Mizoram – The land of the Mizos | Incredible India | Hungama Kids

Mizoram – The land of the Mizos | Incredible India | Hungama Kids

Hello Friends, Welcome to Hungama Kids, I am back with yet another part of Incredible India series This is your guide Prachi So, it’s time to visit the second-ranking
state in terms of Literacy.. So lets visit to the mystique land of Mizoram. ‘Mizo’ means ‘the people of highland’
or ‘the native people, & “Ram” means, ‘land’, so in the meaning of Mizoram is “The land
of the Mizos”. Let’s look at the map.. friends, It is one
of the seven sister states of Northeast India, bordered by Myanmar to its east and south, Bangladesh to its west, and the states of Manipur, Assam, and Tripura to its north. Aizawl is the state capital, which is also
the biggest city of Mizoram. The main language spoken in her is ‘Mizo’, and for education & governance, English is used. The religion distribution is Mizoram is, 87% ‘Mizos’ or native people are Christians, whereas Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims are in minority. Mizoram is the 23rd State of India, which
was officially formed in 1987. Let me share a fun fact… it is believed
that the majority of tribe residing here migrated from neighboring countries to India in 1500 BC!! It is also said that there were head hunting tribes prevalent here, before the British Era… Hmmm!! There are lots of cities and places to visit
like… Lunglei, Kolasib, Champhai, Saiha, Lawngtlai, Mamit and Serchhip in Serchhip, you can visit the highest uninterrupted waterfall ‘Vantawng
Falls’… but the city which dominates in tourism is the capital ‘Aizawl’. This is modern and different compared to others.. where you would find ‘The Mizoram State Museum ‘Mini Zoological Garden’, ‘Bung’
picnic spot, ‘Paikhai’ wildlife sanctuary and 2 beautiful lakes, Tamdil & Rungdil. Besides, in South-Aizawl, a lot of people
visit the typical ‘Mizo’ village, ‘Falkawn’. You can buy the Ceremonial hat Khumbeu, from the ‘Luangmual Handicrafts Centre’, which is made of waterproof leaves. Bara-Bazar is famous for street shopping. Another important tourist destination, ‘Champhai’
is situated on the Indo-Myanmar border with a beautiful view of blue colored ‘Myanmar
Hills’. This city is also a trade-gateway between
India and Myanmar. Let me tell you about beautiful rivers The biggest river in Mizoram is ‘Chhimtuipui’, also known as ‘Kaladan’. Other beautiful rivers include Barak , Dhaleswari,
Tlawng, Tut, Tuirial, and Tuivawl which flows through the northern part of this state. ‘Palak Lake’ which is distributed in 30
hectares in ‘Saiha’ district, is believed to form as a result of an earthquake. Let me tell you that Mizoram is located in
the highest zone-5 for earthquakes, which is considered a high-risk area. In terms of Agriculture Rice, condiments,
spices, maize & fruits are cultivated. Apart from agriculture, art and craft also
have a major role to play in the economy. A lot of people are a part of the basketry
industry and the baskets are also exported. The forests here are so dense that I feel,
all the animals would be using GPS system to navigate their way .. haha. You would be surprised to know that these forests have 22 different species of Bamboo and more than 400 types of medicinal plants. Apart form large variety of Bird species. the main wild animals spotted here are Bear, Tiger, Leopard, Hoolock Gibbon, Chinese Pangolin, Clawless Otter, Porcupine, and Mongoose Ya ya….I know what you are waiting for…!! Food right!! The favorite and typical cuisine here is mainly non-vegetarian that is served in banana leaf. Some of the popular dishes are Koat Pitha, Vawksa Rep, Sanpiau, Misa Mach Poora and Dal with eggs. To reach Mizoram by Air, you can land at the
‘Lengpui Airport’ in Aizawl. For the train option, you can get down at
Silchar in Assam and then take a road trip of 6-7 hours to reach here. The best time to visit is from November to May. So what are you waiting for? Mizoram has not been explored much and hence you won’t find it crowded. I hope you must have enjoyed this journey
to Mizoram So friends please press this red button to subcribe to our channel How do you find our series of Incredible India, please let us know in comment section below Please do like and share this video See you next week will take you to another Incredible state For now your guide Prachi is singing off. Till the bye bye and stay happy

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  1. Cmon guys..we all have different backgrounds, cultures and accents..dont give her a hard time about our hard pronunciations..i am from mizoram..proud to be indian! jai hind!

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