Mini clay demo 2 – How To Make Decoration Tip | ASMR

Mini clay demo 2 – How To Make Decoration Tip | ASMR

how to make mini decoration tip you can use the serrated metal edge (cling film/kitchen foil, Sellotape etc.) cut the serrated metal edge with a pair of nippers and needle-nose pliers cut to the desired size roll it with needle-nose pliers Adhesive Glue For Metals bend the serrated edge toward the inside air dry clay TAMIYA BAKING MASTER (coloring pigment) matte varnish air dry clay floral wire glue glue matte varnish gloss varnish I’m using leftover whipple cream

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  4. Oh my lord. Time has really gone by. Back then all the captions were in Japanese and I had no idea what anything meant. Now, every time there’s a caption, I make sure to god it turn it off.

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  6. What gets me most about this is how he made a piping tip from scratch. I mean damn boy, that takes some patience!

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