Monster Burger : Halloween Charms : Polymer Clay Hamburger tutorial : DIY Crafts by Andisa Charms

Monster Burger : Halloween Charms : Polymer Clay Hamburger tutorial : DIY Crafts by Andisa Charms

to make the dinner roll, i’m using my classic vanilla base tone for the bread I rolled a ball and then with my fingers I start to flatten it. when it looks some like this, I will proceed to cut the excess all around with a blade now I’ll proceed to add texture in the bottom and top this process is easier using some sand paper on the bottom take your toothbrush and apply the texture on the top of the bun and also lightly on the bottom next step, is adding the baked effect, for that I’m using some pastel chalks in tones from ocher to dark sienna always start from the lightest tone and go dark or until you prefer now I will add the crumbly effect using my texturing tool, all around except one side I’m going to cut the bun and finish texturing the last side I will bake it for 10 minutes just to harden and make the next steps easier Once baked and cooled, I’m applying some liquid clay with a brush, just to stick the next layers for the meat, I’m using some brown clay , just shaping it into the square base with my fingers (Sorry my camera is doing a funny effect with the brown color :P) then with a toothbrush, I add some texture for the cheese I’m rolling the clay very thin with my blade I cut a square and now with my x-acto knife I will cut in zig zag for the teeth I add some more liquid clay to stick the cheese and some more on top to close the slider I make some pressure, just slighly now to make the black olive slices, I’m making a very simple cane taking some translucent clay I roll a string then I take some brown and dark brown and I simply roll them, then I stack them together and with that I wrap the translucent clay cut the excess and you can bake it just to harden I do basically the same for the simple tomato cane. using some light red for the inside and dark red for the skin wrap the dark red around the light red and roll, you can also bake it just to harden I slice two pieces of the black olive cane for the eyes apply some liquid clay to stick them for the poppy seed effect I’m using some black crafting sand I apply some liquid clay to stick the sand just sprinkle some on top and then I cut a slice of the tomato and I cut it in quaters to make like some little horns lastly I want some ketchup drooling , I take some of the red frosting and with a toothpick I add some lines here and there All done bake completely according to your package instructions. Add some shine afterwards and make it into your favorite accesory. Thanks so much for watching and Happy Halloween!

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  1. Sorry I didn't noticed the music goes so hard in some parts πŸ˜‚πŸŽΆπŸ”Š headphones warning 🎧 I still hope you enjoy 😎

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