76 thoughts on “MIXED MEDIA SECRETS SPELLED OUT in 6 EASY STEPS – My “Hamburger” System for Layering Products!

  1. No joke!!! I was just searching the internet the other day trying to figure out a very simple order of operations. Those water soluble crayons/ pencils slightly stump me sometimes. I think what I was really missing in my work was that layer of mod podge or some kind of coverage to freeze some of my work. I am going to play around with that concept to see.

  2. Love your "hamburger" recipe your Mixed Media Magic book is how I found you in the first place. Thank you for all your tutorials and inspiration!

  3. Your awesome. Thank you for simplifying your process. I’ve watched many, many, MaNy mixed media tutorials, didn’t quite understand the difference between the acrylic art mediums vs. Mod Podge, now I understand! You demystified the conundrum for me! Thank you…👩🏻‍🎨🤩🙌🏼

  4. Love her! To me she looks more like from the late 60's early '70's. The bright pinks and greens were so popular then. Although we had the winged eyeliner like they do now too. 🙂

  5. This video addressed the anxiety I had around mixing different materials and layers! Thank you for another fun and informative video, Karen 💖

  6. I love her! Wow Karen, this is awesome, so much great information in one tutorial. You are da bomb! Thank you! 👩‍🎨🤗❤️

  7. hi Karen my daughter calls me a hoarder, I have every tool in the shed but it didn't mean anything because I didn't know what goes where ,which comes first the chicken or the egg…Thanks thanks thanks for the youtube LOVE… in my Wendy Williams voice how you doin…

  8. I like using my fingers but don't want to transfer the oils onto my project. I got these things called finger cots, they're little rubber fingertip things and then keep your fingers clean and don't transfer the oils and they are rubber so they basically mimic the skin of your finger ☺️

  9. This was great…I have avoided mix media work because I just didn’t know where to begin. Showing us step by step how to do it and with the right materials was so helpful. Now I’m really excited to try this adorable gal. I have all the supplies except the Modge Podge and then I’ll be ready to go. Thanks big time.

  10. Thanks for the great video…I was wondering what you thought of using a white candle to keep your journal pages from sticking together?

  11. 🤗💫TYSM this video is perfect!! You're the best! I'm learning so much, and having fun ! Thank you Karen! 💖✨

  12. Thank you for the 6 steps. I understand my mistakes now. I feel like I was set free from hating my work. You are an exceptional ARTIST !!!!! This girl is AMAZING, LUV YOUR WORK !!!!!
    I have your first book. Going to purchase the rest of them. I seriously want to find my own style. Thank you for your channel and website.

  13. She rocks! I love when Marabu crayon mixed with the graphite – it created a toned down color – which is a true shade – it looks amazing! Giving her very fabulous depth; Loving Mod Podge as well (gallon bottle 😄😉?) – thanks for telling me that Pitts last long, I’ve got gazzilions of them, and was worried they’ll spoil soon. I just love them, the regular and the jumbo ones. 🙌💕🎨

  14. Karen your always such a joy to watch & listen to. You are a wonderful teacher as well. I know you have bad days, but you always seem so upbeat. You are truly inspiring. I enjoy all your video's & classes. Thanks so much for being the positive & outgoing person you are. TYFS

  15. Ready to tackle mixed media drawing now. Wasn't quite sure how that all worked. Layers! And all the other tips..use the color of your collage background~so simple, yet so genius. Thank you again for all your time, effort, and sharing of your talent and passion.

  16. I don’t understand the difference between Matte Medium and Matte Gel Medium other than the latter is really thick glue like. Is that the only difference.

  17. You can create a chain of your mix media hamburguer, so yummy texture. The lettuce hair so cool You are the best. Easy, concise, well explained, and gorgeous! Great teaching skills! OMG! PLEASE never heard about art crayon. What is the brand of those crayons and the name of the two colors you used for shading.the face? Do you have an art crayon for dark skin? Karen easy way for shading without mess. Genious! Thank for a great free class! It also help me to get rid of what i dont use because i dont know or it is not needed. I want to enjoy the process. Simplify is the key!

  18. This was incredible!! Yes, I would talk to the girls you create too!!!!! I was thinking Charlie's Angels when you said that too ha! I love your process and must get brave and do this! You make it look so fun!!!! I can do this!!!

  19. Thanks Karen. I always love your videos. Your excitement comes through and it makes me want to rush right in and start trying out whatever you’re teaching. You’re awesome. This is a good recipe for the mixed media.

  20. Thanks for a great, informative video! Love your enthusiasm. I did notice that you don't have a link for the Americana Sealer/Finisher. Where can I find it??

  21. Who was the person that gave this video a thumbs down??? If you like art, and love mixed media then the information in this video is priceless.

  22. Thanks Karen. Now I know how to use the music books I have found to create a journal!! I love the layering ideas. I don't have the crayons for blending, so I will have to use "boring" paint and paintbrushes!! I love your enthusiasm!

  23. I have purchased multiple books from Karen for myself and my 7 year old granddaughter. They are chock full of awesome information in an easy to read/ learn format. If you're looking to increase your mixed media knowledge and/ or drawing faces, I highly recommend Karen's books!!! As a bonus, if you purchase from her Etsy store, you'll receive a signed copy! How awesome is that?! 😁💖💖💖

  24. Well Hellooo there, girlfriend! Channeling your 'Charlie's Angel' (original)!!!
    That mascara is going to need a heavy duty cleanser, for sure!
    Oh but wait ~ It's permanent because you used the ever popular makeup sealer, Mod Podge😲😂…..
    Ohhhhh, my lack of sleep is kicking in, oopsie. SOOO Fantastic to do a Fun, Fab, Mixed Media Gal! Brilliant🍔without calories. Yay❕❕
    Thank YOU, Karen, very muchly and indeedily!🤩😹🐾🐾

  25. Gave it a go…not happy with the way it turned out. I don’t think I drew her big enough (I tend to draw kinda small as a rule) and she’s lost in the background. Will try it again later. But as far as mixed media the sandwich was brilliant…it helped a lot.

  26. I live in the South (Chattanooga TN) Mod Podge sticks the pages together if you don't use something like powder etc I had a whole journal stick together it is damp and very very humid here so be careful

  27. Thanks…that would be great. Saw your fun video this morning. Yes, I usually learn from my mistakes. In the beginning I would throw my messes away. Now I try to fix them…learned that from you, or just keep them to remind me where I went wrong.

  28. Thank you soooooo…..much for this video. I could never get it to work. Now I know why. Look out art journal! 😀 Here I come!

  29. Will you be my friend? Man, I would love to hang out with you. You are so uplifting and inspiring. I love your energy.

  30. Want to see more Mixed Media Girls? Check out my top favorites here! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn5mGTkPuQK4CKPslVpKZPM_egcBflw4y

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