Moviemaking with Kids, Duplos, and Puppets–BuilderBoy’s ComposerDad Adventure

Time to get gas. Time to drive home and meet BuilderBoy. Let’s go buy a house. BuilderBoy thinks we should buy a house! On the way to the house… we met… BIBLE BIBLE BIBLE Hello ComposerDad Hello, BIBLE I see you’re here with your whole family checking out this house. Yes BuilderBoy wanted us to buy a new house. This reminds me– Now they’re all going home with their house. Sorry, we have to go home. See you later, BIBLE. –Oh, Buy bye
–But the Bible’s coming with them You can come with us, though. Once we got home, we all decided to play a song together… with this turtle. See you next time on ComposerDad Vs. Bible

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