I’ve been ligating for several days alone following the workshop we did I started to place the firsts trays behind here the first floor. Some more branches will disappear I think these two ones will disappear They’ll be cut On the otherside it’s the same Some will disappear too. Certainly this one I closed the studio because it’s cold outside Today’s windy day Then I have a heater and closing the studio it’s almost impervious So my hands aren’t cold then I can work I can easily ligate I spend hours hours doing this, entire afternoons It requires some reflection I need to stop, watch the tree Fabrice asked me to turn the tree to show you its evolution I’m working inside the day and its outside the evening I bring it outside each evening I have no more suns light entering My artificial light’s no longer disturbed It will give me a better sight On the tree I’m working on I’ve liberate some branches here I’ve liberate a bit around here. A branch here The background branches Be cause I’m doing a new one with this smaller one Which will be in the center. The reading’s easier The frontside’s better and most importantly, I’m in the pot alignment It will allows me… Because the pot is around 70cm large It allows me to don’t touch the bottom of the pot While the tree’s placed on the tablet I still have some branches to cut Before it was a dome with several trays, Now the tree’s taking shape It’s a redesigning It’s the second time I’m redesigning this tree At the third one it starts to fully express his beauty So we’ll quietly continue I’ll spend afternoons and days on it I hope it will be fine in a week I’m sometime recording because Fabrice asked me to He’s insisting that I record because I have a tendency to forget I’m quietly progressing I’m progressing relatively quickly Hello ? Yes Fabrice don’t worry I’m recording Yes, yes I’m sometimes recording, got a tendency to forget but… But currently I am Don’t worry that’ll do it. I’m gently progressing I try to record Because I am not the pro So that’s it Yes, I’ll let you know. Ciao As I told you he’s watching me Today I did all the tree’s background I’ll turn it for you The side trays are done too The back is staggered The background branches get decreased Because this big one on which I’m leaning get cut, it was going way too far It gets recompacted Here we have a wonderfull face it’s the most dynamic face of this tree We start to see all what is staggered So I’ll continue with the stages and I’ll finish with the head I guess the final form will be pretty good It’s a tree that… I’ll continue to stage everywhere Especially on the head right there Not a head like… we’re used to do in France With only a small spike going outside A rounded head like japanese does sometimes Everytime* And representing an old tree I recognize that I’m having fun doing this It’s a treat ! Working on a tree like this It’s raining outside, an heavy rain So I’m safe The studio’s closed but I can’t let the tree if I’m not working on it I’m working at my job tomorrow So I won’t work on the tree But I won’t bring it outside I’ll let it in the lighted part of my greenhouse In order to manage the water Because I’ve removed more than the half of the foliage So if I water it too much The tree may die The roots are entirely here they’ll get too much water while the foliage misses a lot You have to manage this, it’s very important So I’ll manage the water for approximatively three weeks If you remove some foliage obviously the watering will be less important Especially during winter while we already water a very little Take account the rain’s water The rain which is… a problem. When… when you remove some foliage I implement the branches along the way Because it’s a big piece and I need to know where I’m going That’s why I remove some branches that I don’t need I remove them at the last minute to fill the gaps The trays establishment is… the cherry on the cake Something I like to do A lot The establishment isn’t the final one it’s approximate The tree will be entirely ligated I’ll give the ultimate touch for the final set up Along the way we place branches, we fill the gaps, I’ll create them gradually We know clearly see what I want to do Same all around the background And all this rest will be the head I still have some trays to create here I’m guying a lot because it’s hard to put wireframe to avoid any casualties In the middle I tie with a lot of wire All my branches are guyed With some thin wire 0,5 cm wireframe It doesn’t require a big tractive force it’s not pulling that hard but enough to hold it up I’m done for today I’ll bring it outside to have a well rest and water It’s Friday I started to ligate early this morning And I’m on the two last branches I should… finish in the morning I ligated late last night too to end it It’s been now eight days this tree is inside it’s time it gets out Get back outside I’ll now use copper nylon a 1,5m long piece I already used a 0,8 and 1cm roll A 1kg roll I don’t hide you that I rather be alone to make it in shape It allows me to feel my tree To think about it, to be quiet And primarily to appreciate it Appreciate… To be alone with my tree And… to see it taking form step by step. It’s a real pleasure The shaping’s finished The only thing remaining’s this branch so I’ll cut it And we’ll see if it’s better or not I cut So if it’s suit you or not ? I’ll show you I’ll put it back to see if it’s better or not Like this I don’t know with or without I’ve got my own idea I’ll cut it another time to see if it’s suit you So we now have all the tree’s dynamic We can see it here All its right side Layered everywhere in the background I’ll bring it outside now It will get some air, I’ll be careful about the rain Because I’ve removed a lot of branches There’s way less foliage I really need to take care about that The final shaping is finished I went back on the head because because I didn’t like it There’s still some few things to fix in But I’ve already removed a lot of foliage It’s always annoying especially in rainy season So I’ll now need to manage the watering until the tree takes its course I’ve cut two big branches, this one here the background branch the tree is thiner now


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  18. Bruno vuittenez
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