Mini Album Folder sin Papel Decorado | Tutorial Scrapbooking |  Luisa PaperCrafts

Mini Album Folder sin Papel Decorado | Tutorial Scrapbooking | Luisa PaperCrafts

Hello! How are you? In today’s video we will make a mini album folder without scrapbook paper. We are going to need: cardstock, in this case I am using letter size, washi tape or decorative tape, ruler, cutter, scissors, glue and whatever you want for decoration. Optional: punch, eyelets, elastic ribbon and contact paper. First: Cut the cardstock in half Let’s join the two pieces with washi tape, I’m leaving a quarter of an inch of space. First I will hold them to prevent them from moving. Remove a little bit of the tape adhesive before you paste it to avoid mistreat the cardboard when taking the tape off Be sure to use a tape with good glue to join the pieces, If you do not have it you can apply glue before or use strips of cardstock Paste washi tape on both sides. This way we will have a more resistant and flexible spine. Take another sheet of cardstock cut it a little narrower than the base. Set it horizontally and make a mark in the middle, starting from that mark we measure an inch to the right and another to the left. In vertical we measured a half of an inch. Join the lines and cut, this will be the entrance of the pocket. To give more view round the corners. Do not forget to erase the pencil lines. To stick the pocket to the base, cut two strips of an inch by the width of the pocket. Fold them in half, cut the corners diagonally. Put one on the top and the other on the bottom aligning the edges well. Before I paste it I will put washi tape on the 4 edges. I recommend doing this to protect your album, if you are not going to use paper contact. As I rounded the corners I also have to do it on the washi tape. Make cuts like this on the corners and start to fold. I will do the same on the three remaining edges The corners will be thicker and that is okay so they do not get damage so fast. I’m going to cut another piece of cardstock, As you see I do not measure I just make a mark with the pencil where I will cut. I will draw lines half of an inch away from the left and right edges. On these lines I will draw 3 more with a separation of 2 inches between each one. It’s going to look like this. Let’s make a cut down the line we draw and another on the line. These will be the slots where we will insert tags. Detach the remnants. Put washi tape right at the edge of the slots to prevent it from being opened further. I also added washi tape up and down, Put adhesive only on the edges and stick on the pocket. This part will go on this side. I will not stick it yet, I’ll do the left part first. Take another cardstock and fold it in half. I make a mark with the pencil where I am going to cut. It’s going to be like this and from this side I will make a pocket as we did with the first one. Cut two strips of cardstock, fold them in half, cut the corners diagonally. I measure the center and from there I measure one inch to the left and another to the right. Half of an inch down and cut. Stick the strips of cardstock to the sides. If you don’t want to open this part you can make the pocket by placing the strips of cardboard up and down and cutting the left side. Here I have my front cover, only with some stickers that I framed with white gel pen. I will apply contact paper to protect it. I round the corners, I make cuts and fold, just as we did with the washi tape. For the tags I will use scraps of cardstock, I put marks where I’m going to cut and make sure they slip through the slots. To add the elastic ribbon I will use my Crop A Dile, The perforations are two centimeters away from the edge. To secure the tips I will use eyelets, if you do not have it, you can glue them with silicone or sew them by hand. I’m using double-sided tape to stick my pockets to the base, especially on the side where the contact paper is, but where there’s not contact paper I will use white glue If you did not add contact paper you can use white glue on everything. You could also use a clamp or ribbon to close. My project is finished As you see I did not use decorated paper, only stickers, washi tape and my white gel pen, I wanted to do it because I got comments where some of you tell me that it is difficult to get scrapbook paper. Mandalas would also be beautiful in the corners. I did not measure the big labels I just made marks with the pencil and cut. This is a very simple mini album or folder that I hope will inspire you. If you liked this video please give me a LIKE, Share it and Subscribe Thanks so much for joining me today Until next time

48 thoughts on “Mini Album Folder sin Papel Decorado | Tutorial Scrapbooking | Luisa PaperCrafts

  1. Hola! Cómo están? Hoy les traigo una idea de folder o mini álbum sin usar papel de scrapbook. Le digo mini álbum pero en las partes grandes pueden poner fotos tamaño regular. Lo mejor de este folder es que es muy sencillo y lo puedes hacer al tamaño de tu preferencia. Opté por encuadernar con washi tape porque es flexible por si le ponemos muchas cositas por dentro o decoración con volumen. Espero que les guste y sirva de inspiración. Besitos a todos =)

  2. Es precioso como todo lo que haces !! me encanta y tan sencillo y fácil, que haré uno ya hice el organizador con el falso pespunte y me quedó chulisimo,,gracias a que lo explicas divino,un besazo muy grande

  3. Luisa el minialbum esta hermoso. Gracias por enseñarnos a usar otro tipo de material. Saludos desde Colombia

  4. Haces bien,Luisa, porque no todo el mundo tiene la oportunidad de adquirir material de scrap pero también tienen derecho a poder disfrutarlo. Besos

  5. que idea más bonita, me gusta mucho, pero creo que primero voy a hacer en papel la guía de las medidas, y a que me quede un poquito perdido, muchas gracias.

  6. Hola , también se pueden decorar las hojas con papel de regalo o fantasía y quedan muy bien. Yo así los hago y hasta los he vendido y otros regalarlos y les encantan. ☺😊😀

  7. hola ,buenas tardes,solo por curiosidad que le haces a todos tus proyectos,los regalas,los vendes?saludos admiro todo lo que haces.

  8. Muy bonito, fácil de elaborar y muy bien explicado, gracias por mostrarnos como hacerlo sin papel decorado, saludos! !!♡

  9. Precioso Luisa,me encantó que lo hagas sin papel decorativo y solo en cartulina bien combinado besossssss

  10. Me encanta ese álbum como le puedo agregar una libretita por si quiero escribir algo? Le pongo elástico?

  11. Me encantó para mi novio eterno. Mi esposo bello. Lo voy a hacer!!! Gracias por compartir. Besos desde República Dominicana!!!

  12. Una preciosura!!!!!! me encantó!!!! Aluciné con la cinta washi de mariposas!!😘😘😘😘👏👏👏 Luisa el papel que usas puede ser que sea papel misionero grueso? Por aca en Argentina se llama asi y viene de 4 gramajes de espesor, como siempre estupendo tus proyectos Amiga!!!😘😘😘

  13. Que bonito, me encanta!!! sobre todo la parte de los bolsillos para las tarjetas. Nunca he sabido como hacerlos y tu lo has explicado muy bien. Muchas gracias wpetona,
    Te envío un abrazote desde España ;=)

  14. Querida Luisa, te salió muy lindo este trabajo, me gustaría saber el gramaje aprox de la cartulina que usaste. muchas gracias!

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