Modern Wedding Cake Designs – Deckle Edge Cake Tutorial

Modern Wedding Cake Designs – Deckle Edge Cake Tutorial

In this video I’m sharing a modern
wedding cake design made using fondant to create waves, ruffles, or deckle edges.
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Also in this video you’ll see how to cover a cake board. This cake starts with
an orange butter cake also known as my wedding cake recipe.Iit’s filled with
white chocolate buttercream and Raspberries. The crumb coating will seal
in all the crumbs so they won’t get into your finished coat. A nice thick layer of buttercream goes
on easily with an icing tip number 789. Then using a bench scraper
smooth out the cake. To create this beautiful effect on the
wedding cake start with pieces of fondant in the shape of a wave. Attach it
to your cake with a small amount of water and work your way down the cake. You can use balls of fondant to hold up
any stubborn pieces until they dry. I’m using a pre-made Wilton cake board that
was silver but I needed it to be white. You can cover foam board the same way
using colored paper and a hot glue gun. The sides can be covered with ribbon. I made a border for the bottom tier
using a Wilton mold. For a 12 inch cake you’ll need four or five of these. And if you want to know why I’m crawling
under the cake table watch part 2. I’ll put the link right above in the video
for you. See you in the next video.

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  1. Here is the link to part 2 Delivering and setting this cake up and decorating it with fresh flowers. The bride actually texted us right after she saw her wedding cake. She was speechless and LOVED her cake so much. Wow. That was pretty awesome to receive. Leave me a comment below and feel free to ask questions. xo

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