Mosaic & Decoupage Bookends : Materials for Mosaic Bookends

Today I’ll show you how to make this beautiful
mosaic bookend. This is a great beginner’s mosaic project and a beautiful way to display
your treasured books. Here are the materials we’ll be using to make our mosaic bookend.
We’ll start with a base of wood or MDF board. I’m using 2 pieces of MDF board that are cut
5 inches x 4 inches. And you’ll need an assortment of broken crockery or glass beads. I have
some pressed glass leaves and butterflies but you can use buttons, you can use shells,
you can use beads, anything in a mosaic. I’m going to use some nippers and a hammer and
of course, some safety glasses to do the breaking and shaping of some of the broken crockery.
You’ll need some tile adhesive, some grout and then we’ll be finishing off with a little
bit of paint and some non-skid surface for the bottom of our bookend.

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