Modeling Clay Ink Box Challenge: Oliver Peck vs Chris Nunez | Ink Master

Modeling Clay Ink Box Challenge: Oliver Peck vs Chris Nunez | Ink Master

What’s in the box?! What’s in the box?! John Doe’s got the upper hand! Hey, I’m Oliver Peck. I’m still Chris Nunez. We’re here for
the Ink Box Challenge. What’s in the box? What’s in box?! What’s in the box?! I hope it’s a rope chain maker. I’m making a rope chain. Gold chains! What is that?
It’s supposed to be … oh. You got to read
your envelope. Welcome to the
Ink Box Challenge. Inside the box, each of you
have modeling clay … modeling clay, sculpting tools
and a wood base. You have- You have 10 minutes! I’m going to read this part. Okay. To sculpt your
modeling clay into a masterpiece or you will have
a terrible mess on your hands. Ink Master fans
will determine the winner. Good luck to you! Good luck! I always wanted
to do a David Letterman throw at the table.
I have arrived. Look at all
the red they gave you. We got red, baby! Yellow. Blue!
There’s nothing left. Oh, we both got
all the same shit. All right, let’s do it. Came to party.
You going to start the clock? Are we starting the clock? Why not? I’m not wearing a watch. It’s okay.
We’ll just pretend like we know what time it is. I know what time it is. I always know what time it is. Time to start! I’ve got to roll
my sleeves up for this. Whoa, what is this?
This is like spongy. I think there’s
three rows in a rope chain. Well, you’re going to braid it? Yeah. I’m going to make you
something that you can wear. I always see the guys in the
noodle shops do this shit cool. I mean, are we competing or are we just partying
to save time? I think we’re … this is, listen.
The stakes are high? How high …
are the stakes, man? Pretty high right now. The stakes are high. We’re competing. This is a serious level
of judge on judge violence. Violence?! Yeah! You’re going down, bro! Bro! Oh man,
this is hard. Oh this is great. my hands already hurt. I feel like I’m on … what was that movie
with Patrick Swayze? Ghost? Where they’re
modeling the clay. Hopefully- You want me
to help you out over there? Well, I would rather have
a sexy spirit. Was he the dead guy
or was she the dead guy? I don’t know.
It’s kind of tricky on that joke. Who was dead? You doing bands? I’m doing, I’m doing bling, son.
I’m harnessing my inner Run DMC. Feel some pressure, bro. I feel a lot of pressure but I’m making
the best rope chain you’ve ever seen
in your life. My! My bling’s broken. Now I got it. I should use my cutting tool! Dude! You didn’t know- Damn it! Where is my cutting
tool. You got a cutting tool? Yeah. Don’t hold out.
Let me get your- Hold on, man! That’s my cutting tool!
Where’s your cutting tool?! I borrowed yours. You got one in the box. Friends share. This has got to be tighter. I need some time. I need to know
what kind of time I got. I like hard time limits because it causes more stress. I like to feel
totally uncomfortable, out of my element,
not my shop environment, no music, and this
is how I get to work. I’m having fun. I’m having a blast. I’m glad I’m getting paid what I
get paid handsomely to do this. Feel like I’m winning
no matter what. All right, here we go. Now it’s time
to make the hanger. I’m getting charmy for you. You get a lot of people asking if we know each other? Yeah. Well, they ask if we’re
friends. What’s Nunez,
what’s he like in real life? Are you friends with him?
What about Dave? Is Dave really a shit head? What do you tell them? I say Dave’s great, man! Do you tell them
I’m the shit head? No way! I tell them we’ve been
friends for 20 years. Aw, I love you buddy. I have to do
a portrait right now of your state. I’m hoping to get precision
right now and accuracy. Oh, shit. My Texas
is looking jacked, bro. I got a cheat
and look at reference. I got to use my digital device
to look at reference. I mean, I’m wearing my
reference. What do you think, buddy? Does that kind of
look like Texas? Not really. It’s getting there. It kind of looks
like cake icing over here. Oh, that looks good. Did you practice this shit?
You did, didn’t you? I dreamed about this shit. You knew what
the challenge was and you went
to practicing on me. Where abouts Dallas
located on this thing? Like, right … right here.
Shit, right here? We should do
all the flash challenges. Oh my god!
Chris Nunez: Come on. Some of those I wouldn’t do. I’d do them. Hey man, who do you
think really is going to get it? Who do you thinks
going to be the Inkmaster? This time?
Yeah. Man, this is a tough call. It’s tricky, right? We were wrong,
we were wrong last time. I feel like everybody says I’m
always wrong. We thought Tiffer
was going to take it. Tipherious. But he lost it. Tipherious. He … he fucking- Tony came to win. All right! Time’s getting close. Put highlights and I’m done. Can you give me a countdown for- Better be … you better
be done quick, bro! Can I get some no
more clay on it? Where’s Dave? Where’s Dave? Dave’s taking a nap. Is he napping? Why wouldn’t he be out here
to support his brothers? Bro, I decorated
you a Texas cookie made out of pure gold. This does look like a cookie. Yeah, but it’s a good cookie. That’s what that looks like. I’m done, Peck. Bingo! Boom! There it is. There- That is one nice shoe, bro. A nice pair of kicks with a nice
gold chain, can’t go wrong. Are you going to get
an endorsement deal out of this? Well, I made the red shoe. I only wear red shoes so- That is a nice, red shoe. It’s got tons of detail. I got the stitch … the stitching was tricky- Proper stitching. Nice tongue.
It has a smooth body. Yeah, oh yeah. I think this one’s ready for … to go from prototype- Somebody could
almost wear this thing. This, I made this
rope chain and state of Texas for you with
a highlighted ruby ice. I like this, The Peck. Yeah- Oh, yeah. The ruby ice. Ruby ice for you. But it looks- Can I wear this? Yeah. You could try. Yeah, that’s tight. Bling, bling. There it is. So, I did this,
this nice rope chain for Oliver because it goes, I think,
with his style aesthetic. You made a Peck-less. Oh, I made you a Peck-less! You made a Peck-less! Now, I don’t know
if I could really rock that big of a rock. Oh, you could. Big of a chain. I don’t know. When we get to season 25, it’ll be my gift to you for
being such a great counterpart. All right Inkmaster fans, it’s time to decide who won.
Me or the Little Pecker? Hope we did better
than everybody else. I mean- Knock on wood. Hey. Ink Box Challenge.
Playing with clay. What’s it going to be? Ink Box! Damn!
You are wearing that bitch! I’m out. Peace! My shit functions.
I think I win.

100 thoughts on “Modeling Clay Ink Box Challenge: Oliver Peck vs Chris Nunez | Ink Master

  1. Since Chris Is My Celebrity Crush I'm going to give it to Chris !!!! But I think they both did awesome. It's Cute to see them like Kids

  2. They’re both adorable and I think Dave should’ve counted down this challenge for them and I’d love to see him do this too

  3. Both were great, but I'm going to be biased and say Peck won because I get a lot of my ink done at Elm Street tattoo.

  4. Hahahaha I love how these two go from being angry rivals to bffs and playing with clay! It's just cute to see people who are 100% best friends and they don't give a damn if people think they look like kids having fun ,so long as they can have a blast with each other and create memories!

  5. Does anyone else feel like everyone always goes more for Oliver instead of Chris? I think Chris deserves more recognition

  6. I love you guys so much because you just make tattooing song so easy and you just make it so fun so everybody could watch it so I just wanted to say that im a big fan chatel please from Katie

  7. Pek is the happiest & silliest I've ever seen him on this click. So cute lol. He's adorable!
    I do miss Cleen Rock1 though. Good thing he's right down the street from

  8. Chris and Oliver: scary, hardcore Ink Master judges who don't hold back

    Also Chris and Oliver: happy kids who are playing with clay

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  10. Man I was hoping they'd make some cool shit considering all the cool shit the contestants do that get shot down

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  12. I didn’t know I needed these but I did. Y’all are awesome. They both won in my eyes. I know I couldn’t do it man. 😆

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