Money Origami|Hướng dẫn gấp trái tim đôi bằng tiền giấy

the wingtip Cap d’Antibes knowing ya t doubting my – a kebab through the night [Music] dry yeah overdue night but gonna say yeah [Music] right [Music] but it does the necklace [Music] No hey yeah I’m gonna say night [Music] yummy-ness oh yeah [Music] yeah [Music] yeah [Music] but I’m oh now [Music] Jen are you rusty newly uni I can be good enough for my new setup Mia open angle I am tonight yeah never new tonight technology available hyperbolic bed [Music] you right my mom married me because the [Music] 90 Komodo yay that’s amazing Wow [Music] we often saw a nod a you guys if I’m a blooper show but for me Raheem is alright tonight back when I do hiya jetty remember [Music] I made this up come on giving us if we don’t come up with one line share with sobriety purpose you know I’m like a man you know so [Music]

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