tool. That grid transparency just makes sure I have my greeting on there just right. Stamped that in some VersaMark Ink, and then I’m coating the stamped words with some Alabaster Embossing
powder from Brutus|Monroe. I hit that with my heat tool, making sure to go from the back of the card stock to the front, and kinda taking my time, not getting it too
close to the card stock. And that makes it so that it melts all the embossing powder, but it doesn’t warp the
card stock too much. Now, I’m going to do a bunch of stamping. I’m going to be doing
some multicolor stamping with Distress Oxide Inks, starting out with Mustard Seed. And I’m going to ink up just one half of this leaf shape. Wanna make sure it’s nice and inky. Then, I’m going to take a paper towel and use my fingers to dab off some of that ink right at that bottom line, where it transitions into
the rest of the leaf. I’ll go ahead and swing
the door of my Misti over, and that stamps only the
top half of the leaf. Now, I’m going to take another color, this is Ripe Persimmon, and I’m putting that on the bottom half of the leaf that had no ink on it before. I’ll take that paper towel
and dab off that area where the two colors transition. That just softens the line of ink. So now, when I stamp it in the
same place as it was before, it adds the orange color to
the bottom of that leaf image. I’m now going to use a pumpkin
image from the stamp set, and I’m using some Aged Mahogany ink. I’m doing the same exact steps, where I ink up just half of the stamp, use the paper towel to soften
the bottom line of that ink, and then add an additional color of ink. The color I’m using is Ground Espresso, and I’m going to put that on
the bottom of the pumpkin area, and then, once again, use that paper towel and my fingertips to dab
off that top line of ink. This is going to transition the color from that dark, maroon
red down into the brown. So when you’re doing stamping like this, this multicolor stamping,
you wanna make sure that your card stock is
always nice and tight in the corner of your
stamp positioning tool. And you want to check it multiple times because if that card stock is off at all, at any time during your stamping, you might get some weird double stamping, or the images might not line
up the second time you stamp. So I moved on and I did some more colors. I’m using Mustard Seed into Pine Needles. And I really, I think this might be my favorite color transition of all the stamping I did on this card. That yellow to the green, it’s
just so bright and vibrant. But by pairing that bright leaf color with some more fall tones, you have more of a fall look, and that’s definitely what I’m going for, especially with that green,
that says, “Welcome Autumn.” So I’m gonna turn on a little bit of music so you can enjoy all of the stamping, and I will be back when all
of the stamping is complete. (upbeat guitar music) After I filled in all the little gaps with some of the smaller leaves, I then took a white pen, this is a Gelly Roll number 10 Bold Pen, and added some little dots
and some little sparkles, just to fill in some of those gaps going all the way around my stamped images. And to really play off that white that’s on the greeting and also the dots and little sparkles, I cut some very thin
strips of white card stock, and then adhered them in a
frame going around my card. My card base is going to be white, so that when I open the card, there’s a nice, clean area
to write a message inside. And like I mentioned before,
this is a five by seven card, so my card base is cut
to seven inches tall by 10 inches wide, and
then I used a Scor-Buddy and a Teflon Bone Folder to score this card base at five inches. I put some adhesive on the
front of the card base. This is Tombow Xtreme Adhesive. And then I pressed my card design down onto that folded card stock. And that finishes the card for today. I hope you guys enjoyed. Like I mentioned before, this stamp set is limited edition for stamp temper 2019, so if you want this stamp set, you might want to act quickly. I have links down below (upbeat guitar music)
in the Supply section, where you can click over and get this stamp set right away
over at Thanks so much for watching today’s video. On-screen, I have three more
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  1. Fall is my favorite season & your card is 1 of my most favs. Especially love the maple leaves & the color combos used.🍁πŸ₯°

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