Mold Making Techniques – Sculpting The Mother Mold (Pt.1) Smooth-on liquid Silicone

Mold Making Techniques – Sculpting The Mother Mold (Pt.1) Smooth-on liquid Silicone

make a platform or base to work on I chose 3/4″ plywood and cut it to the size I wanted my mother mold The outside strips are taller than the center to help judge the thickness of the mother mold I’m going to make the case mold first and then the other mold sections afterward To prevent the mother mold material from adhering to the wood I’m applying a thin coat of petroleum jelly thinned with a little mineral spirits I’ll also use an ease release agent spray later Be sure not to miss any areas your material may contact Lightly wipe off any excess Choose a modeling clay that doesn’t contain sulfur to prevent chemical reactions with the rubber silicone I’ve used both oil & water based modeling clay and water based is easier for me to clean & faster to work I used oil based clay the first time I made a mold because I made the case out of fiberglass, the polyester in the resin doesn’t like the water much unless you seal it I’ll get into prepping skull details later Eyeball and mark out 1″ or so out from the sides of the skull You can lay plastic wrap or a moist paper towel down first to help prevent the clay from sticking to the skull You want the clay to be between 1/4″ & 1″ thickness I’m shooting for 1/2″ thick I only went 1/4″ thick on the first mold I made to save money on silicone and it felt a little to thin to me. Its important to be shaped in a cone like manner so that it will slip in and out of the mother mold freely My last mold was pretty much vertically straight on the sides and it was tricky at times to remove the castings

54 thoughts on “Mold Making Techniques – Sculpting The Mother Mold (Pt.1) Smooth-on liquid Silicone

  1. I never thought I'd be excited for more video with just music….but you kinda left this one at a cliff hanger…..can't wait for more.

  2. Hurry up with the part 2! I've already got in my 50 pounds of clay and I'm ready to start molding… I'm jonesing for a molding fix!

  3. I have watched so many videos on casting and all along in the back of my head I was thinking that there had to be an easier, quicker, cheaper, less mess way of doing it. As soon as I saw the clay it clicked. I will sleep much easier now, my Dr. thanks you. LOL Thanks for posting, awesome job
    Q ~ Do you put a release on the skull before the clay?

  4. This is gonna be a great series, hopefully you have these all edited and ready to go cause I'm already to watch

  5. very kool Chris…. this will answer so many question when other try to mask there own skulls… keep up your guys hard work and great vlogs….

  6. AWSOME!!!!!!!! i cant wait for part two!!! man i thought i knew how you did it, i wasn't even close to the whole thing XD

  7. Awesome video! Love the intro…the music and how easy this looks so far. I think I might get IT this time. I am so happy Aaron was trying to make one and asking for your help. Now I am going to say what everyone else says…can't wait for part two!

  8. Like everyone else, I thought I understood the process but I was wrong. Thank you. Waiting anxiously for part 2.

  9. I didn't on this one because I plan on adding some more detail on to the skull. I have also seen plastic wrap, damp paper towels, and tin foil used in between the clay while working on the case molds.

  10. Good stuff my friends- all these people think you put this up for them but we know who you put it up for (wink wink) LOL No but really, thank you-

  11. Just finally getting started on this series. I love mold making – only done the simplest forms of it myself, but is this what you call a matrix mold?

  12. Thank you, It was a little work mostly into editing but we thought it would be nice for everyone to see how we made the mold. So glad to here you guys are working on some projects! That's the best thing for us to hear! =) You will have to post some pictures of your stuff on our Facebook for us to see if you want. =)

  13. Thanks, I don't have a written form but you should be able to find some information on how to make case or matrix molds online. =)

  14. I've seen a lot of molding and casting videos before, but I had never seen anyone make the mother mold before making the silicone mold itself. Until I saw the end result, I thought you were out of your mind, lol. Great stuff, tho. I wanna try this now! πŸ™‚

  15. Ya there are so many ways a person can do these molds. I just wanted to share how I went about it because we were getting so many people asking how we made our mold. I'm sure if some pros watch this video series they might laugh and say there is an easier way! LOL! I had fun and I learned a lot about using some new materials I had never worked with before. Thanks for the comment. =)

  16. Hey John, I used the water based clay in this video series. When I made the fiberglass case and first mold I used the sulfur based which was nice cause I took more time and worked on it a little each night for awhile. On this video I just pumped it out super fast so water based worked better for me.

  17. Hi! I followed your steps for creating my halloween mask (using a sculpted clay skull).
    Pictures to be found on Reddit, accoutnname VECMaico (I can't put webaddresses here so it seems) I've mentioned your Youtube Channel at the picture were I started the process for the mold and on the Reddit page! I had a lot's of fun doing this! Thank you very much!!!

  18. Wow you did such a great job and you really produced a great picture archive of the project. Thank you so much for sharing your project with us! The costume looks awesome! =)

  19. Great tutorial! Β I almost always use brush-on molds to save on materials. Β What is the big reason to use matrix molds like this?

  20. + VECMaico
    So glad you enjoyed the process and we want to thank you for supporting or channel and for your nice comment. Β =)

  21. I was wondering if you guys would be willing to make one of these for me? i will pay for parts, labor and shipping πŸ™‚ please message me back if interested πŸ™‚ i would greatly appreciate it thank you so much πŸ™‚

  22. can you please tell me the name of the brands you used for the mold i want to order the rubber and modeling clay online.

  23. Hey guys! I'm writing back to see if you were still interested on making one of these for me? πŸ™‚ let me know thanks! πŸ™‚

  24. Can anyone give me a list of the materials used to make the mother mold and the silicon inserts I would really appreciate it thanks.

  25. This is amazing and i want to try, just a quick question how much is all that stuff to buy to get started? did u put a video put yet on how to do the jaw?

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