MOO Business Cards + Paper Products | Unboxing + Review | SEWING REPORT

MOO Business Cards + Paper Products | Unboxing + Review | SEWING REPORT

we are taking care of business cards
that is welcome to the Sewing Report I’m Jennifer Moore helping you discover your
love of sewing and while this video today isn’t directly sewing related it
kind of is because if you have any sort of sewing business or if you’re sewing
blogger or vlogger and you want to network or you going to events where
you’re meeting a lot of people like quilt con or any sort of sewing
convention you need business cards you also want some swag maybe if you have a
youtube channel and you’re looking for stuff for your own personal branding so
I’m sharing with you some products it’s sort of a haul video sort of a review
from a company that I’ve been a repeat customer for now this is not at all a
sponsored video I’m just personally a fan and I wanted to share this with you
because I think the quality is amazing and it’s company called Moo yes like the
cow Moo Moo sells a lot of custom printed products think of them sort of
like the spoon flower for business products so I’ve ordered from them
before they sell really neat business cards previously I’ve gotten some
business cards they’re super thick and they’ve got a little colored strip in
the middle which is amazing I did not get those this time because I was doing
a little more of a budget thing so I’m going to something called YouTube
creator day and a couple weeks I know by the time this video gets out it probably
will be over but that’s okay because I’m gonna be blogging at that event so I
thought I would get some business cards for the event just to pass around to
people I meet also maybe there’s some YouTube peeps
there I don’t know so when I was on the MU site they were having a really great
sale I think it was like 25% off everything and I also had a coupon code
for an additional like 10% off so all in all I got really good prices and I
thought it would be fun to try out some of the other products that I had not
previously really thought to get so the first thing I got of course was business
cards I got the standard like paper weight I’m not exactly sure what they
are but I will link everything below and also I’m going to share a referral link
if you go there and you’re not already customer you can get 20% off your first
order so I’m going to link that below if you are interested feel free to check it
out I get a little bit of a friends and family like referral credit if you do so
that would allow me to get more business cards which I am definitely up for or
maybe some sewing report swag which I’m gonna show you in a second I chose the
standard size business card I got glossy with rounded corners because I don’t
like when the business cards get all like you know damaged on the corners
that’s one of my pet peeves and you can get different designs so on the back of
mine I got all of my pertinent information and then out of the front
you can actually choose photos and you can choose up to like 50 different
pictures so if you’re a photographer or if you do a lot of blog photography you
can actually have your business cards be different so they’re not all the same so
I picked a few different photos let me see if I can bust these out and I’m
hopefully gonna take some decent photos of the cards so I’ve got some pictures
of me and maybe some of my makes from a recent photo shoot we did and I really
love these cards they were fairly inexpensive for business cards
especially considering these are custom cards and they have several different
pictures on it you don’t have to pay for a separate run I think you can pick up
250 different designs for one side which is awesome so again you can really
change these up so not all of your cards are the same this is actually my
favorite photo out of all of them so I arranged it so that this picture is on
the most business cards and the ones I don’t like quite as much are on few of
them I still like them but this is definitely by far hands down my favorite
but I love these cards I got about 200 of them I think and I would definitely
reorder these maybe I would try different pictures I don’t know but
these are the cards and they kind of look like playing cards you know like
collect them all I don’t know the quality of these cards is excellent they
don’t feel flimsy they don’t feel like they’re going to bend or fold so I am
definitely a fan so let’s just set this here and next I’m going to show you the
stickers so I got about 200 of these and again they were having a really good
sale and all I did was upload the sewing report logo and then they have a few
different sticker designs and they have one really
cool one called sticker book where you could have a bunch of different designs
all in the same sticker book which is really neat but I chose the one and a
half inch round stickers and they worked out great because the sewing report logo
which by the way I designed in canva for free so I’m not any type of high level
graphic designer because they’re round and because the logo is round all I did
was upload the logo and then you basically design your own sticker you
could put photos in them and again you don’t have to just have one design you
can show you could have the stickers be different so say you have a bunch of
different photos you want to have on a sticker you can do it all in one run and
you don’t have to pay separately which is really cool for a custom printing
company so I’m really excited about these stickers I’m gonna hopefully stick
them all over the place and maybe if I do some giveaways I will include some
stickers in the little care packages so maybe that’s something I can do in the
future but I think the quality of these stickers is excellent the image turned
out very high-quality and actually the images and the printing on all of these
products turned out amazing even better than I expected the other thing I
decided to try was the small postcards now the postcards you can get printed
with just about anything and they are two-sided so on one side I have the
sewing report logo on it and it’s glossy so it won’t like rub off or get dirty
and that’s one of the reasons why I like the glossy feature is that they wipe
clean so if you get a mark on them you know like you don’t have to worry quite
as much the other side is writable and I just had the sewing report social media
handle on there and I can write people a message or you know just use this as a
note card so if I again if I do a giveaway or if I’m sending someone a
note I can have the Sonja for it logo on it and I thought these were really cute
they start in packs of 25 or higher and of course like any custom printing
company the more quantity you ordered the cheaper it becomes but I’m really
excited to use these now one thing I did ordered that I have not received yet I
ordered some matching white envelopes for the postcards now the envelopes
inadvertently did not get shipped with the order but let me tell you about
mousse customer service so I went to the web
today I literally just received the order a few hours ago and I just ripped
it open because I was so excited I found out that Moo actually has 24-hour
customer service of the L live chat which is pretty incredible so I opened
up a chat window popped in my order number my name and it was super easy I
started talking to a real person and they apologized for the error and I got
an email notification stating that my order would be shipped out with the
envelopes free expedited shipping so hopefully I’ll get those soon but the
envelopes came with the they matched the postcards so that I can send them as
little note cards I’m really excited about that and I was actually very
impressed with the customer service so if you are looking for a place to get
some custom printing they also do flyers they do all kinds of stuff they do
invitations so if you’re looking for some really special invitations for an
event that you’re planning I would definitely recommend this company so
again it’s called mu and again below I will link a referral code so you can get
20% off your first order I’m obviously fan and I’m really happy
with all these products I think the prices are reasonable especially if mu
is having a really good promotion or sale so this is my review if you’ve
tried this company before let me know what you think and I’m again I’m I
cannot believe how awesome this stuff all looks so I know this isn’t directly
so unrelated but hopefully you found this helpful and I will see you next
time for another edition of the Sewing Report

5 thoughts on “MOO Business Cards + Paper Products | Unboxing + Review | SEWING REPORT

  1. Thanks for the great video and channel! Also a huge thanks for providing the referral link for — I just used it to save over USD$26 off my order. Thanks again and best of luck with your YouTube endeavours. Cheers, Brian.

  2. Thank you!! I just got my logo done and am shopping for business cards and letterhead. I'm going to try them.

  3. Just an FYI – Moo no longer lets you select how many business cards you want for each image. I wanted to get 200, with more of one and less of another, and they would only let me divide them up evenly. A small detail, but worth noting.

  4. I was really disappointed with my Moo business cards. They looked smudged and blurry. I can't use them as they look unprofessional.

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