More paper mâché corsets by Jenny Marie Molina

More paper mâché corsets by Jenny Marie Molina

hi everyone this is Jenny can I just
want to show you this is peedie peedie my boudoir is my craft room lol now it’s a little bit messy so mom this is awesome offended I made that inspired by The Tudors I so wanted
the girls on the tourism fanning herself and I said oh my gosh I gotta make one I had a tassel on it that I ripped it
off to do something else with it I’ll come back
to that one day maybe I’ll make a update on Mac but i wanna show you just
my little course at that I i’m that this is the latest 1i made this is for my friend Lizzie’s mom who saw my
video and she my love this and said make one for my
mom ok she likes it I hope she likes green I’m this again is from a inspired by scrappy happy XO you can see her video
to see how she makes these I made these I’m out of paper actually wrapping paper so I had to put the incentive the wrapping paper
backwards the first layer and then you put the mansion in the second layer
right here I am I just put to glitter with glow wasn’t nail polish using nail
polish for these and I and I think I like how they look on my
my green so I made this for and Lizzie’s
mom and I am this embellishment is from
michael’s this is from my stash this lace that I
hand is a little dangly things mom dangling edging this is a an eerie and didn’t have it silver not a silver like a white rhinestone clear rhinestone which look nice but
this because I put the Sun but I think they’re like the green better so
I just replaced and again the home this from Michaels and the the back is thank you it does have a
bomb you know be the little holes and criss-crossed it and it’s got a little dangly beans and help
from mom likes it she can hang in a Christmas tree or car oranges do what I do and displaced
from around you remember this is i this is just the day I’m a picture holder and this is the other one
I made it I didn’t show anyone because I didn’t have time busy with Christmas but my mom found out
that I glued the season not sold them she’d say that’s the wrong way to do
things sorry mom maybe next time me so I just glued a
little beads out the same thing I did I didn’t put the
mesh at the end and they do look nice this is one of my first ones the they do look very nice of course you
this is the Tom the equalize they place on top and then you polluter
glitter take your favorite paper on the inside
see it I don’t like how it looks like a regular paper and I’m not too liking that makes sense so but this one yah this one has a you was one where lined its own this is the they have to tiny little bowls will in a tiny be on
top and that when I did do 0 on the inside so the paper is backwards
and then you place the the goal was my paper I’m top and I didn’t get that goes on
top just because I like how beautiful it looks like that China
paper in an accident clear not that they’re
not much but the pink glittery nail polish and this is from a near unknown hearing
this is from a bracelet so I have a bomb several of these and I’ll be making more
stuff again make my goals and mom little teeny weeny beans and back just
to the change to show you although but of arm and that’s it for now I hope Lizzie’s
mom likes her core set and I hope you did too thanks I’m not gonna see you next time them

14 thoughts on “More paper mâché corsets by Jenny Marie Molina

  1. Wow, your paper mâché corsets are very, very pretty, I love making these too and there are so many different looks you can get with them. TFS…Ann…x

  2. Hi Jenny, your little corset is just beautiful and what a wonderful idea to use the wrapping paper too 🙂 oh my that long one is gorgeous <3 I'll be making a couple more in January myself and am really looking forward to doing them. Thank you so very much for sharing and for the sweet mention 🙂 I hope you had a lovely Christmas.
    – Jeanette

  3. These little corsets are gorgeous …they would look lovely as decorations on a Christmas tree too, I think. I watched Jeanette's tutorial, & got myself a suitable doll, & ripped it's arms off, which I felt dreadful doing lol. But that's as far as I've got. Looking forward to four weeks annual leave mid-January 🙂 just subscribed to your channel so I can see what you do in the future, & check out your other videos. Hugs Dwyllis-NZ

  4. sorry dwyllis,  i couldn't spell your name.. i wish i had the amount of time off from work as you do.  i would be so happy.  let me know what you make.  xoxox

  5. The green one is pretty, but that full dress is gorg! I love the lace you chose for the skirt! Tfs! xo

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