Mister Maker – Series 1, Episode 1

Mister Maker – Series 1, Episode 1

Mister Maker Title Screen Oh Hello! Nice to see you! Look! I’ve got so much stuff! just think of all the wonderful things I could make!! There’s no room in here for all that stuff!! Is no good complaining doodle drawers? all this stuff’s got to go somewhere! Stop it stop it In you get Right there’s plenty of room In you get!! How are you all please STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You! Excuse you You are full aren’t you I’ve got no more room in my doodle drawers… But hang on hang on hold on to your hair brushes. I’ve got an idea! Try making a junk picture using all the bits and pieces that you don’t know what to do with! Let’s make it! you can use anything. 1.Some old toys 2.Some pipe cleaners An elephant trunk?? No. I don’t think we need that. 3.Some bottle tops 4.And some dried peas and lentils You’ll also need some sticky white PVA glue and a piece of cardboard. Now to start making your junk picture like this one here. take your piece of cardboard and Start placing your bits of junk on top. Now you can arrange your bits any way you like. it’s up to you. And when you’re happy with your picture stick it all down with glue and leave it to dry. Doesn’t it look great, and you can try lots of other designs, too! You could paint the background first like this blue one here Or you could place all of your junk really tightly together to create a different effect like this one. Now all of my junk has a new home, and there’s loads of room in my drawers! Oh.. Thank You! Thank you! your too kind! make your drawers happy and try making a junk picture! Who’s that snoring? These are the shapes. They’re asleep, I’ve got an idea. Let’s wake them up! Come on it’s time for a puzzle! Take it away I am a shape!(x4) Circle Triangle Square Rectangle I am a shape The Square How many squares, can you see 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10.. 11!! there’s eleven squares!! well done square, it’s time to go back on the shelf! Hmm those shapes are GREAT!! Minute make time!!(x2) Today we’re going to make a snake pot for all your bits and pieces! Yes, and to make the snake pot you will need some paints And a pencil And some air drying clay, which you can get from any arty and crafty shop. I’ll be back in a tick. Here’s my air drying clay. Do you think it’s possible to make a snake pot in just a minute? Hmm let’s find out I’m gonna have to move very quickly, but don’t worry. I’ll remind you how to do it all at the end. Are you ready? Let’s make it in a minute!! Start the clock! Start! Right get a lump of clay and start rolling it into a long sausage shape. Have to be as quick as you can. But let’s careful as you can too because you don’t want the clay to break! Hurry up! I’m going as quick as I can! Don’t put me off. I’m on a roll! We go right, that’s quite good now start twirling round Your sausage shape like that and then building it up into a pot shape like this. There we go. Building it around. And we go round and round it goes. Here we go and then turn it round like that and turn that the head and give it a squeeze. Then get to other little bits Put them on the front like that. There the eyes and get a pencil I made eyes! End! I DID IT! Lucky (x3) Just made it and when it’s hard and you’ve got more than a minute you can paint it look at this one here. It’s green with white and red spots, but you can do any color you want. Look it’s got yellow stripes. Oh, how about a yellow one? great, this one’s got pink spots too. A Snake pot made in a minute. Why don’t you try it and here’s a reminder of how to do it. Let’s go back to the beginning and take another look! Take a piece of clay and roll it into a long sausage shape. Coil it round until you make a pot shape like this Bend the end of it to make a head and then with two other small pieces of clay make the eyes. Dot them with a pencil and leave your snake pot to dry. Try making it in a minute! Hello Mister Maker! Guess what were making today? I dont Know, let’s go and see red light blue blue black orange gray Well done everyone see you next time now, it’s time to.. FRAME IT!(x3) Now have a look at this. This Fantastic tropical picture was made using just two pieces of cardboard It’s very easy, but looked so good. You’ll be able to frame it You’ll need a long piece of cardboard and a short piece of cardboard with some black white and yellow paint To make your tropical picture start by dipping the long edge of a piece of cardboard into some black paint Now use the car to paint with to build up your picture why not start by painting some grass and The tree this is going to be a palm tree Make the trunk with the short side of the cardboard you can twist the paint with the card to make different textures in the paint Palm trees have lots of spiny branches use the long side of the card to make the middle and The short side to make the leaves Doesn’t that look great already Now to finish off your picture why not use the short edge of another clean piece of card to make a circle like this Some yellow and some white there. We go. It’s the Sun and You could even highlight some of the grass and the leaves with the yellowy white paint See you don’t need any brushes at all to create art. All you need is a little bit of card Why don’t you have a go? What a great way of making a really clever picture now all that’s left to do is Frame it And next a messy picture watch this Any ideas, what is this yet? It’s be beautiful It gets messy doing all this arts but one of the best things about making things is that you can often turn one thing into another You can turn some pencil shavings into a lovely picture You can turn an egg box into a dog But what do you think we could turn this into a useful, but quite boring looking cleaning up sponge Hmm this gives me an idea Let’s make 8 sponge toast and tissue paper baked beans a work of art That’s good enough to eat as well as our sponge. We’ll need some things from the doodle drawers Some tissue paper a plastic knife and fork Some sticky white PVA glue Some paint Some plastic sheep not really I’m just messing around don’t need these And a paper plate Hello now to make your sponge toast and tissue paper baked beans like this first Take your scissors, and trim your sponge so it’s rounded at one end and so it looks a bit more like a slice of toast Be careful though because scissors are sharp Then get some white paint and mix it with some brown paint to Make a light brown toast color There now brush your paint mixture all over your sponge Now paint brown around the edges for a crust effect It looks just like a piece of toast, let’s stick it on our plate Now whilst that dries Get some orange tissue paper Or you could use white tissue paper and color it in orange and roll a lots and lots of small tiny Tissue paper balls very tightly these will be our baked beans. Love it. There’s one And there too Here’s a whole plateful Now let’s stick some beans on our toast and plate Now mix some white sticky PVA glue with some orange paint This makes the baked bean sauce which we can pour all over our beans Now for a finishing touch a plastic fork stick Stick everything down and leave it to dry All finished now if you like the idea of turning this into something different Have a look at some of the other ideas you could make Try making sponge savages with tissue paper lettuce cardboard tomato and foam ham and cheese Or how about sponge fish fingers sponge chips tissue paper peas and Ketchup made from a blob of red paint so the next time you see a boring old sponge You’ll know you can turn it into something far more interesting Wow look this is great cuz I was feeling a bit hungry actually That’s it for now my making x over, but yours is just beginning. See you soon It’s time to put all this stuff back in its box If you like making things like mr. Maker visit BBC dong-ho UK forward slash CBeebies for more ideas

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  1. Anyone remember waiting for this show as a kid everyday. Btw is it me or when I was a kid it felt so nice when he molded the clay

  2. circle:i am a circle
    triangle :i am a triangle
    square:i am a square
    rectangle:i am a rectangle
    me,well:i love it,i'm lovin it

  3. i wish i had these things that are in the intro and in the show like the closets and the stuff plus the blue and white bag

  4. This family friend of mine told me that she went to uni with the guy from this show and that when they were discussing what they wanted to be, he said that he wanted to be on children’s tv. Now her kids are watching this, and she says that it’s funny because she knew him


  6. This used to be one of my favourite shows ever, because it was all about arts and crafts! I'm a creative kid.

  7. I remember when I was like three or four that I tried the monster door thing xD literally tried going to the bathroom millions off times that day and when I tried it it didn’t work 🥺😂😭

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