Mother’s Day Crafts – How to Make an Origami Lotus Flower – Paper Flower Tutorial

Mother’s Day Crafts – How to Make an Origami Lotus Flower – Paper Flower Tutorial

How to Fold an Origami Lotus Flower hi guys in this video I will be showing
he had to make this Origami Lotus Flower it requires 12 sheets
of paper that is a one 22 ratio and you can accomplish
that by cutting a square in half so I will be using for this tutorial four sheets love green paper that is a
twenty-two ratio and four sheets I’ll light purple and also for sheet love dark purple now freddy’s two sheets here you don’t
have to have two different colors you can have a cheat so one colored which is what I did here so
I had 8 out these purple ones and 4 the screen 13 here so anyway let’s get
started with the clean sheet of paper so you want to
take a clean sheet appeal for and folded in half lengthwise like this
a venir unfold and then follow this site will be here and the line it lick the horizontal
center peaks split it up like that thank incident then repeat the same thing on the other side K after that we’re going to follow this
bottom side over here and alignment with the horizontal
centerpiece just like this and then repeat the same thing with the
top side next you’re going to fold it in half
again lengthwise this Kristen and you’re completely done with be green
unit now you will be making for the screen
its so I put that aside and work on the
purple ice and the purple ones are going to make up
the center other motorists so for the purple ones
you want to use for the square and he wanted to be sure paper in half just
as he did with a great month unfolds reportedly this and again this is the same as the
Green Line ok a line the bottom side with centerpiece can repeat at the top okay so as where’s before for the green
one me for didn’t hack like this for the purple and we’re going
to fold in half in the opposite direction cell split in half like this okay so let me just compare the green and
purple one side by side notice that the personal one has this
flap sticking out on the outside and a green one does not so you going to
be folding aids up these purple ones so since an
amazing light purple I’m only going to be unfolding for dark
purple and and for light purple ones so take this like a porn and just repeat
the same thing okay so now I have three units right here one green one one dark purple
on and one light purple one so what I’m
going to do isn’t going to take the screen one right here and put a
facing down like this am going to stack the dark purple right on top for the
green one today looks like this an online to take
the light purple line and stack it over the
dark purple so now we have something that works like pots set that aside for a moment like that when you going to repeat the same thing
with the rested their units so take a green
one stack it dark purple light of that and stack light purple okay clean dark purple and light purple green dark purple and wipe safty than that you’re going to have one
two three four sets I love three so each I these has three
pieces and their for a total love 12 units then we’re
going to do is you going to crap each one of them like that all three to get there take &s stacked them right on top of each
other like this gravel 3 constructed on top crab 03 and stacking topped industry night out a
bit make sure that three units are aligned make sure these points are
aligned so something like that and after that you
going to take a rubber band over a piece of all and
put it towards the centre up the unit discussed here secure it three tanks just like that and then I’m going to follow the all
these pieces here it hath Tessler final Centerpoint wait
about an chippy adjust the location at the club and so
that it’s at the subject and now I have
something that looks like this okay so this is the bottom view and this is
the top you now you wanna do is you want to spread these units apart that spread these to
you but these two cape and now you have eighty kinda fireworks
start looking thing let’s see everything are spread
out you going to take be first flap over here so don’t like purple on
and you’re going to spread it out K picked up and then little K so from the side dish in our right bank
then you got to go ahead and repeat the same for me with the
remaining light purple flats so again spread it
out and for over expected not from give it a little effect now this is
forming the center for voters here so just go
ahead and finish doing up for the remaining like personal flats okay and once you are done with up to
light purple fraps it should look like this: great or you just wanna readjust summer the
flaps and don’t worry if it looks messy now
you can always fix it later something is going to be a just a little
bit and Victoria purposes I’m not going to
go crazy he just a hint so yes get the
point ness want to take the dark purple one which is right behind
the light purple one and basically just repeat the same thing
self over just like that and now you notice that the dark purple on lies a little lower than
the my personal life me and repeat the same thing with the
remaining dark purple flaps okay this is the last dark purple flats and once and only fact below to shared start looking like
a lotus so again notice how the dark purple
flaps lie lower than the light purple hearts some lighter fix this cosmetically again and now I’m left with boss thanks for the last step you’d like to
take the screen once spread it open and basically repeat the same thing but
for the green ones you don’t want a foot that all the way up you want it tests cannot lie flat like
this or as flat as you can make it and just
go ahead and do that for the rest of the gang
fucked okay and once you’re done with the King flop
seeking to spread it out a little bit spent the night like this see of and loan you can also take a pencil and curl the
edges so cut him like this if you want for what you don’t really at issue are
completely done with the Oregon me little cell locked the front looks like this for the
top looks like this Siddiqui looks like this the bottom looks like that and there you have it so thank you so much for watching this
tutorial please like comment and subscribe and also check out
my other free tutorials at the end of this video as well happy folding I A

9 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Crafts – How to Make an Origami Lotus Flower – Paper Flower Tutorial

  1. Wow I see how these turn out beautiful and amazing. SeeHow would love if a whole lot of these were put in the water where SeeHow would have lots of fun swimming around among these lotus flowers.

  2. I not coordinated enough to do origami,but I think that one I could do. I watch your videos because I enjoy watching you make beautiful things out of paper…

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