More Tips for Making Beautiful Sand Art | Sophie’s World

More Tips for Making Beautiful Sand Art | Sophie’s World

hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
today I have a few sand art tips for you I know a lot of you guys love doing sand
art and when you put these beautiful pieces of artwork together you end up
you move them away from the table and all of a sudden they end up like this
what I call a sand snowstorm and as you can see all the beautiful layers of sand
have mixed together instead of looking something like this which is taken and
you can see all the beautiful lines and all the layers that you did and I want
to show you something special about this one I have sealed this in such a way
that I can even turn it upside down and I’m not gonna get any mixtures so I’m
gonna teach you a couple quick tips on how to keep your sand art from being
like this and instead staying like this and let me show you how to do that right
now so there’s two little tips that I want to give you about sand art number
one is the technique that I called the tip technique and that is if you want to
have things go on like an angle what you want to do is you just take your bottle
and tip it to the side and then just pour your sand in and allow it just to
fill in on an angle like that now one of the things about sand that’s super
important that people don’t realize is that you have to do a little bit of
tamping down and what I mean by that is you get your sand where you want it
right and then you give it a little knock with your finger a little tamping
down and then you can see as you do that your sand starts to settle because
they’re little grains they settle into themselves and what’s going to happen is
as you add more sand you are going to find that the sand needs to settle or it
is going to leave empty space above so what you want to do is you want to tap
that down and see that you can see how that’s
tamping down you can even give it a little knock like that tamping down like
that so as you can see I’m starting to make sand on an angle here and if I want
to fill this up so that I keep that on the bottom with that sideways technique
but now I want to go straight then what I do is as I get that filled in I just
make it stand upright so there you can see I’m starting to get my really pretty
design and as I tamp it down that’s going to make sure that my sand is
settled into the bottle the other thing that I want to show you and I want to
share with you and this is a really good technique is you fill your beautiful
artwork and you’ve got this great sand here and you’ve tamped it down and you
want to add as much as you can to the top here right here as much as you can
to the top here I’m gonna add a little bit more so see you can see how it tamps
down watch this see how see how much that sunk and you want to keep doing
this because this is going to make sure that your your beautiful artwork doesn’t
shift and then once you’ve got your artwork to the point where it stamped
down as much as it’ll go that’s when you want to add a little bit of glue and you
can use either Elmer’s glue or hot glue it’s up to you I’m going to show you
what I’m gonna do I’m just going to take a little bit of hot glue now if you are
gonna use hot glue and this is really super important make sure that you have
either glass or a thick plastic what you don’t want to use is a thin plastic
because the hot glue gun will melt it and if you are going to be
using a thinner plastic then what you want to make sure is you use like an
Elmer’s glue and an Elmer’s glue is great too but let this dry
don’t put your lid on until it’s nice and dry and it’s gonna form a plug up
there that is going to allow your artwork to stand even when you tip it
over upside down it’s going to keep it from falling out and it’s also going to
keep the design so that the design does not get mushed
and all kind of messed up as you’d like to say but what I love about using
the glue is that it keeps it so that once you’re all done and you put the cap
on you see the plug right here this is not going to go anywhere because what
happens is people will drop their sand art and all of the stuff mixes up
and it ends up looking like this and that can be a little sad after you’ve
spent so much time creating these beautiful patterns so there you have it
a couple quick tips to keep your sand art from looking like this at your next
event for more great ideas check us out at because you
know we love to give you our tips

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  1. Omg! I remember watching you when I was really little😂 I still have all the ducktape from me trying to re create your videos!

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