(Upbeat music) – Hi guys! It’s Audrey,
and today I’m going to be playing with some sand, dirt, and snow, and I wanna thank Play Visions for sending me these awesome toys! So I’m going to be testing
them out for you guys and seeing if they really work, so right here we have the bag of dirt, and this is the Sands Alive! box, and over here we have Floof Bucket and I think before we begin, that my favorite is
probably gonna be the Floof, but I’m not sure. I know they
all have different textures, but before we begin,
we’re not only going to be testing out them, but we’re
also going to be mixing it with some slime and seeing
how the different textures fit with the slime,
like does it change it? Is it better with the slime? Let’s see Alright, so let’s begin
with the bag of dirt I know that some people
don’t like the gritty feel of like dirt, or like clay, so
maybe this wouldn’t be the best for those type of people My mom hates, like, clay on her hands so I don’t see her liking stuff like this, but this is actually not too bad Oh my gosh, this is cool Let’s put it out (Gasps) Alright, so we have our
dirt right in front, and it actually looks
like dirt, like for reals, but it doesn’t feel like it, it feels… It feels so soft, and
the bag also came with some gardening tools, this is so cute! If I had seeds I would plant them, but I know they wouldn’t grow Okay, let’s try raking this dirt Smoothing it out, here It looks so realistic. At
least in real life, like, if you put this up to dirt you probably wouldn’t be
able to tell the difference Here, I’m gonna pick
it up and show you guys Look how cool this is, ahh! And it just, like, melts
in your hands, see? Like, here, I’ll just
put it in my one hand it just starts to crumble slowly This side especially is
crumbling, like, for reals This is so cool, I bet
you could build, like, a sandcastle with dirt,
so it’d be a dirt-castle I think this would be perfect for, like, a cousin’s birthday, or,
like, a little kid’s birthday I feel like they would
love this as a present and it’s just so soft
and so, like, fun to, like, squish through fingers, and I bet you could mold
into some pretty cool stuff, I’m gonna try to make a
snowman, but a dirt-man Okay, here we go- I’m gonna
take a little ball of dirt, gotta have the base, I bet this snowman is gonna start melting (gasps) hey, that’s kinda realistic, Okay, here’s the base Don’t melt on me quite yet, sonny Here’s the body of the snowman (gasps) no, no, no, no! It is starting to crush,
okay put the head on, put the head on, no time to waste, no time to waste, and there we go (Upbeat music) Oh my gosh guys, look, look, look It’s just melting before my eyes, wow! That’s really cool, like if
you held this in your hand, it would just, like, melt away gravity affects this so much,
it’s like just dropping down Oh, wow. Okay, I really like this one So, let’s see if the Floof
matches up to the bag of dirt Move this aside! Alright, so here is the
Floof, now let’s open it up It comes in two bags, quite interesting, but I like how it’s stored in a bucket Oh my gosh, I can already tell this is going to be way
different from the bag of dirt (Gasps) It’s so soft like a marshmallow! (Gasps) Oh wow. Okay, I’m
gonna open up the other one I don’t know why right now, but it reminds me of a giant mint, like just a white, giant
mint, I don’t know why It’s like more sticky to my hands, like, I don’t know if you can see, but a little bit has
come off onto my hands but it’s very moldable,
it’s like clay but so light this is no problem making
it fly up into the air, it’s, oh my gosh, okay let’s try building a snowman out of this and see how it compared to the bag of dirt cause, I bet this would
not fall as easily, it’s literally, like, a
sticky, giant marshmallow, it is so soft Okay, I can already tell though that gravity is still affecting it, it is not immune, so it does
still break away in your hands well, I don’t know
which one I like better, I think so far I like
the bag of dirt better, just because that one’s
not as sticky as the snow I’m gonna put this back in the box, and let’s try out our Sands Alive! And see how that measures
up to the other two Okay, here we go. First
impression of Sands Alive! What? It’s like in it’s own little
toy box. that’s so cool! We’ve got some tools
here, this is kind of, this is really cool, these,
like, make shapes in the sand Ooh! There’s an arrow. Alright, let’s open up this bag of sand I don’t know how this
is going to be different from regular sand, but we will, let’s test it out and see Okay, while I was opening
it I was reading the box and it says that you’re supposed to, like, Wait a second, this feels like raw dough like, that you roll out in a baking pan Look! It, like, breaks like raw dough too but on the box it says
that you’re supposed to open up the bag, and, like,
crumble it with your hands and let it sit for a few hours, and then when you come back it will be light and fluffy and ready to play, but I don’t want to
wait a couple of hours, so we’re just going to play with it now So, I can’t give the best result because I haven’t let this sit for a few hours, but I do think it’s pretty
cool, I love the texture It’s kind of a mix between
the fluff and the bag of dirt, like it’s sticky, like the
fluff, but it also, like I feel like it’s also
kinda like the bag of dirt, it just needs to sit a little bit longer, and then it will be like the bag of dirt mixed with the fluff I’m letting this just, I’m
just gonna crush this in here and then put, use a few of
my tools and do some designs huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh (yells over loud bangs) I pat it down, now let’s make some designs (Soft, upbeat music) Ooh, it’s kinda like a pebbly
rock design, that’s kinda cool Now I really feel like I’m
rolling a baker’s sheet, like, okay Okay, let’s do this one Ooh, it’s like bricks! What is this? (Yells) Alright, okay, what does this- oh! Guys, I was using it wrong, you’re supposed to attach
it to this purple thing Okay, here we go. Rolly, rolly,
rolly with a dab of ranch Let’s go Rolling out my raw dough
so I can make some cookies Alright, let’s see if it smells What does that smell like? It’s like a vegetable Celery? I think it smells like celery (laughs) Why does it smell like celery? That is so weird, but
it does feel really cool Overall though, I would
have to say (sighs) I can’t tell what my favorite thing is I’m thinking the bag
of dirt it my favorite, but depending on your
mood, it could be the Floof So, leave in the comments
down below which one you think you would most like, is it the bag of dirt, the
Floof or the Sands Alive!? Tell me in the comments down below and let’s get some polls going, and see what the majority likes Okay, now that we tested all three out, let’s mix it with some slime and see how that changes the slime Maybe it makes really cool slime that no one has invented
yet, and I can call it The Audrey Slime! Okay, lets go! Okay, so since we have the
Sands Alive! Out right now, we’re just gonna use that first So I’m just gonna stick some
of the Sands Alive! in here and I’m just gonna get
my other ones ready too before my hands are too
slimy to deal with them Bye bag of dirt, you were my favorite Alright, that was easy to
break off, It’s so light, I’d say the Floof, though, is the lightest to pick
up out of everything Alright, so I have my
Sands Alive! in a bowl, now let’s mix it with the slime Aww yes, I’m just gonna be
using regular slime today Okay, go. Oh, that’s a lot of slime Should’ve started off smaller Audrey Okay, just put the rest back in here Oh guys, guys, guys, oh
my gosh what is this? (Gasps) Eww, it’s like slimy cookie dough I don’t know what to think of this Okay, this sounds really
nasty, but it feels, like, if someone puked out slime,
there’s like chunks in it Eww, that’s really nasty to think about Don’t mix the Sands Alive! with the slime, here, I’m gonna try to show you guys Look how, like, nasty this looks It’s so chunky Alright, let’s go onto the next one If I can get it off my fingers, oh my gosh It makes the slime, like,
ten times stickier, like, gum like, I’m just playing
with, like, gum in my hands Okay, well, that’s good enough Let’s start mixing our
Floof with some slime, I’m not gonna put as
much slime in this time Okay, I put it in Here’s what it looks like
before, now lets mix it up It’s so sticky, guys. Eww It’s kinda like the sand
one, but now it’s like it definitely looks like
marshmallow fluff, for reals it’s fun to play with, but caution Caution, only play with this if you’re planning on getting messy, like, this slime is definitely
a sticky situation Alright, so, so far I’m thinking I like the Floof slime way
more than the sand slime because the sand slime
looks like puke slime Here is the Floof slime,
and here is the sand slime Oh, and bye bye sand slime Just washing my hands with some slime My everyday morning routine Yeah, I can’t do anything about this Let’s see how the dirt
turns out with slime, I’m hoping this will be the best one, I’m really rooting for
the dirt at this point Here we go, put in- oh whoa! The dirt is so fine, it’s just
like a powder in the slime Oh, I already like this one much more It has, like, the poopy
look, don’t get me wrong but, at the same time, it feels like dirt It’s like little tiny sands in your hand, but it’s slime, it’s like a textured slime that feels like sand, but not
the sand that I always use in my slime packets I
test out, and they always fail for some reason,
the sand slime is, like, the worst slime on my
list, but this sand slime oh my gosh, it’s like, so cool this is definitely my
favorite slime, it’s all brown But let’s mix all of
our slimes together now and see what it makes,
one big creation of slime move that out of the way, let’s go Here’s our marshmallow slime, with our dirt slime, mixing that in yeah, definitely my order
of awesomeness goes from dirt, to fluff, to sand Oh, the chunky slime, Okay guys, let’s mix them together Whoa You get, like, every single
thing in this mixture, like, you could pick out all
the different things, oh, the dirt is starting to
mix in a little bit more, you can definitely see the dirt, the dirt is definitely visible and you can feel the chunks of the sand and you get a little bit of
fluffiness from that Floof I’m gonna spill it out on the table and cross my fingers that
this doesn’t get everywhere, here we go It’s slime! Yay! I don’t know if I
like this color as much, it looks like mint with chia
seeds, just a little bit but here’s a close up of
what the slime looks like it’s actually, I don’t
know what to rate this on the slime scale, in my
book, it’d probably be like… a solid seven, just because
it’s so different that I don’t think anyone
has tried something out like this before, at least I have never tried
something like this before, but, wow this feels amazing to do it feels like I’m wearing
gloves, like a slime glove Ah, it’s my baking gloves Thank you guys so much
for watching this video, I want to give a shout
out to- drum roll please (Drum roll music) Boom! Thank you so much for
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