Mini envelope TABS | Junk Journal ideas

Mini envelope TABS | Junk Journal ideas

hello and G’day in today’s video we’re
going to make Mini Envelope TABS I’m Donna
everybody should put at least one type of tab in their junk journal, these tabs
look fantastic you can use them as page tabs, you can use them on the side or on
the top you can put a little paper clip on them or you can have them just sit in
place, depending on how you put on your little embellishment so you can also use
them on journal cards like this and you can leave secret messages in them for
that nice surprise like this now these tabs are the all it is is a little
envelope you can leave them blank for journaling
for whoever you give the journal to can write their own message in it or you can
put the message in it yourself but they’re a great little bookmark if
you wanted to you know find something quickly you can put it on the page that
you want so I’ve just got the little hour there so if you love owls
or butterflies or anything like that you can make one with the butterfly on it I
just use these little chipboard and these are shop bought ones, so just get
those and you just make your envelope up and glue those in place this one here is
I’ve just cut a disc out of pattern paper and I’ve used a notebook paper so
you can actually write on that one with the lines that’s a little
mother-of-pearl vintage button so I’ve just cut a one-inch disc and then I’ve
got my smaller circle punch out and I’ve just got smaller and smaller and then
just pieced them together and glued that into place when you glue this on you
just glue it up a bit higher so that you’ve got it feels like a tab. that’s
not going to really fall off and… and it see how it’s sort of moved on an angle., it’s not coming off, on the angle a little bit so you got
to be pretty rough with your book to make them fall off so you don’t normally
treat your book like that so if you wanted to make sure it stayed on there
just grab a little paper clip these are Tim Holtz paper clips and just paper
clip it down so I’m again I’ve just put that paper
clip there that’s a brooch a jewelry brooch that I just recycled so I’ve
taken the back part off the brooch cut a disc put some seam binding ribbon behind
it and some gauze some medical gauze and this time this piece is stamped you just
stamp your tea dyed paper and that’s my tab there see how I’ve got it sitting up
you’ve got to make sure both sides are looking pretty good
so again that’s the tab that’s another one just using the postage-paid stamps
that I cut off the envelope so I’ve got a video to show you how to do that
this looks pretty effective using I don’t know what this is? like a spiderweb
type ribbon and the seam binding and I glue them on an angle so that it’s
actually the trim is glued on an angle that way and then the the disc pokes up
a little bit so you’ve got a tab this is for like a sewing theme I’ve just used a
different paper again it’s like a craft paper and I was practicing testing my
stamping you know before you stamp directly to your book I always stamp off
on another piece of paper or craft or whatever I’m using to test so i’ve
recycled that and put the same binding and that there and just glued on the
scissors with these little scissors there like it had a a hook on it or a
link so that i could use it for jewelry so i just broke that off and sanded it
back and made it into just an embellishment and i’ve glued some
pattern paper down onto a cut disc so that it it was a sturdy enough so that
when you hold it it it is sturdy enough to be a tab and i used
E6000 glue that on because it’s a metal, that’s that one. and that’s again the
chipboard leaf same sort of method and just feed that through your book page
again and it’s this one I what I’ve done is I’ve glued another
disc on the back to make it this one doesn’t unfold it’s all glued down just
to make it a tab it doesn’t have the message option in it this one so that
one’s a straight-out tab this one here opens up they all open up except for
that one and this one here I’ve got some embroidery thread you guys in America
call it embroidery floss and I’ve matched it to the print so I’ve got the
blue and the air mail print that’s on that tiny bit of printed design paper
from one of the 6×6 pads that I used and the same binding again and it just
balances it it just looks nice and I used some tea dyed paper that I tea dyed
the alphabet on it as well and that will sit in the page and be used as a tab
also. these are the little Tim Holtz paper clips aren’t they just adorable
they’re perfect for these tiny little things you know I wouldn’t I I really
wouldn’t be bothered putting like a big paper clip like that on and this project
is a great way to use all these off cuts so I just wouldn’t put that on there you
know it’s just competing it’s too big. If it’s all you have you could use it, but
like I said they don’t even need it they sit they just tend to sit on your page
or on your journaling card quite well okay so let’s get and make
some so all I’ve done is I’ve made myself a
template that’s a rectangle divided into three, so so you’ve just got a piece of paper and
it’s just sitting there like that you can either cut it or you can rip it so
once you’ve worked out the size you want to make this in you can just do that and
you can rip it if you want to be a bit neater you work out where the tea stains
are that you like best, once that’s cut to size I use my template to mark the
center so that’s my fold line to get the center
of the top of the envelope and just match them up as close as you can
folding them to in together then I put that at my template and I’ll fold that
up to there then all this left to do is fold that over and turn it into a little
envelope that’s pretty much the base of your book tab made okay so that’s your
template is super easy the width and the height… the width is 1 and 1/2″
the length is about 3 1/8″ so it’s 8 centimeters by 3.7
centimeters. I’ve got this piece ready here it is entirely up to yourself as to
whether you put a circle behind it I like to put the circle behind it because
it creates a tab for me. it creates something that I can hold on to so I’ve
cut out a pile here I’ve used designer scrapbook paper I’ve used the little postage-paid pre-printed stamps that
I’ve cut off my recycled envelopes they look really good keep in mind that you
do cover a little bit of the buck I’ve used book pages that glued on to just a
plain paper desk I’ve used book pages that have nice little designs on them
that have got a little bit of thickness to the page they’re not real light paper pages
they’re quite heavy this one here I’ve used the Tim Holtz
packaging. I’ll cut that out there and then that looks pretty good,
his packaging is really cool so I’ve used that. and you can see that by this
one here this one here I’ve used bits of pattern
piece pieces from a pattern an old pattern and then I’ve stamped a little
cat on it there’s you know lots of things that you can do to to get your
disc right so for this one here I think we’ll use it this way and I’ll glue that
on so I’ve got it the book pages glued on both sides because we’re going to see
this because it’s a book page or a journaling card tab you need to have it
looking good both sides so I use Art Glitter Glue for my adhesive I’m just
going to glue down the disc first make sure that you’ve got it up the way
you want to see it and you only need to have a little bit hanging over you don’t
need to have a real light you can guide that’s a one inch remember that’s a one
inch circle so you can have it right to the edge of your envelope there because
you still can open and use this envelope and then we’ll start gluing down the
background pieces as well I want them peeking out so I’m going to
fold it so that I can see how I’m placing it. I’m gonna ruffle that up a
bit a little bit more glue there and see how I’m following the angle of the
envelope there really are no rules you can follow whatever angle you like if
you’re more left orientated person and rather follow it that way do that
straight up the middle do that you can follow whatever angle you like now this
one here I’m going to use the fabric glue. In Australia I get this Helma
Fabric Glue from spotlight.. and I’m using this because it’s not really a
metal this piece and this fabric glue is super good it’s quite strong if this was
a metal piece I’d use the e6000 so I’m just going to pop that there so it forms
part of that tab so at the back I’ve got it looking good and at the front I’ve
got that tab it’s not overly heavy either so I’ve done that first because I
want it to dry but just to finish it off because it is a Chinese sort of theme,
I’ve kept my little envelope tab plain and I’m going to just pop a little bit
of glue in there and I’m going to put a bead in it just so that that hold that
you would normally put a an o-ring in for hanging something off I’m just going
to put a little good-luck bead in it because red is always associated with
the Chinese for good luck I will just leave that to dry now now this one here, this is a piece of a
doily and I just cut that out of the doily, I’ve used the Tim Holtz as a disc
this piece here was a sling out of a first-aid kit you know and if you break
your arm or sprain your wrist or something, you tie the sling around your
neck well I’ll just go went to the first-aid kit to throw all the old stuff
out and I got that out and thought oh I can use that that can be a good
background cloth for my things so I’ve folded my envelope I’m just going to
glue that on to there and then build it up you don’t want anything too thick and
heavy this would be good if it really was popping up you know out of the book
so this one here I’ve got to be a bit careful because it might end up being
just a little bit too bulky, but I’ll know once I’ll make it up now it doesn’t matter that it’s gone
over the edge of the envelope there because it’s free it’s not interfering
with anything okay so that’s that one and that one
dries we’ll put it to the test in a book you have this one here I’ve used full on
pattern paper with a two-sided print and I’ve got this one ready I’ve got some
string that I’ve just was plain colored and I’ve just pulled it through the
distress ink vintage photo, just to give it some variation in color so I’ve or
pre-glued some pattern paper I cut out a piece of white cardboard stock plain
then I cut out a piece of pattern paper using the punch and then glued those two
pieces together then glued that onto this pattern piece now I’ll glue that
onto there on that angle following that angle but before I do that I’m going to
use this string behind it just to give it a little bit more decoration but I’m
going to use it on a different angle so that it shows up like that pull that string up a little bit because
I do want that to be showy and that’s another one completed. this one here this one is using the
Edith Holden paper so I’ve just got a page out of the Edith Holden book which
is always beautiful no matter what these this is a garlic flower so I’ll keep
working on this II just hold on one when I come up with the right things to put
on it I’ll come back and show it to you this one here I’ve stamped the tea dyed paper, I’ve stamped it on the inside and I’ve got the postal paid stamp on there
as well and I could just pop button on there, I’m
not even gonna put any string in the buttons I’m just going to keep them
looking like that and I’ve got some tickets that I made up, and these tickets
I’ve just reduced them in size and cut them down and used my sticky tape trick
and made them smaller and you know to use things like that. you know
get creative and pop these things on your little tabs and and see how they
look you know see what you can come up with if something doesn’t work change it
just keep moving things around until you find something that you think will work
and look good. I’ll put the measurement that I use to make this mini envelope
tab on my website for you so you can make it the same size as I have here… I’m
Donna thanks for watching and bye for now

39 thoughts on “Mini envelope TABS | Junk Journal ideas

  1. What a neat idea :). My favorites are the butterfly and leaf ones. You could use any rectangle paper for this, not just coffee / tea stained ones. Thank you for sharing :)!

  2. hey there…i really love these mini envelopes. It's super adorable… i just started my junk journal and looking for ideas and i will definitely be taking tips from you. i just recently uploaded my October weekly journal and would love for you to check it out. stay as creative as ever <3

  3. hi donna, these are delightfully darling!! i luv them! tfs and belated happy birthday!! may your next trip around the sun be overflowing with creative wonder, new discoveries, joy, peace and good health ๐ŸŽˆ๐Ÿ’ž๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŒน

  4. hi donna, these are delightfully darling!! i luv them! tfs and belated happy birthday!! may your next trip around the sun be overflowing with creative wonder, new discoveries, joy, peace and good health ๐ŸŽˆ๐Ÿ’ž๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŒน

  5. So charming! I'm going to make some of these tomorrow morning. Thanks for sharing this. Also, this is my first time finding you and I'm already hooked. ๐Ÿ’ž

  6. Lovely little bits … I love them! Thanks for sharing … I'm a new subscriber as of right now! Hugs from Ireland.

  7. Hi Donna – I am brand new to junk journalling and I am so glad to have found you on YouTube. Such wonderful ideas! Thanks!

  8. Hi Donna, thank you for your great tutorial, definitely will be making some of these. May I ask where in Australia you buy your precision tip glue from please?

  9. Donna, I really really love ๐Ÿ’– these amazing little tabs, so useful and cute, I really really love ๐Ÿ’– how you made them and how I can make some too. Iโ€™ve subscribed and liked your channel, Iโ€™ve just happened upon you, and Iโ€™m so glad that I have. Love ๐Ÿ’–Love ๐Ÿ’– what you do , and how you explain it to us. Thank you so much xxx Mags

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