Mini Gnome Tree How-To | Michaels

Mini Gnome Tree How-To | Michaels

Make it Easy Mini Gnome Tree Fold a large piece of felt into a cone shape and trim the excess. Use hot glue to hold it in place. Cut three strands of yarn and braid them to make a cord. TIP: Use tape to secure the braid to a surface. Use hot glue to attach the braid around the bottom edge of your gnome’s hat. Cut out the mitten and snowflake patterns. Trace the pattern onto white and grey felt. Cut out the shapes. Glue the snowflake to the front of the felt hat. Glue the gray mittens on top of the antique white mittens. Cut a small piece of yarn and glue it to the top of the mittens then half the mittens on the tree. Make a small pom-pom out of white yarn. Tie a piece of yarn around the loops you created. Cut all the loops and trim. Glue the pom-pom to the tree Trim pieces off of your floral pick and hot glue them to your tree. Pattern, Permanent Marker, Felt, Scissors, White Yarn, Artificial Christmas Tree, Floral Pick, Glue Gun Subscribe to our channel and share your projects with the #MakeitwithMichaels

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  1. Should have used a dark background as I couldn't see the stuff that you did with white felt & yarn. It is cute and a great idea

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