Modern Workplace Designs: Finding the Right Solution for Standing at a Desk All Day

Standing for long periods
of time can be exhausting on your body. Check out the rug
I put in here. It’s from Shore
Rugs, it’s an ergonomically minded rug that’s perfect for
any room where there’s a lot of standing around. It comes in so many different
colors and sizes, it can litteraly go anywhere. Shore
Rugs is actually the world’s frst ergonomic rug. Perfect for
Indoors and outdoors. It’s
waterproof, uv and flame resistant, non slip, easy to
clean and it’s unique fully handwoven weave provides a
cushioning and highly supportive massage like experience. What’s happining Keri? Hey,
what’s going on Jason? How are you? What’s this? Oh
this is the Shore rugs I was telling you about. I got a few
of them and I put one in here. Because obviously we spent a lot
of time standing in here. And you can feel the difference,
right? Yeah, Yeah. For when you go from the floor
to here. So it helps fight
fitique and actually that’s why I’m putting one in the makeup
room. Amesome. Can you put one
in my office? I can. I’ll have it delivered
to you later this afternoon. Great, appreciate it. Alright have a good day. Alright you too. These Shore Rugs have become a
hot commodity. Jason seems to
be enjoying his too. Thanks
Keri. Your Welcome. (Music)

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