1. Need the giant Hamburger Series Packet about Supplies?! Drop a comment below and let me know!
    Need to catch up on the whole series? Click the link to watch: http://bit.ly/hamburgerseries (and then save it to your own account for future reference!)

  2. For my Christmas Cards this year, my first layer was Marabu Art Crayons (applied with a paper towel). I let it dry really good, then put Gouache Water Colors over it with no problem. And the Marabu's you can use straight off the crayon with a brush, which is pretty cool!! Just an FYI!! I love them, too!!

  3. Hi Karen, love your videos, just starting on my mixed media journey and would love your giant Hamburger Series Packet about Supplies and booklet

  4. Karen this is great. I'm at this stage with my art work right now so perfect timing. I'm following your steps and my work is at the ugly stage. 🙂

  5. I'd love a copy of your booklet, too, Karen! I haven't even taken a second thought about lightfastness and watching your video has made me decide to be much more mindful about what products I'm using.

  6. Can I get my "hamburger" packet with bacon, mushrooms and swiss cheese!?! 😉 Thank you so much for sharing your passion for mixed media and art!! Eternally grateful.

  7. I’d love the booklet!!
    I drew my first girl with you today and then did a mixed media journal spread with it.
    If I knew how to share it with you, I would.
    I’ve been doing mixed media for a few years and love the simplicity of your tutorials. You take a complicated subject and make it easy to follow. Thank you!!
    Can’t wait to do more together!

  8. You are so fun! Loving this and learning so much. I saw your faces vids in last 2 weeks. You offered a face cheat sheet. I saw you responded to my comment but I didn’t know how to access. And I’d like this big packet too. Can you help a girl out? Keep on keeping on! You have a great teacher heart. If you are throwing out info, I want it all! Thanks so much.

  9. Hi Karen, I need the booklet. And yes, Jamie so rude but… Feel free to come to my house and be rude anytime. 🙄 Love the series so helpful.

  10. I remember I read that particular comment and I was like umm what?! I wonder what she would say if she watched your video where you activate your stabilo with saliva haha! 🤗 I love getting handsy with my art! It connects me to my piece, feels great and it’s so fun! You’re awesome Karen!
    Thanks for the PDFs!!

  11. Thank you for your latest video 'Goodbye Confusion' video. It was so informative, and fun! I didn't realise there was such a difference in the longevity of art work depending on your choice of products! I would love love love a copy of your booklet.

  12. Karen, thanks for sharing all your knowledge and creativity. I would love your 9 page booklet and hamburger cheat sheet.

  13. I would love to have your booklet! I really appreciate your taking the time to compile this information for us, it is exactly what a newbie like me needs!

  14. Thank you so much for going through all this work for us! i'd love to have the booklet, if possible. Your classes and videos are amazing!

  15. Amazing video! And you are so hilarious!😂learned even more than I thought I knew about my supplies..thanks for providing the pdf

  16. Yes!!! Please send me a booklet right away! I'm loving this series and learning loads from you and your new book. I have them all!!!! You're the best teacher! Thanks Karen.

  17. Would love a copy of the packet download. I’m enjoying this series. I’ve been doing mixed media for a few years. I have never had luck with Pitt pens on top of anything, especially paint. Any suggestions?

  18. Oh my gosh, I AM that person who stops a piece midway through. However ~ yes, it can be because I don't like what I have done (that's a given with me). But ALSO, it is because I become bored with it! An extremely small part of why I haven't been around is that something else caught my eye, gave me a much needed mojo boost/tapped into my addictive characteristic. I'm not alone in this (please tell me I'm not alone in this😩🤞).. My boxes full of half finished pieces are testament to my short attention span and boredom threshold. And it only gets worse as I age. Hopeless!🤷‍♀️
    Actually right now is a perfect example as I've completely lost my thread, am over myself babbling and I zoned out for a few minutes. See?
    Think I should go. I DO miss drawing whimsical, mixed media girls though. Otherwise I wouldn't watch & comment….
    Do NOT respond to this ridiculous diatribe of blah blah. Enjoy your weekend. Tysmfs. C. Jeez Loooueez 🙈🙉🙊🐾🐾x

  19. Hi Karen I would love to get the booklet. My printer is still not working so I haven’t been able to print the hamburger doc yet.

  20. Thank you Karen for another wonderful video, I don't have a printer, it's on my list though for sure. This video was so insightful oxoxoxo

  21. Yes please & thank you! I would love to have the booklet. It’s very kind of generous of you XOXO love your videos!

  22. Love your videos! Please, please, please may I have the new booklet? I noticed you have inktense pencils in a blendable category. I thought they claim to be permanent?

  23. Great info… I would love the whole packet. I have most of your books and especially love your newest one, it has improved my drawing ability soooo much!!

  24. Fantastic booklet, couldn’t agree more … I love my acrylic paints: Holbein, Old Holland, Charvin, Sennelier, Liquitex, Golden – and, and even in those sets (when you have all the colors of a given brand ) some pigments are fugitive, that’s why the companies are making hues (that’s the only one of the reasons, others are: that a cheaper paint brands make hues so they are not as expensive as original pigment, or the hue is toxic – like cadmiums; however, the reason here to make hues, is to make the pigment more permanent using today’s technology – example “alizarin crimson”, – beautiful color, however, it is what is considered a “historical pigment” – and in its natural form it is fugitive, in a synthetic – hue – form it’s a stable pigment -but then it’s no longer “alizarin crimson”, but “alizarin crimson hue”, I believe “pink opera” by Winsor & Newton is another one, and so forth.) ; Karen – wonderful job – excellent. You rock Woman !🙌💕🤗 (I know…he’s so cute 😂🙈😉);

  25. Love the fact that you put all this info in a booklet. Please send it to me. Also I adore your new book. Am reading every single page.

  26. I would love the booklet – such great information from you, and I really enjoy all your videos – thank you so much.

  27. How generous of you to offer your packet! I need the whole 9 pages! You are such an inspiration to me! Thank you so much! Blessings from Bama!

  28. Hi! Love your videos so much. You make it seem like even I can do it! Thanks. Would love to have your pdf. Let me know how I can get my hands on it!

  29. I have been enjoying watching some of your videos. I would love to receive your booklet. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us.

  30. cool but "SUPPLIES GUIDE cheatsheet" ….. where is this guide pages ? I have not seen in your description section

  31. cool but "SUPPLIES GUIDE cheatsheet" ….. where is this guide pages ? I have not seen in your description section

  32. I love to get the booklet and the hamburger sheat, please. Finaly sombody put together the infomation about all the material and brands and how they react together. Many thanks Karen. Your video is explaning what I somehow saw may material did and didn´t understand at that time. Now it makes sence to me and it will help me a lot getting the most out of my art material. just love the information and the way you are explaning it.

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